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You certainly spend some money to buy goods from Amazon. Most of us own and continue to do so. And because online shopping will grow exponentially, we will all spend more on Amazon shopping.

But did you know that there are 25 different ways to make money with Amazon? In fact, anyone of working age can make money on Amazon.

If this sounds amazing and interesting, here is my list of the 25 best ways to make money with Amazon.

25 ways to make money on Amazon

Make money with Amazon

Whether you are a student, mother at home, or even a manager or entrepreneur, Amazon helps everyone make money. Amazon’s money-making program is very easy to use and the company also offers generous payments.

1. Get money from Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs in the world. This is open to anyone who has a social media page, blog or website. Join free. After becoming a member, Amazon offers a free dashboard where you can create ads and good affiliate links for your social media, blogs or websites.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link to buy something, you get a small commission. Amazon pays between 2 and 20 percent of the product price (minus tax and shipping) for your efforts.

In fact, many bloggers make a lot of money with Amazon Associates. They write good and honest reviews about products that attract people to buy.

2. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is the easiest way to make money with Amazon. Anyone who has a valid SIM and vehicle can join Amazon Flex.

You pay between $ 12 per hour and $ 30 per hour. Payment varies depending on the type of shipment and item. Sometimes you get tips from satisfied customers.

The first step to making money with Amazon Flex is downloading the application and entering personal information for review by Amazon. Depending on your region, there may be a waiting list where you can join Amazon Flex.

After your online application and type of vehicle are received, send it to Amazon. As you know, there are various types of Amazon shipping. Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Killer, Amazon Local etc. They are paid twice a week – Wednesday and Saturday.

3. Independent publication on Amazon

If you are a writer, poet, or even a professional who can learn some important skills, you can make money with Amazon through your self-publishing program.

In fact, Amazon gives you up to 80 percent of the prizes for each printed book or e-book that you publish with a self-publishing program. You can also offer audio books for sale through Amazon.

There are several free resources provided by Amazon for all types of writers. You can use it to make extraordinary books.

In addition, your printed books, audio, and e-books receive free advertising on Amazon. Your book will also appear when someone searches for books in a particular genre. And with that there will be a short summary or book summary.

4. Selling on Amazon

Anyone, from multinational (MNC) to startups, from small retailers to brand owners, can become an Amazon seller.

If you have a startup based company and you want to grow your customers, Amazon offers the perfect platform. In fact, Amazon states that more than half the products it sells come from other companies.

Large companies have a special team that works to upload great pictures of their products and write interesting descriptions. Small companies can also participate in these advertising actions. Selling on Amazon is quite easy: you register a product, process an order, and send it through Amazon.

5. Selling on Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a very special platform that promotes business-to-business (B2B) sales and purchases. This service is very useful if you have a company that serves other companies.

This can be in the form of things like machinery, industrial applications, chemicals and more. Amazon also offers inexpensive B2B advertising tools to promote your products and services.

Selling Amazon Business helps many companies abroad get products from America and other countries that they couldn’t previously get.

Because Amazon Business is a responsible system, businesses can be understood to only sell goods that are legal and can be exported or imported in accordance with state law. However, many startups and small business owners find Sell on Amazon Business the ideal platform for growth.

6. Sell the application to Amazon

Software developers can make money from Amazon by developing applications for Amazon Fire Stick TV and other Android-based devices that the company sells.

For this, you need an Amazon Developer Account, which can be opened freely. With Amazon, you can run tests for your application for free and then publish tests for sale on the Amazon App Store.

7. Amazon Match

Merch by Amazon is a service that you can use to make money on Amazon. In this way, creative people can make money on Amazon. You can upload artwork to Amazon for free.

And every time someone buys it, you get money. Merch is an exclusive service for demanding customers.

You can create artwork for shirts, clothes, and more, and stock up on Amazon. The company sends goods as “Prime” shipping when ordering, so they can be paid faster.

8. Sell your service on Amazon

Amazon also helps you sell your professional services to large and small businesses through Amazon Services.

You can provide all types of services – from cleaning to removal, repairs to annual maintenance or even highly professional advisory skills. Amazon service sales are an ideal feature for professionals in various fields.

9. Advertise your product on Amazon

Amazon also offers digital marketing services that allow you to promote your product on your own or someone else’s website. However, sales are always done through Amazon or your company.

This service is available for eligible digital marketers. This includes creating amazing advertisements and sending other digital advertisements to various Amazon providers and contributors.

10. Try to run Amazon

Festivals and shopping seasons produce countless orders from people in America and abroad in the Amazon. This automatically leads to hard work at the Amazon national fulfillment center.

During this busy season, Amazon takes the help of people like you and me to pick up, package, label, and ship orders on the shelves as usual. Payment depends on the nature of your work. And it is not normal work.

11. Make money with mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is a very popular way to make money with Amazon. However, it is not available all year long. Amazon has announced the mTurk program in advance through an announcement on its website.

As a member of Amazon mTurk, you need to do micro tasks. This includes recognizing and deleting incorrect product images, correcting product descriptions, deleting duplicate lists, etc.

