How to Learn Hindi Easily in 30 Days in 15 Simple Ways

how to learn hindi

Not all Indians know or know Hindi. The 2011 Indian Census showed that only 43.63% of the Indian population called it Hindu. Overall, Hindi and its main dialect – Hindustani (a combination of Hindi, Urdu, and others) is spoken by around 697.41 million people worldwide. Hindi is the official language of India since 1950. It was the language that characterizes some states in northern and central India, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Chathisgarh. Let us go with finding the simple ways that help how to learn Hindi easily in 30 days.

Academic Coaching

Parents enroll their children in schools that use English as an educational tool and choose their local language or regional language as their second language.

In middle school, parents choose English as a second language. Some schools and educational institutions also offer a third language in the curriculum. If you teach in an English-speaking school and subjects include regional languages, you can also easily learn Hindi. In general, students must choose a third language as a subject when learning from standard V to standard X. Choose this language instead of a foreign language or other national language.

Every school in India has Hindi teachers. After selection, you will study this language as part of your curriculum.

Junior College

If you don’t choose Hindi as the second subject, there is nothing to worry about. Junior College – Students of Standard XI and Standard XII also have a choice of second languages. In general, junior colleges use English as a teaching tool. Therefore, you can learn to speak Hindi as a second language. It is understandable that learning Hindi in junior high school can be difficult. Especially if you live in countries where the language is not widely used. You can solve this problem by taking a special training course to learn Hindi. In your environment, you will find several training classes that teach beginners basic languages.

Government programs

The Central Directorate for Hindi, which works with the Indian Ministry of Personnel Development (MHRD), has a comprehensive program that allows governments and other officials to study Hindi speeches. This program is carried out in India in collaboration with state colleges and universities.

Find the course that best suits your language skills on the website above. You can write to the Directorate of Middle Hindi to find out the details of the places closest to where the course takes place.

In your city, you will find several courses where you can quickly learn Hindi. Courses offered by the Hindi Central Directorate are usually free. They aim to spread Hindi as the national language of India. Therefore, you will find this course almost everywhere, especially in countries where they are not commonly used.

Private Speaking Classes 

There are many private lessons in Hindi in India.You can register for a beginner’s course and move on to the advanced level. Typically, this training course is sponsored by adults from non-Hindi countries or countries where the language is widely spoken. It is possible to understand Hindi at every stage of your life. People teach it for various reasons. Most people learn Hindi to enjoy films in Bollywood.

Others need to develop Hindi language skills to communicate with various departments in the state and central government. Thousands of students study Hindi in private lessons in preparation for various entrance examinations, including Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, National Defense Academy, and the Naval Academy and others.

These private lecture classes require Hindi lessons because of their student profiles. You can register for one of these training courses. Your faculty usually consists of native speakers or those who are very familiar with the local language.


In every respect, is the best YouTube channel for mastering Hindi for free. Qualified and experienced Indian language teachers make videos on this channel. With HindiPod101 you can learn to speak native Indian language while gaining a lot of understanding, reading and writing offers many videos that are suitable for every level of learning. You can start by watching videos so that beginners can learn Hindi. If you are familiar with Hindi basics, see other videos. also offers videos to test your Hindi language skills.


Swayam is a free online course created by the Ministry of Personnel Development. But he doesn’t like beginners. If you have basic Hindi skills such as reading and understanding, join the free Swayam online course. Swayam offers a secondary school level in Hindi. Ideal if you want to learn something more in this language. You can register as a student on the Swayam website and attend courses. Swayam students can also take exams to check their language skills.

Online Courses

There are several free online Hindi courses. It’s easy to register to You can also register for a Facebook or Google Account. has received several prestigious awards for its free course. After registering, you will have instant access to more than 880 audio and video clips. You can get vocabulary-training tools, get detailed PDF files of lessons, participate in debates, group discussions and competitions with other students. also offers downloadable applications for Android-based smartphones and iPhones. Udemy offers professional courses for learning Hindi. They are very economical and cost 830 rupees per session. Professionals and local Hindi speakers make Udemy online courses. Because of this, you will definitely take the best online Hindi course. Udemy offers a variety of courses in this language. From basic beginner skills to advanced courses such as writing tips and techniques. Each course costs Rs 830 and can be ordered comfortably from home. Because this is an online course, you can study as flexibly as you wish.

Learning Books

There are many versatile books where you can learn Hindi. You can buy it at any bookstore in the country. They can also be ordered online. Look for books that come with CDs / DVDs and contain audiovisual lessons for Hindi. Equipped with English-Hindi vocabulary, because it will be useful for you to find difficult words. Textbooks are inexpensive and therefore affordable.

Enjoy Movies in Bollywood

If you find the method above boring, just watch Bollywood films. Because of its popularity, Bollywood films with translations are presented in your native language. Therefore, you can learn various kinds of vocabulary in Hindi by looking at it. Thousands of foreigners, especially in the Arabian Gulf and the Far East, have learned Hindi just by watching Bollywood films.

Read Hindi newspaper

Before you start reading Hindi newspapers, get a good English-Hindi dictionary from the Hindi dictionary. You also need basic knowledge about this language and Devanagari scripts. Reading the newspaper does not teach you how to quickly speak or write Hindi. Conversely, reading a newspaper increases your ability to speak a language through other sources.

Subtitles in Hindi Movies

Start watching without subtitles. Observe them carefully and try to make sense through context and movement. Watch the main films in this category, where you do not have everything depends on intense dialogue. Example: The first Hindi film of this type is Dewar with Amitab Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor. At that time Friday night meant film night on Doordarshan, the national television station.

You must assess your own progress. If you feel comfortable, move on to subtitle films and, over time, move on to more complex topics.

Documentaries, TV shows and Web Series

You cannot learn by only watch movies, but also documentaries, theaters, TV shows, operas, audio books, webseriess or whatever interests you. 

Learn Different Accents

Please also note that Hindi has different accents and dialects, if I may say so, and when spoken in Mumbai in Maharashtra, it is very different from what is spoken in Delhi or in Bihar, Uttar, Pradesh or Haryana. A very simple example is how to say “I” – whether it’s “apun”, “play” or “hum”. Big Bollywood films can sometimes introduce certain characters into films and how they speak. So, try to keep your senses open!

Interact with People

This one is very important. Watch and listen to real people. If possible, listen and interact with people from different backgrounds. If you approach the script section, you will get a lot of material online or even books with the basics – letters, words, etc. With reference to other English / Indian languages. Such books are usually available in all major cities. I’m not sure if I’m online or in the village.

Hindi Dictionary

Save the Hindi dictionary in English or any other language you want. Try learning a little about the truth edition. Start reading Hindi children’s books and gradually move on to complex and mature times. Save the dictionary.

At last, Start talking or writing yourself! if you are stuck somewhere, but try it yourself first.

Hope you enjoy this article, share your comments with us.

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