Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader : Pinterest Video Downloader is an Online Pinterest Downloader Tool, We can download pinterest Video, Images and Gif from Pinterest. Download Pinterest Video in MP4 HD Quality.

How to Download Pinterest Video

Copy URL

Copy the Pinterest video URL from the Pinterest website that you need to download.

Paste In Input Field

Paste the video URL in the download form field and click Download Now button.


You will get a list of download links for download, video. Click any link to start downloading the video.

Free Online Pinterest Video Downloader Tool List

Pinterest, Inc. is an American social media web and mobile application company. It operates a software system designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp.

People share lots of Video, gif and images, now the problem is that if we want to download pinterest video online that we can’t download videos from pinterest. Pinterest does not allow you to download pinterest gifs or videos. Don’t worry Here I have shared some web tools that help to download pinterest videos online free of cost.

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How to Download Pinterest Video Online Free?

Want to download Pinterest Video online for free, don’t worry here is the solution, Follow the 2-3 steps and grab the pinterest video on your phone or laptop.

Steps To Download Pinterest Video Online

1.Open Pinterest website/App on your phone or Laptop.

2.Go to the search section of pinterest and type video, now you can see lots of video there, Just click on the video which you want to download.

3.Copy the video Url from the browser.

4.Open Pinterest Video Downloader tool click on this.

5.Paste the copied url in the download section and click on the download button.

Now your video is ready to download, just select the format and click the download arrow button.

Top Question and Answer Regarding Pinterest Video Downloader

Q.No -1:- How do I download a video from Pinterest?

Ans:- Go to and check the video you like to download;

Copy the URL of this Video;

Then go to Free Online Pinterest Video Downloader;

Paste the copied url into the download area.

After that hit the download button and now your video starts downloading.

Q.No -2:- How can I download from Pinterest?

Ans:- Open the picture that you want to download on your phone. Step 2: Then select the three dots (...) section which is left in the corner. Select Download image from the pop-up menu. Please allow the permission if you ask for permission.

Q.No -3:- How do I share a video on Pinterest?

Ans:- Click on the Share button.

Click on the Pinterest icon.

Optionally, you can select a video start time.

Q.No -4:- How do I download a GIF from Pinterest?

Ans:- Step 1: Open the GIF or video on Pinterest that you want to download on your phone.

Step 2: Click on the Visit button which is below the gif.

Step 3: Click and hold on Gif.

Step 4: one more time tap and hold on the gif in the browser until a menu appears.

Q.No -5:- Does Pinterest support video?

Ans:- If you have a business account, you can upload video Pins directly to Pinterest. Anyone who have pinterest account can upload the video with the pin.

Q.No -6:- How long can Pinterest videos be?

Ans:- Since Pinterest prefers videos under 20 seconds and stories are 15 seconds, you can easily pin a snippet from your story.

Q.No -7:- How do I stop videos from automatically playing on Pinterest?

Ans:- Step 1: Tap the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Step 2:- Click the the setting button which is in the right corner. Step 4:- Scroll down, and tap the toggle next to “Autoplay on mobile data” to turn this setting off (the toggle will turn gray).

Q.No -8:- Can you pin YouTube videos on Pinterest?

Ans:- While you can upload via mobile, it's faster on your desktop. Wait until the youtube process is not completed, and pin that video to Pinterest. Then, when someone clicks on your video pin. This is the actual time when the user clicks your video pin.