Points to Consider before Choosing a finance partner for your company?

Points to Consider before Choosing a finance partner for your company-ai-jpeg-01 (1)

Business Partners are financial or accounting professionals who work with companies to track financial performance with the help of ca services online and provide financial information, forecasts, and analysis to assist in decision making and strategy. 

Courage to speak up, challenge executives and raise the mirror of the company. Influence, relationship building, communication skills, and the ability to convey a message and initiate a discussion. 

Your role is to provide “real-time” support and analytics, become a trusted advisor, and create value to help you make decisions.

The first contact when looking for a good partner is to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve done this, you can start looking for partners who have the qualities to complement your skills. This is something that many know they should be looking for but not doing. But that’s the most important thing to look for in a business partner. 

People often choose a partner that is their clone. At other times, they choose people so different from themselves that they are in constant conflict. Find someone to praise you, not against your skills. 

Shared Goals and Values   

Make sure that the person you are considering as a business partner has business goals that match you. In other words, you should both want to do the same thing. 

This goes beyond whether the two want to make money-that means they later have the same idea of what the company should be. It’s a good idea to sign a contract and make sure in advance that you don’t have the same business goals as if all your capital were at stake. 

You may also want the same but have different ideas about how to get it. If you value quality and customer service over profit, but you value winning faster than quality, at some point, what path do you take to reach each other’s business goals? 

Easy to talk to 

You need to be able to discuss anything related to business with this person. Otherwise, the problem between the two will worsen over time, and it will be even harder to solve the problem that could have been easily solved. Then the grudge begins, and the whole downward spiral continues just because you wanted to avoid discussing the topic with your business partners. This doesn’t mean you need to find someone who agrees with everything you say, but you need to be relatively confident that you can discuss the differences with that person to agree on a solution. Move forward with your hands. 


A good business partner must be someone you can trust. Everyone has their quirks and personalized ways to deal with stress, success, and failure, but if you can essentially trust your business partner, you are more likely to succeed as a partner. Also, knowing that your partner can and will play their role within the partnership will help you focus more on yourself. If you don’t believe your partner can do what you need, you’ll be distracted and less productive. 

Industry Knowledge  

Do you hire an auto mechanic to run a bank? 


A person with a vision can recognize the value of new ideas and business trends and actively support them. You can prioritize your ideas and plan strategies for success. This person can listen to an idea and immediately tell you the next steps to realize it. 

Good Problem Solver 

A good problem solver can save time and money for a company by pointing out problems and improving new business processes before implementation. 

The ability to question the ideas discussed is important to enabling good problem solvers to play the devil’s advocate and test the integrity of the ideas. This person can also protect your business by paying attention to the details to organize and run your business smoothly and achieve your business goals most directly and efficiently. I can. 

However, the difference is that there are many more problems in choosing a business partner. There are three important questions to consider: SMEs don’t need more than a few partners. In fact, according to Paul Graham, co-founder of seed capital company Y Combinator, two or three business partners is most effective. That is, two or three business partners tend to work better than four or more partners who are likely to disrupt their business and disrupt their partnerships. 

What to check on before taking over a business partner?

You must be willing to share ownership of your company. No matter how many hours they work or how much money you invest in your business, it would be best if you had an idea of how to share your business with your new partner. 

You can share your business interests as you like, as long as your partners agree. However, it may be best to determine a formal business structure with your partner before making that decision. 

Account outsourcing services

In particular, have the appropriate skills to prepare the company’s annual financial statements, manage bank account operations, analyze financial data, and prepare invoices. Interestingly, most outsourced SMEs are reluctant to do their bookkeeping. 

 You can reduce unnecessary expenses by outsourcing accounting. These savings allow you to invest in strategies that help your business grow. Outsourcing helps meet your accounting needs and provides you with the opportunity to become more profitable.

Attracting investors who are dedicated to your long-term success, that is, those who have a deep interest in your mission and industry will add value far beyond capitalization. For example, we may be able to share some new opportunities such as liquidity and strategic insights.


Once you’ve found the right company for your company, it’s important to find the right contact person. This may not be the first person you were introduced to, so don’t hesitate to meet other partners. When thinking about who is best for you, ask yourself: what do you need from an investor other than having more income in your wallet? Which strengths and qualities do you value in collaboration? Choose the person who can meet these needs and is most suitable for you and your business and who will add real value to your business. 

The best partners listen to your words and aspirations and hold you accountable. Find someone who can be a mentor or an investor.

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