What is Google Question Hub? How to use it?

What is Google Question Hub?

Google Question Hub Tool is a Google platform that focuses primarily on questions that have not been answered on the Internet. This is a tool that allows the blogger community to understand frequently asked questions. These questions are those that do not have the correct answer.

Currently this tool is only available in three countries. These are India, Indonesia and Nigeria. Also in terms of language, it only focuses on English, Hindi and Indonesian.

There are people with internet access in the three countries mentioned above, but they don’t have this factor in terms of language skills. In the end, they often ask questions in their native language.

Speaking of Indian Hindi is the most commonly used language. There are some total populations who find it easier to find their questions in Hindi.

On the other hand, there are almost no blogs to answer these questions in Hindi. Therefore, there is a gap that Google tries to fill with this tool.

The same is true for the other two countries. In Indonesia and Nigeria questions are asked or answers are sought in their native language. All common unanswered questions are available for questions on the Google Hub.

How do you answer the question in the question centre?

It is Easy to answer questions in the Question Centre. First, go to questionhub.google.com. What you can use for your email address and password if you have access to the Question Centre

  • After logging in, you will see the Questions Hub homepage.
  • You can add questions to click Add question
  • Click the question and answer button next to the question and send a link to your article. If you don’t know the answer, you can reject it.
  • With a topic, you can add up to 5 questions at a time and a total of 100 questions.

Remember that you post a link to a website or blog post that you think is relevant to users.

Benefits of using the Question Centre tool

Incidentally, this tool is very new, with a few added features, but can be very useful for new or old bloggers or content creators (publishers). Tell us about the benefits of the Question Centre tool.

1. The idea is written

The idea of ​​content for a blogger is very accepted by Miskil. With this tool, you can easily pick up ideas for content.

2. Consumer problems can be solved

If the user’s question in question is addressed to the publisher, their problem can be easily resolved.

3. You can also increase the ranking of your Google Search articles

If publishers correctly mention consumer problems in their articles, their ranking can easily be advertised on Google Search.

4. Increase traffic

By the way, you can’t increase traffic to your blog, but if your article lines are well written, your traffic will eventually increase.

5. Can improve content quality

Often, bloggers are annoyed with the quality of their content. By using this tool, they know what they want to add to their content so they can solve user problems. The quality itself will increase automatically

6. Increase product visibility

If you ask questions in your articles and share them on social media, you can write unique articles that greatly increase the visibility of your articles.

What is Google Question Hub and How to Use It?

Now you have in-depth knowledge of the Question Centre tool. And if you can’t wait to use this Question Centre tool, you can join and answer the questions in it. However, you cannot participate directly in it. You need to take a few steps, let us know.

First, you can click the Queshub.google.com Question Centre link

A page with two options will now open in front of you. Which is about like that?

  • One to enter and the other to enter (if you have not yet created an account). The second option will say something: express your interest in using the Question Hub here. Click “here” to continue.
  • As soon as you click it, your mailbox will open in front of you. You can also send an email. You must add your full name, email address and a link to the website. After you do this, you must send an email inquiry center. You can also request access to the Question Hub team via the link below.

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