Free Fire Max Quick Review and Details | Pre-Registration in India Started


Free Fire Max Quick Review and Details | Features of the new Free Fire Max

Finally Garena is Launching It’s Another Successful Game Named Free Fire Max. As per Latest Sources. It is Confirmed that it will Be launched on 28 September 2021. Free Fire Max Pre-Registration Has started since 29 August 2021. You Can Pre Register Now Also By Pre Registering You Will Get Many Free Rewards .If You click Through our Link and then Pre Register So You will Get 150 Diamonds as Bonus Rewards.


As the Garena Free Fire is getting popular day by day. The company is set to launch Garena Free Fire’s next levelled upgrade version that will  completely change the battle royale Experience. Garena Free Fire MAX will  be set to offer the same battle royale shooting experience but the New Free Fire max come with more upgrade features like Graphical enhancement, Animations, Realistic map, Customizable map, more featured, gun, skins, outfits and many many tons of features that will increase more popularity of free fire. Below I  am going to share important points about free fire max :

Publisher Garena International Pvt.Ltd.
App Name Garena Free Fire Max
Version 4.1
Key Features 360-degree rotating  lobby, Realistic maps, Graphics, frame rate, Exclusive rewards, Animation, Customization, Outfit, Gun Skins, Free Fire Cross-Play, Firelink technology, many more
Pre-registration last date 28, September 2021
Minimum RAM required 2Gb Ram
Minimum Storage required 1.5 GB Without Expansion Pack
File Size 1.05 GB
India Releasing Date 28, September 2021
Official Website
Free Fire Max Download File Source
  • Google Playstore
  • Apple App IOS Store
  • En Softonic

The main feature of free fire is that both Garena Free Fire and Free fire max players  can play together now . This is for  the first time that two games are combined together in such a way  so that  both high-end device  users  and low-end device users can play together without compromising any gaming experience.Pre Registration has started officially on AppStore and Play Store . Note that pre registered players get exclusive rewards that we mentioned below under the rewards section.

Free Fire MAX will be made available side-by-side with the classic Free Fire game and will support cross-link-plays thanks to Garena’s Firelinking technology that claims complete interoperability between the two games.

Some Salient Features of the new Free fire max are:-

  • The Garena Company has enhanced the gaming features much and more reliable  as compared to Free Fire
  • Free Fire MAX will  be going to include more advanced effects, animational and Brightened graphics to enhance the overall user experience without compromising gameplay.
  • Both free Fire and FF max Player can play together without compromising with any gaming experience.
  • Enhanced Graphic and High Frame Rate
  • Gun new skins that look so realistic
  • Gaming sound effects and gun sound effects are more enhanced
  • FF Max comes with Firelinking technology, which is a new feature in comparison to other mobile games.
  • Besides having a 360-degree lobby, the game is  also offering a new craft land mode also.
  • Users Will be able to  use their existing Free Fire account to log in to Free Fire MAX.
  • You can also transfer or use free fire skin creates and items in free fire Max, basically, one login will work for both games
  • Pre-register will get Cyber MAX Loot Boxes, “exclusive rewards” which could be in-game skins and outfits (Note: Do pre-registration with the same google account that you are going to use to do login for free fire max to claim any rewards)
  • Write for Readers Site Will Be Providing Daily Redeem codes that can be redeemed directly from Free Fire redemption site (Both free fire and free fire max redeem code will be working for both of the games.)
  • Free fire will launch globally
  • You can create your own maps and many more features
  • 5 million registrations – Max Raychaser (Bottom)
  • 10 million registrations – 2x Gold Royale Voucher
  • 15 million registrations – Max Raychaser (Facepaint)
  • 20 million registrations – Cyber Max Skyboard
  • 30 million registrations – Max Raychaser (Head)

Pre Registration players would  get earlier accesses from all so don’t forget to check your play store app when the game officially going to release

Note: Use the same account that you are going to use during logging in free fire max to claim any rewards

  • Method 3: GARENA Free Fire Max Download from TAP TAP Store (APK + OBB) File (Available) Beta version

If you want to download the free fire max game APK File then, you can directly download it from the TapTAP store and send it to another device. To get early access you must have pre-registration for the Garena’s FF Max game.

  • Method 4: Free Fire Max Will be available for download on  APK + OBB File from APKPURE  (Available) Beta version

Free Fire Max FAQs

When Free Fire Max is going to Launch?

Garena  company is Going to launch free Fire max India on 28, September 2021

What are the main differences between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

Free Fire MAX is a more spectatively -heavy version, but identical in terms of  best gameplay experience and both Game Players can play with each other, even if  they are using different versions of the game.

How to download a free fire max game in Android or IOS Smartphone?

Android users can download the game from Playstore and IOS Users can download the game from Apple App store

Can I login with my existing Free Fire account?

Yes, users can use their existing Free Fire account to login to Free Fire MAX. Account data will include account progress and game items are going to be synced across both applications by Firelinking technology. Users will be able to  switch between either application at any time and use the same account for both applications.

Will you get to keep all your items from Free Fire?

Players can top up and buy items normally both in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. And player account progress and items owned will be shared across the 2 applications using a single account.

What is the official website of free Fire max ?

The official website of free fire max is i.e

Guys We are going to host a mega Giveaway on Free Fire   Max Release Date That is 29 of September 

 So Get Ready for the redeem code of Rs.100  to Rs.1000

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