How should you answer for the question “why do you want to work in our company/ why do you want to work here”

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Don’t panic for simple questions in interviews. Better to stay calm and read the most frequently asked interview questions! A very common question asked in HR interviews these days is ” why do you want this job and why should we hire you ” – It looks like another random question, but a great answer to this question can actually land you a dream job. So stay tuned and start your preparation with the answers collected here.

Get ready for some of the most frequently asked HR interview questions and answers (how do you answer why do you want this job). You can refer why do you want this job yahoo answers for better knowledge.

Weave your thoughts according to the situations your HR interviewer might like best. Prepare yourself with the following possible answers to the questions for the HR interview: “Why do you want this job?” And answer boldly in a positive tone for better impact.

How should you answer for the question “why do you want to work in our company/ why do you want to work here”

Show your skill match

Whenever in an interview, you need to demonstrate that your problem-solving skills and abilities are a perfect fit for the company.

Return to your job description and previous conversations with the hiring manager for an overview of what they are looking for and work on your answers.

Show your enthusiasm for the job

Your response should show that you have, or are developing, key skills in roles that are important to you, says Dawn C. Reid, owner of RRL Coaching in Clementon, New Jersey.

Even though the question seems to be asking you what you want, remember that it is about the employer. Even if you talk about what excites you, put it in the context of how it benefits the company.

Find a way to mention your long-term prospects at the company, and you can also remove employer concerns about detention or eliminate other candidates who may pose a flight risk.

Show how you fit into the culture

Companies don’t just interview you to learn your skills. They want to know if you are a worthy co-worker. So your answer should prove that your goals and values ​​are similar to those of an organization, says AP Grow, professor of leadership at Seattle City University.

Your interview poll – toasting the friends who work there and reading the company’s latest news – will give you an idea of ​​the company’s mission and values. Find places to intersect with your story and present them in your answers.

Sample answers:

Possible answers №1

“To be frank, I think this company can provide an environment for me to make the best use of my skills. I can use the knowledge I have acquired over the years to make significant changes in my chosen field and help this organization grow together. What else can I do? I ask? I work in an atmosphere where I have the freedom to paint my own thoughts and get the best out of them. I look forward to it now because my current organization doesn’t offer as many opportunities for freshness as I do, but also great places to work. This particular job fulfills all my needs perfectly. I’ve spent a lot of time developing and promoting my skills, and I think this is the best platform for me to fully implement everything because the job description is exactly what I’ve been looking for all this time. “

Possible answers №2

“The answer to that question is very simple. This job vacancy in your esteemed organization has the potential to strengthen my personality and give me ample opportunity to use most of the skills I have acquired professionally and personally. It can maximize me because I can show my potential in this platform. In addition, your organization can offer me one of the best professional environments in the workplace to reach my full potential and to work with experienced professionals. I am sure that once I enter my career, I will develop and become the general growth of the organization. “”

Possible answers №3

“I am always sure of one thing in my career and that is I want to build a worthy career in my current field. My current job has shown me how to move and achieve my long term career goals. Acquire the necessary skills and get used to it. in an entrepreneurial way of working. It is important to establish myself according to the requirements that can help me achieve the goals I have set for myself. I think an opening in your organization will really ensure that I can ensure that all my goals and requirements are met over time. This work can help me build and ultimately build a strong foundation for my professional life. This is the best answer to your question, “Why do you want this job? “”

Possible answers №4

“I would like to say that working with a reputable organization is one of the most promising advantages of this position, but not the only one. This position in particular can help me to pave the way for a plan. long-term career development which is by far the most important thing in my life as a professional This job also provides a suitable work environment where, as an individual, I can gradually develop and hone my skills so that they can be used effectively in the future Level of competition also high because I’ve heard you hire a resource that meets minimum standards that are pretty high by industry standards. With so many positives about this job, if I’m lucky, I can’t refuse to take it. “”

Possible answers №5

“I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when you ask yourself, ‘What if I could defeat the fear of myself to face myself and face challenges?’ “In this thinking I am asking myself this question. Do I support myself with challenges or do I achieve them in an easy way? Finding a job seems like a whole new and very welcome challenge in my career. I have to face this challenge and prove to myself that I can face it and do justice too! This opportunity has in many ways helped me to build confidence and advance my career helping to reveal hidden levels of my trust. It can also motivate me to work hard, hone my skills, and gain more knowledge in this area. I need this motivating job to stay alert and stand out in the long run. “

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