12. Amazon influencer

Are you popular on social media like Facebook? Become an Amazon influencer and earn money by getting people to buy various types of products on Amazon. They will actually use the product and talk about the pros and cons that make people shop at Amazon.

13. Amazon shipping partner

For obvious reasons, Amazon cannot have a fleet of thousands of vehicles of various shapes and sizes. That is why Amazon has a program known as a partner for Amazon shipping services. And this is open to small and large vehicle fleet owners.

As an Amazon shipping partner, you transport pickups from the nearest Amazon fulfillment center to the local shipping station.

14. Amazon handmade

Every craftsman can sell their handmade items such as embroidered items, paintings, sculptures and handicrafts through the Amazon platform and earn money.

It must be remembered that Amazon Handmade is intended specifically for masters. So don’t ever try to sell something that isn’t only available on Amazon Handmade.

15. Amazon Prime Direct

Share your favorite videos worldwide with customers to Amazon Prime Videos and their partners. You will be paid for this effort. Amazon lost the top video polling films, soap operas, and more.

Obviously, Amazon cannot support top video and music libraries. If sent as part of Amazon Prime, you can make money with Amazon.

16. Amazon Game

Do you like computer games? With Amazon, you can make money while playing online games with other people or watching battles as an audience. There is a large selection of popular games that appeal to every fan.

All you have to do is stream your game to the public. And Amazon pays you because they collect advertising revenue when you play.

17. Amazon ranking

There is a special reason to mention Amazon Reviews as a last resort to make money with Amazon. There are several companies that offer free or very high discounts to purchase their products on Amazon and give very good ratings.

This system continues to grow despite several lawsuits against the Federal Trade Commission for dissatisfied customers.

This customer bought the item after reading good reviews. However, they were immediately disappointed and complained to the FTC.

So I would not recommend this way to make money on Amazon. Instead, Amazon has its own review program. It’s voluntary and you don’t have money to give a very good rating.

18. Teach Alex skills

Teaching and building skills for Amazon Alexa, AI-based personal assistants, and selling digital products through Alexa are not for everyone.

However, if you have excellent AI skills and want to sell digital products to Alexa, you can make enough money with Amazon.

19. Amazon Web Services Market

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon service that allows you to sell dates, software and other IT-based applications to businesses and retailers.

With AWS, you can upload dates, software and applications to the cloud system. Buyers must pay for and download your data or software. You get the most – almost 80 percent – of the software you sell.

20. Production for Amazon

Yes, I am right. Amazon also has several exclusive branded products. This includes batteries, clothing, and almost everything else that can be sold on Amazon.

However, the product will be called Amazon. If you’re not worried about branding, get Amazon-branded goods and get money.

Selling applications on Amazon

Software developers can make money from Amazon by developing applications for Amazon Fire Stick TV and other Android-based devices that the company sells.

For this, you need an Amazon Developer Account, which can be opened freely. With Amazon, you can run tests for your application for free and then publish tests for sale on the Amazon App Store.

21. ACX Voice Over Acting

As you can guess in the audiobook section above, there are other ways to make money from audio books on Amazon without writing anything yourself.

This method is used as a storyteller and audio book producer. If you like the idea of ??getting paid to talk, familiarizing yourself with audio engineering and software tools, and don’t mind reading other people’s work, this can be a fun side job.

22. Amazon homework

Like most modern companies, Amazon began to take work at home. When I checked the list of virtual jobs on Amazon, I found options for full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs.

You can filter by job categories such as IT and engineering, customer support, sales and advertising, operations and execution, and more. Hourly and paid positions available.

23. Twitch flow

Entertainment video players make serious money by broadcasting their games live on Amazon Twitch.tv.

Twitter Streamer makes money at a fraction of the cost of subscribing to the site, promoting their channel, donating and selling goods to their fans. The most popular players earn around $ 300,000 or more a year!

24. RebateKey

When a friend took me to RebateKey, I was quite skeptical that this was a fraud.

The website has promised to return your purchase – mostly on Amazon – one month after you buy the product. The way I have explained is a service for new Amazon sellers to get a sales history in their offer and hopefully feedback.

This means that buyers can find items with large discounts and even without discounts after discounts. The first thing I bought was a turmeric capsule around $ 20. I decided to buy it and it would be a good test to see if the discount really came.

And I might be paid in full for purchases after about a month. Pretty crazy, but true.

So you don’t need to make money with Amazon, but it’s fun to save money. RebateKey is definitely a website that is worth considering for your upcoming purchases to see if they have what you’re looking for.

25. Drop rewards

Drop is a great free application that adds an extra boost to the Capital One card mentioned above (or the credit card you use).

How Drop works, choose 5 stores where you go to most places like Target, Safeway, Starbucks and Trader Joe’s – and get an additional 1% cashback regardless of what you buy there.

Simply download the application, link your credit or debit card, and get additional reward points for purchases that you make every day. This is very passive – once you set it up, you will automatically receive a price. After that, you can get money with Amazon gift cards.

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