How to Update Your Amazon Fire Stick?


Amazon Fire Stick is an Internet-capable television that allows users to watch various content (and games) through their Internet connection. However, like other internet gadgets, it needs to be updated regularly. The latest update has introduced new features, e.g. For example, upgrading to Fire TV 3 allows users to watch local movies. The update also fixes bugs that affect device performance, including bugs that prevent screensaver from starting in June 2016. Therefore this guide explains how to update your Amazon Fire Stick and what steps need to be taken for all Amazon Fire TV devices.

It is important to know how to update your Amazon Fire Stick if you want your device to work optimally. By installing the latest software, you can also get improvements that prevent applications from crashing or removing features that were added incorrectly in previous versions. While Amazon Fire TV devices automatically install this update, you also have the option to install it manually.

Because Amazon introduces new software versions almost every month, it is recommended to check for updates and install them manually. This is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

fire stick

  • Open Settings. This is the last option in the menu bar at the top of your home screen.
  • Select My Fire TV. You need to scroll right to find this option. If you have a longer Fire Stick, it can be referred to as a “device” or “system”.
  • Select Info.
  • Select “Check for updates” or “Install updates”.
  • If your device is up to date, “Update Check” is displayed.
  • If an update is ready, “Install update” is displayed. The right side of the control panel also displays a message that the update will start automatically when the next Amazon Fire TV fails. You will also learn that you need to restart the system to install the update.
  • Press Select on your remote control. Then your television turns off.
  • Wait for the update to be installed. A message appears on the screen that your device is installing software.

Warning: Do not unplug the power cord during the update.

  • Installing the update takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on the internet connection.

Updating the software You can fix error messages on your Fire TV device.

Amazon Fire TV software update: things to remember

Close accessibility features on Amazon Fire

Your system requires an internet connection to update your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV. If you have trouble downloading the update, you might need to check your internet connection. If you have problems with your WiFi, owners of first and second generation TV boxes can try connecting the Ethernet cable directly to their device. Amazon Fire TV Cube owners can do the same thing.

If the problem persists (e.g., Error message), Amazon recommends, if predictable, it’s time to restart Amazon Fire TV by turning off the device and then turning it on (maybe restarting) for about three seconds. by pressing and holding Select and Play for 5 seconds). This method is highly recommended if your device freezes during the update. You can also try resetting your Fire Stick if it continues to cause problems.

When did you update your Amazon Fire Stick?

Although this guide explains how to manually update software on Amazon Fire TV, you don’t need to do a manual update. The software must be updated automatically when a new version is available and your device is connected to the Internet.

However, if you prefer to take charge of yourself, you should check for updates regularly, because Amazon usually takes them at a healthy pace. As can be seen from the Software Update History, compiled by AFTVnews, the website for Amazon Fire TV news, new updates are released every few months.

Therefore, we recommend signing in to your device based on this period if it hasn’t been updated automatically. Again, this isn’t completely necessary because the Amazon Fire update is installed automatically.

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