Worst States for Women’s Health

worst health condition for women

The American healthcare system is a mess because it wants a better word. However, here too, some countries are better than others are. In the recent US News & World Report, countries were ranked as the top health service providers in three main categories: access to health care, quality of health and public health.

Hawaii is at the top, followed by Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Hampshire. Let’s take a quick look at 15 of the worst health conditions in America, including one of the worst countries in the world.


Montana is a large, rural, western country that doesn’t have all the big cities. There are significant populations – Billings, Butte, Bozeman and Missoula, but many people live in areas that are far from hospitals or affordable treatment facilities. This is one of the main reasons why access to care and quality of health in Montana is very low. Among the top three categories of US news used to develop ratings, Montana is no more than 25 of them.


Nevada is like Montana, is another big, rural, western state. In addition, as such, Montana residents have to deal with many logistical obstacles facing Montana residents. In particular, there are several health facilities, and doctors and specialists are grouped together in several major community centers. In the case of Nevada, this includes cities like Las Vegas and Renault. Nevada’s top ranking among US news in three categories is 27 in the public health sector.


Atlanta is the first of a number of states in the South to reach the top 15 of the US news list. In fact, all the other states are in the south, with a few exceptions. In terms of each category, Georgia is the most difficult in terms of access to health care, where it ranks 45th nationally. Their best placement is the quality of health services and finished in 27th place.

⁺South Carolina

As mentioned earlier, the South is highly represented in this list. South Carolina, with its relatively poor health rating, reinforces this fact. South Carolina ranks # 39 on the US news list and ranks 30th or worse in all three main categories. The highest ranking is in the quality of healthcare, ranking 30. Worst? Public Health, where he finished in 41st place.


Idaho is one of the exceptions that we have already mentioned. That is, it is not south. However, this is a large rural western states such as Nevada and Montana. And as in other countries, the relatively small size and number of people makes it difficult to provide quality and affordable services for those who live there. Idaho ranks 44th in terms of access to health and quality, and 24th in public health.


Indiana is in tenth place on our list and # 41 in the US news rankings, not a large rural country in the west and not in the south. However, most are rural, although they contain several large cities. The US News Team disagrees with Indiana, but ends in 33rd place in three main categories. The worst result is public health, where it is ranked 42nd.


Tennessee has struggled with health care for a long time. Although Tennessee is one of the states that is most helped by the Affordable Care Act, in recent years voters in Tennessee have strongly supported Republican candidates who have vowed to repeal the law. Most of the country’s problems stem from poor economic conditions and rural populations. For this reason, this is the worst in the country in terms of access to health care.


It really isn’t more “western” and rural than in Wyoming. Although Wyoming is about the size of Colorado’s neighbors, it only has 10% of the population – that is, there are no big cities, and opportunities for affordable and affordable health care are very rare. In fact, Wyoming has hidden a national trend because uninsured populations have grown in recent years.


Kentucky is on the same boat as Tennessee. The citizens of both countries have been greatly helped by the application of the Affordable Care Act, but voters in both countries seem to want to support the repeal of the law. Poor economic conditions in rural Kentucky make it very difficult to find and access quality care, and as a result, Kentucky is considered poor in US news.


Louisiana, another southern federal state, ranked sixth on our list and ranked # 45 overall in US news reports. Louisiana’s top ranking among the three main categories ranks 32nd in access to health care. Since then it only got worse. Many health problems in Louisiana are caused by high state poverty and a relatively small number of policyholders.

⁺West Virginia

A lung cancer patient is being treated at a hospital in West Virginia

A lung cancer patient is being treated at a hospital in West Virginia. | Brendan Smalowski / AFP / Getty Images

According to US reports, West Virginia has succeeded in bringing 10% of US health care to the ground. Although West Virginia ranks high in terms of access to health care (11), West Virginia ranks poorly in health care and public health and is ranked 49th in both categories. Again, the problem seems to be caused by poor and poor rural populations.


Alabama ranks last in public health in US news reports. However, it has achieved better, though not very good, resulting in access to health care (41) and in the quality of healthcare (31). And Alabama fits the profile of many other states in the lower 15: the south, most are rural, and the population is relatively poor. Unfortunately, poor health estimates for Alabama are nothing new.


The state of Oklahoma is not in the south and not in the Midwest. But he suffered many things from the worst of the two worlds. Health care in the state is one such factor. According to US reports, the state ranks 46th in access to health and public health services and 39th in the quality of care. And Oklahoma has recently downgraded (or degraded) the chart. Between 2000 and 2010, Oklahoma jumped from the 32nd national rank in the overweight / obese adult segment to seventh.


The state of Mississippi is a mainstay on many lists like this. This country is home to many poor and sick people and has been around for a long time. However, Mississippi leaders rejected federal support in the form of Medicaid extensions under the Affordable Care Act. It’s not easy, but it will help the Mississippi people to get access – a lot for the first time in a long time.


The last dead country in the country’s health service is Arkansas. Dugari and Wall-Mar Homes, Arkansas, have the lowest quality of healthcare in the country and ranks 48th in public health. In terms of access to health services, Arkansas ranks 38th. Clearly, Arkansas policymakers are aware of this problem and are pushing ideas forward to solve it. We have to wait and see if one of them disappears.

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