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What is the word Counter? Check Word and Character of their Sentence.

What is the word Counter?

Our online editor not only counts words and characters, but also helps you improve your choice of words and writing style and optionally recognizes grammar and plagiarism errors. To check the number of words, just place your cursor in the text box above and start typing. You will see the number of characters and words increase or decrease as you type, delete, and edit them. You can also copy text from other programs and paste it into the online editor above. The auto save feature ensures that you won't lose any changes while editing, even if you leave the site and come back later. It is important to know the number of words in a text. For example, if the writer needs to write the minimum or maximum number of words for an article, essay, report, story, book, or paper, name the author. WordCounter ensures that the number of words reaches certain requirements or stays within a certain range.

An overview shows you the average time spent on speaking and reading your text, while the reading level is an indicator of the level of education you need to understand the words you use.

Why is the number of words important?

Regardless of whether it's a website, blog, e-book, or company document, various types of writing require a certain word length. On some platforms, the number of words or letters is limited, e.g. B. Ads on the Google AdWords search network or banner ads on Facebook. The social media platform is designed for easy reading and fast consumption. Each platform has a specified number of visible characters that can be published. For this reason, it is important to understand the limitations of this type of social media platform, especially if you are a digital marketer or social media manager. When creating or managing social media content, it's a good idea to know the right icon boundary for the platform you're working on. Here are various restrictions on popular types of social media platforms:

Twitter - Up to 280 characters (from 140 previous characters).

Facebook - No more than 63,206 characters for posting and a maximum of 8,000 characters for comments.

Instagram - Limited to 30 hashtags and 2,200 subtitles (only shows the first 125 characters while the rest is truncated).

LinkedIn - The title text is limited to 120 characters, the summary part is limited to 2000 characters, the position title is 100 characters, and the description field is 1000 characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the word counter really FREE?

Yes You can use the word counter without seeing annoying advertisements or restrictions.

Are there any restrictions when using this tool?

Never! This tool is free and we will not limit your use.

What is the maximum number of characters or words that can be calculated?

WITHOUT LIMIT! You can enter as many words as you want to see the results!

What is a list of sentences or paragraphs?

Yes, you can see the number of sentences and paragraphs in your text.

Are the number of characters displayed with and without spaces?

Of course! Word counter shows you both - the number of characters with and without spaces!

Word Lowercase converter

If you are wondering how you cannot use uppercase text, you can change the text to lowercase appropriately. All letters in your text are converted to lowercase letters. Simply copy the text to be generated in lowercase letters, paste it into the field above and select the "Lowercase" tab. This is an example in lowercase letters.

Word Uppercase converter

The transformer above takes whatever text you have and produces all uppercase letters. Basically, all lowercase letters are capitalized (and uppercase letters are stored as uppercase letters). Just select the text you want to change and paste it into the field above. Then select the CASE QUESTION tab. This is an example of the case above.

Use online word counters and character counters

Word Count Tool is very easy to use and can give you almost instant results. It shows the number of words for the number of words, characters, sentences and paragraphs. It also functions as a character counting tool and can be used to count words for Google Docs, PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign and more. All you have to do is copy the text from all file types or websites and paste it into the Word Counter Tool input field. The Word Counter Tool can count how many words in a paragraph, and even count the total number of words for a novel, essay, or book. There is no limit to the number of words you want to count. This can also be useful if you have the maximum number of words allowed for the article or blog post that you are working on. Unlike other word counter tools, our word counter doesn't limit the amount of text you want to count. It's completely free to use, without limitation on the frequency you want to use.

Why use Word Counter Tool to count the number and number of characters?

If you are familiar with Microsoft applications, you know that there is a function that allows you to count words in Word. In addition, Google Docs has a word counter that can also be used to count the number of characters. Although software such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs have their own built-in word counters, it is definitely an advantage of using free online tools such as the Word Counter Tool. With Word Counter Tool you are not limited to certain file formats such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Instead, you can copy and paste all types of text to find out how many words or characters they contain. You can choose the number of words for your Word file, Google Docs documents, Microsoft Excel worksheets, academic essays or the number of characters for your Google Ads search ad, Facebook posts, Instagram subtitles and set more. , all of this in the Word Counter Tool, Easy to use and gives results in a short amount of time. Because it's free to use, you can use the Word Counter Tool to check the number of words as often as you like. Whether you are a digital marketer, SEO specialist, writer, blogger or student, Word Counter Tool is a valuable addition to your workflow.

Disclaimer: We try to make our tools as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that this will always be a problem.