Advertise With Us - Welcome to Write for Readers Advertise Program

We welcome you to Write for Readers advertising program, where our clients are our prime concern. A variety of advertisement solutions are available to our clients.

For advertising mail, us on:

We hereby welcome you to advertise with us. For that we are informing you with certain guidelines for guest posts and others. 

Advertising through posts:

  1. We help you in advertising your products through our posts.
  2. Do follow links are permitted per post.
  3. Uniqueness is very vital for content one write.
  4. Contents should meet all parameters of guidelines for publishing.
  5. Content should be sent via mail.
  6. Spam content or links are not anyhow promoted.

Types of advertisement sizes:

list of banner sizes available:

sidebar 1: 360*380

leaderboard 728*90 placed above header

How much we Charge-

for advertisement through posts, we charge    1k   rupees/post/annum.

For banners, we charge     

Guidelines for Advertising with Us-

  1. Adult content containing Ads are not allowed.
  2. Bank transfer are only applicable mode of payment.
  3. Do follow links are only available for sponsored posts.

Guidelines for Guest Posts-

For newcomers we present here set of rules and guidelines for posting with us-

  1. Spam links or content or any adult content are not allowed.
  2. One no follow link is permitted for one post, and the post should be free from spam.
  3. Unique contents are only welcomed.
  4. Contents are analysed before posting to get properly fitted with the guidelines.
  5. Contents should only be sent through the mails.

One should follow all these guidelines properly for advertising with us.


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