Google prepared the plans to launch its range of Pixel phones in the coming days. Pixel 5 is one of them ready to launch first in Germany on September 25, 2020. There is a change in the name as per the things that came out that Pixel 5 renamed as Pixel 5s. According to the… Continue Reading

The Bigg Boss show is among the popular reality programs aired on Indian television. Furthermore, the show successfully ran for more than a decade. The Dabaang Khan of Bollywood Salman Khan hosted the Bigg Boss seasons for 10 years. He became the popular presenter on the show. You read the Bigg Boss Season 14s announcement… Continue Reading

Teacher Day is celebrated every year on September 5 in India. Since September 5, 1962, we celebrate Teachers Day and remember the contribution, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.  Furthermore, he was the second President of India and an accomplished teacher who was remembered for his contributions in shaping the lives of the Indians. You should never forget… Continue Reading

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Moto Mobile company has launched its new phone in the market. The new phone name is Moto G9, according to the company this phone is available on eCommerce website from 31st August. Moto G9 phone has divided in two color variants, first is forest blue, and second is sapphire blue. What is the price of… Continue Reading

Sushant Singh Rajput Career  Sushant Singh Rajput (21 January 1986 – 14 June 2020) was an Indian actor. Who started his acting career in the year 2008. And ended his career at the age of 34 years, was found dead hanging from the ceiling fan in his home.  Sushant Singh started his career with television… Continue Reading

The company aviation market is the industry that has been experiencing growth that is vigorous across the business markets. There are a various number of variables influencing this industry today. The trajectory of the global airline market is pretty much like that of an aircraft. For the high skies, it will be taking off Occasionally,… Continue Reading

Facebook announced on Thursday that it is launching its newest service in the US, a Facebook dating service site. What is wrong? Very much, it turns out. Here we sorted some interesting info to know about Facebook’s dating site. What is Facebook dating? Facebook dating is a feature in the main Facebook application, not in… Continue Reading