PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle after almost seven years on the market. As more details about the PS5 became known, fans were waiting for the next Sony console. Throughout its life, PS4 has put together a significant library of games. It’s hard to follow all the quality versions, even if… Continue Reading

The Tabletop simulator ($ 20 for one copy; $ 60 for four copies) is one of the funniest games we’ve played recently – also because it’s not really a game. Conversely, as the name suggests, a Tabletop simulator is a way to create an online counter and fill it with the game you have chosen.… Continue Reading

Get 600 UC Elite Pass and Elite Plus Pass will cost 1800 UC free at PUBG Mobile (not free, but with a 75% discount). Here we discuss how to get Elite and Elite Plus Pass for free on PUBG Mobile without hacking. You may have seen many UC hacking tips, many of which might not… Continue Reading

If you enjoy playing games on PS4 and want the same DualShock controller experience on your PC, you’re in luck – it’s easy to connect the PS4 controller to a Windows PC. There are several ways used to Connect PS4 controller to your pc. Here let us see the top 5 different ways helps to… Continue Reading

What is OpenEmu? OpenEmu is an open-source emulator especially for the Mac OS, released in 2013 by your OpenEmu Team. This multi-video game system provides an interface for hardware emulation on many consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Genesis, Game Boy and more. Its architecture allows other developers to add new kernels to the… Continue Reading