Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Charging Slowly? | How to Fix It?


Every day we charge our smart phones with the same tactics, have you ever noticed that why your smartphone is is getting very slow at charging. Here we are going to hash-out the charging problems and solutions.

Top Reasons why charging is not so Speedy

  1. Start with your cable

The first intruder in a slow case must always be your USB cable. See: very guilty. Given the terrible maintenance that goes through my USB cable, it’s no wonder that my cell phone doesn’t usually charge faster.

USB cables are convoluted, twisted, twisted, intersected with a wheelchair and are generally harassed. All of this is not very good for maintaining stable connections and power failures. Also pay attention to the edges: they can be easily filled with fiber.

The cable is not immune to physical wear, and the USB port itself is worn and may feel loose when the phone is turned on. If the cable that came with your device is no longer reliable or you have just lost it, buy the cheapest charging option online. For higher quality cables, copper wire (some bipoles use aluminum and other non-anchoring substitutes) and thicker rubber enamel around the wire make it more resistant to damage.

2. Resources

If a USB cable is included with your laptop, your phone will be charged very slowly and you will get it. Similar to Qi wireless charging, for example, we know the latest flagships from Samsung, LG and Google. Although Qi is a brilliant technology, it is in line with the price of speed.

The best way is to plug your phone directly into the socket. However, this can be a problem, especially if you are in an old building where the cable might be somewhat patchy. If you think this might be the problem, switch to another contact (then contact an electrician).

So black wallpaper can extend battery life

3. AC charger / adapter may not be good

If it is not a power source or cable, the adapter will likely charge the battery slowly. There is a reason why every manufacturer provides their own USB adapters for every phone they send.

Switching the adapter between phones can mix voltage, power, current, and so on. The best way is to keep using the adapter that came with your phone, or at least look at the fine print and replace it with another adapter of the same type.

4. The Smart-phone itself

If you are wondering why charging your Galaxy S5 for so long, it might be because the old man wears out after years of use. Newer processors not only support fast charging but also newer phones, even with turbochargers. Many newer phones can use you for four hours after only ten minutes of being turned on.

Other phones that support fast charging have lightning on the charger itself, maybe with a turbocharger. Your cell phone can also be turned into a bag with a hair bag. Check your micro USB port and make sure the small connector cover is not bent during the search. Your battery might only be a hood, so ask yourself how old it is. At least one advantage of old cell phones is that batteries can be replaced. In the end, entropy brings a slow but sure end to everything. If your cell phone is old-fashioned, now it’s time to accept that it is past.

5. And you!

It’s true – you are the worst, which prevents your cell phone from charging quickly if you cannot take your hands off it. Seriously, when time is very important, you should leave him alone. It makes no sense to scroll through your Insta feed while watching your battery percentage everywhere.

When charging, leave the phone alone, turn off Wi-Fi / data / Bluetooth, or turn it off completely. This is the best way to quickly charge your cell phone: Unplug the power cord, plug it into the wall with the original charger, and take a short break from your digital life (or go to your computer, if necessary). Already after 15 minutes.

How to Fix the Following Parameters to Get Faster Charging

There are many factors that cause the slow charging of your Android Smartphone. Follow these steps to correct the problem.


Often the cause is a micro USB to USB cable. These cables lose efficiency over time and therefore cannot provide enough power to charge the cellophane / device. Reinstall the micro USB cable. Buy a new one or borrow one that is used on another device. If you are using an I-Phone, replace the lightning cable. 

When buying cables, always pay attention to the charger that can transfer high power without breaking up.


In Airplane mode, the wireless connections (cellular and Wi-Fi) on your cell phone are completely turned off. This does not affect the instruments on the plane. Strangely, the airplane mode on your smartphone can significantly improve the charging process by reducing charging time. The only downside is that you cannot communicate with others through cellular networks or the Internet.


If replacing the charging cable does not work. It’s time to replace the charger. The various USB chargers available on the market are of low quality, so finding a good charger is a challenge.

A good charger must have the following specifications:

5v 2.0A – This is the standard. Take a charger with a minimum rated power of 2.0 amps. Read the information on the front and back of the charger.

Avoid using chargers with a removable USB cable because their connections will be lost after frequent use. Better to buy a charger with a fixed microUSB output. Caution: Do not use a multifunction charger with universal plugs.


Even though you can charge your device via a USB port, this is not the best idea. The USB port on a computer is designed for data transfer and does not have enough power to charge the device. Because of that the loading is slow.

Output current for USB is ideally:

USB 2.0 can produce up to 500mA

USB 3.0 can produce up to 900mA

If you don’t have a charger nearby and use the PC-USB port as a last resort. It would be better if you connect your device to a USB 3.0 port (blue).


Using your phone while charging can negatively affect your Android’s battery life. As a result, the battery is fully charged and the device heats up. Follow these steps before picking up your phone:

  • Close / close all running applications
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • If you set your Smartphone mode to an airplane, all wireless / cellular connections will be lost. Do this only if you don’t expect communication.


If your device is one year old and the battery runs out quickly after a long charging session. The battery of your device may empty slowly and painfully. Get a new battery from the original manufacturer (OEM). When arranging cellophane / battery production. Don’t worry, you can still find an artificial battery. But charge carefully.


If you have just updated your device’s operating system with a system upgrade (for example, Android Marshmallow) and the battery has run out quickly or is charging slowly. This means that the new operating system is wrong or not compatible with your device. Look for steps to downgrade or wait for a repair.

How long does it take to charge your smartphone? How is the phone charged normally? Let us know in the comments.

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