What is Instagram Repost? How to repost on Instagram?

how to repost on instagram

Social media has been constantly associated with the word—sharing. Don’t you agree with this? Whether you hold an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, these social media tools allow us to post our views and stories such that the entire world gains access to them. Like on your Facebook account you can share, on Twitter you can retweet or reblog but these options are not available on Instagram. In fact, Instagram does not offer its users a repost button. Nevertheless, this limitation can be overcome either by downloading the Repost application or else taking a screenshot of that post (with the consent of that individual account owner) and posting it on your Instagram account. 

Now the question that comes up in one’s mind is why does one need to repost on Instagram? Let me answer this in simple words. Reposting, in fact, offers you to expand the reach of your brand to your followers. The primary criterion for reposting is the fact that the content being reposted is authentic and reliable which is being brought forth to the notice of your followers. Not only this, your followers come to appreciate the fact that you are showcasing the work or brands of others on your account. This further reaffirms the faith of one’s followers in the brand’s services or products. Another significant aspect to be noted is that reposting on Instagram enhances the creation of user generated content. Now, do you understand the term user generated content? See, user generated content can be defined as any form of visual media which is developed using an online system and popularized on social media. Marketers find it extremely easy when user generated content is available on Instagram. Followers find it extremely easy to associate themselves with a brand.

So, you realize that user generated content facilitates in establishing a strong framework for sustainable growth of the brand along with successful marketing. You (on your Instagram account) have plethora of options to choose from while reposting user generated content. Moreover, user generated content allows brand managers to directly communicate with followers on social media thus, leading to realistic sales leads. Likewise, an individual is more likely to trust someone who has given his feedback (after using a particular service or product) on social media. Indeed, the benefits of using user generated content are incredible!

Now that you have understood the concept of reposting on Instagram, let us briefly go through the steps involved in doing this.

Let’s explore some  methods to repost on Instagram.

Method 1:-  For Repost on Instagram.

Step 1: First of all, search the term ‘Repost for Instagram’ application on Google Play store. Now when you do this, several options will appear on your phone screen and you can select any one application and download the same on your phone.

Step 2: Once the application has been downloaded, you now have to login your Instagram account and then you are ready to repost on your account.

Step 3: Once you login your Instagram account, you can reshare the post of anybody else’s account.

Method 2 : For Repost on Instagram

 First and foremost, take permission from the original content creator for sharing his photos or post on your Instagram account.

Step 1: You need to first start a conversation with the individual account holder and say that you would like to post his photo on your account. You have to duly take his permission. 

Step 2: In the second step, send a screenshot of the photo that you intend to share and accordingly send a message to the original account holder. 

Step 3: Now, you need to contact him via email to discuss the details for obtaining full permission and no objection from his end. In a nutshell, you have to give credit to the original account holder.

So, friends I hope that once you go through the above-mentioned steps, you will simply find it easy to repost on Instagram. One simply needs to remember that this technique helps to enhance brand awareness along with making a video or blog extremely popular among the viewers. I hope this conversation has been able to generate interest among the readers to attempt to repost on their Instagram account. If yes, then do let me know your response about their initiative and till then Happy Reposting on Instagram!

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