How to Download Resume from LinkedIn website?

how to download linkedin resume

First of all, we know about LinkedIn. Means here at first I tell that or I tell about what is Linkedin.

What is Linkedin?

Linkedin is a social network, LinkedIn focuses on career development. Linkedin also focuses on professional networking. There are many uses of LinkedIn. Here you can display your resume also, you can search for jobs. If you want to know if LinkedIn is free or not, then here I tell you that LinkedIn is free but there is also a subscription version that is called the LinkedIn premium.

Linkedin premium gives you additional features like online classes and seminars. It means you can say that LinkedIn is a social network. There is a big tech company that is owned by Microsoft. Linkedin is designed for helping people make business connections. At this they can share their experience and resumes, and also find jobs. Now come on the topic:

How to download a resume from a LinkedIn website?

To download resume from LinkedIn you should follow the given steps:

Step 1: You see your profile picture screen. In the first step, you should go to your profile or we can say that you should open your profile. To open your profile, click on the left screen at your profile pictures.

Step 2: When you will click on your profile then there is an option to the “More” button that will show below your job title. When you click on “More” this will prompt a drop-down menu with the options “Share Profile” and the other “Save to PDF”.

Step 3: After that select “Save to PDF” from the drop-down and download the PDF version of the resume. There will appear a pop-up or download dialogue box on the lower part of the screen. And that is depending on the browser and operating system. After that, the downloading will start or your “downloads”. Go to your downloads’ in the file and open the document.

Step 4:  if the download is not starting then check that or make sure pop-ups are not blocks in the browser setting.

In easy language, if you want to download the resume from the LinkedIn site. You should follow simply these few steps:

Step 1: At first you go on the LinkedIn website and open your profile to click on the left on your display or screen just click on the profile picture.

Step 2:  There will appear an option of a “More” button, below on your job title. Click on More and you see prompt a dropdown “Menu” with the option “Share Profile” and “Save to PDF”.

Step 3: After that option select “Save to PDF” After that there will appear a pop-up or download dialogue on the lower part of the screen or display. Go to check the downloads will start. If not then make sure that pop-ups are not blocks of your browser setting.

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