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PUBG: Latest STATE, the new Battle Royale built by PUBG STUDIOS, the organization driving PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, has now become available (PUBG).

In PUBG: NEW STATE, competitive matches of 100 players on a new battleground use diverse weapons and techniques until only one party survives.

Exploit your gear, vehicles, and commodities to survive the Battlegrounds’ free-fire zone and become the last War veteran standing!

The very first noticeable thing concerning PUBG New State is the new landscape. The event takes you to the nearest term, approximately 2051, with a civilization on the brink of destruction and many rebel factions for supplies. This mindset shift is not only vital for the storytelling, but it will also have such an influence on you on the battlefield. This means you’ll be able to exploit cutting-edge technology, including preemptive strike drones, new vehicles, and deployable roadblocks.

The version features realistic and dynamic multiplayer combat that allows you to configure your weaponry to suit your requirements and endure in the Battlegrounds’ free-fire zone. The version also introduces new and advanced mechanisms like fleeing and dodging, drone alerts, and a plea for assistance. 

Other Advanced Features Of New State Includes:

  • It overcomes what was part of the original plan in mobile game visuals by integrating a global artificial lighting system.
  • PUBG: NEW STATE transcends what was previously conceivable in mobile game visuals – A gigantic, open-world warfare with a grade of fidelity only PUBG STUDIOS could indeed accomplish
  • Vulkan(API) allows consistent customer experience with enhanced efficiency and optimization.

Now for the big question, when can you get it? Where do you download it from?

Pre-registration for the PUBG New State Edition has become available for Android and ios operating systems. The release date for PUBG New State in India is also now accessible. The direct APK direct download hyperlink for the game is also published.

Acquiring the PUBG New State Download link on an Android smartphone will allow users to download the application even if it is not officially accessible in the Google Playstore. You’ll still be able to access the game through the Play Store whenever it becomes life, so that is not much different from getting the app from the Play Store if you’re running an APK from trustworthy sources. 

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PUBG New State Release Date 2021
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PUBG New State Early Access

The game is scheduled for the year 2051, and it has undergone several revisions and improvements. Users will obtain extra maps in contrast to Erangel and Sanhok. The year is 2051, and indeed the action did take place in that year. Weapons and equipment from the apocalypse are included in the game. Improved ballistic drones and fortifications have been implemented in this game, equivalent to COD mobile. PUBG New State Early Access is sure something to keep an eye out for. The aesthetics in the game are so much more immersive. The design and versatility of the characters and weaponry. This game has many sophisticated features and new future automobiles, such as the Tesla Roadster. 

PUBG New State Download apk

The APK file for PUBG New State will commence downloading after you click the download button. When it’s completed downloading, you should be able to find it in your files. When you tap on the PUBG New State Download apk hyperlink, it will begin to install. If you encounter a problem during the installation process, go to your phone’s Safety and Privacy area, which is found inside Settings. Enable Install Apps from Unknown Sources or add your browser to the list of trustworthy sources by tapping on it.

The game’s icon will emerge on your homepage whenever you install the APK, and you will be able to launch it. During your inception of the application, the PUBG New State will begin installing the remaining files, and it may take a few minutes until you reach the main screen.

PUBG New State Release Date 2021

PUBG New State Release Date 2021 was on 11th November 2021. This game is now offered to Indian smartphone users on both the Android and iOS platforms. This game is now only accessible on Google Play and was available as a free download on November 12 on the Apple App Store homepage.

The PUBG New State Download Beta

If you pre-register, you will access the beta variant of the game as well as a lifetime ‘Limited Vehicle Skin’ as a bonus.

Search for The PUBG New State Download Beta on the Google Play Store:

The first game that will appear on the screen is PUBG New State, and you should tap it.

There seems to be a checkbox for Pre-Registration there.

Immediately as you tap on it, you will be registered there.

You will be emailed once the release is complete.

Users of the iPhone and iPad:

Browse for PUBG New State on the Apple App Store.

It will display on the screen; simply by tapping it to access it.

Now, choose the “Download” button.

It will include the pre-order credentials as well as the release date.

Download Android APK OBB

The release date to Download Android APK OBB is slated for October 31st, 2021. The video game PUBG New State Obb Apk Download is presently available, and fans might get it by registering online. Effective from October 31st, 2021, the PUBG New State Download software can be downloaded.

Initial Game Impressions And Requirements

According to Krafton, PUBG: New State will be compatible with Android users with 2GB RAM or more operating Android 6.0 or above. Headed to iOS, the game will be operable on iPhone 6S and higher devices running iOS 13 and above.

You will be authorized to access a little file of around 230 megabytes once you have purchased the game.

When you start the game, you can choose whether to sign in as a guest or even use your Facebook or Google account.

The game reportedly has three custom maps: Troi, Erangel 2051, and Station (Beta). Users also get access to training grounds, in which they may rehearse using the weapons in the game and improve their accuracy. Pre-registered users received the following in-game incentives, as promised.

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