What is Amazon Flex? Earn Money with Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program that allows you to generate between 120 and 140 rupees per hour. All you have to do is provide a customer package on behalf of Amazon. At present, residents of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore can join the Amazon Flex program. In the coming months, Amazon will launch this program in more cities, and finally throughout India, Achilles Saxena, Vice President of Asian Customer Fulfillment, said in a media statement. Anyone over the age of 18, including students, housewives, rickshaw drivers and drivers, retirees, unemployed men and women and full-time employees, can join the Amazon Flex program and earn 30,000 or more a month.

Steps to start with Amazon Flex

  • Download the Amazon Flex application
  • First, log in to your existing Amazon account or create a new account to join the Amazon Flex program.
  • If you use a computer, visit Amazon Flex here.
  • You can also put this link on your smartphone and download the Amazon Flex application directly.
  • You must provide full access to Amazon Flex by notifying the security settings of your smartphone. Most importantly, the Amazon Flex application must have access to your geographical location.
  • Amazon shows that you need a smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher with at least 2GB of RAM to use the Amazon Flex application and become a software partner.
  • In addition, your smartphone must have a flash camera, GPS location service, and an active SIM card with voice and Internet connectivity.

Entering Amazon Flex

Now fill in the required information and submit your application. You can send this application to the Amazon Flex Program website mentioned above, or directly to the Amazon Flex application.

Here is the information that you need to enter when logging into Amazon Flex.

  • Full name
  • sex
  • Date of birth
  • Whether you have a two-wheeled vehicle (moped, scooter or motorcycle)
  • DMV record
  • Vehicle ownership information, including vehicle registration and SIM
  • Car insurance and validity
  • Information about your vehicle’s PUC certification
  • Permanent Account Number Card (PAN)
  • Information about your personal savings account or checking account at a bank in India.
  • In general, Amazon Flex requires 5 to 10 business days to process your application as an Amazon Flex Partner.

Amazon conducts background checks on all Amazon Flex candidates. For this reason, your application and your data will be forwarded to a background inspection service provider.

Usually a background check takes between 5 and 10 days. Therefore, you have to wait for the Amazon Flex application to succeed.

Background check

While you are waiting for a background check, which takes place between 5 and 10 business days, here are some basic options.

Watch videos on the Amazon Flex website to get to know the program better.

Learn about best practices for providing online learning packages on the Amazon Flex website. Get to know the area where you want to send as an Amazon Flex Partner. Learn about the rules and regulations for shipping from Amazon India. Understand the right techniques for handling Amazon Flex delivery packages to Amazon customers.

Familiarize yourself with the shipping blocking process that Amazon uses for its Amazon Flex partners. I will explain the key delivery system later in this article. However, you can find more information directly on the Amazon Flex Program website. Amazon does a background check because there have been cases in the past when unscrupulous Amazon Flex drivers found expensive items. For example, some customers who order cellphones are surprised when they find soap in the packaging.

Amazon Flex shipping block

You are not the only Amazon Flex partner that works in certain areas. In addition, Amazon packages must arrive in your area before they can be taken for delivery.

That’s why the Amazon Flex program has a system called Block Delivery. You must select the area where you send to Amazon as an Amazon Flex Partner. Therefore, you can only choose Amazon Flex shipping units that are available in your chosen range. Typically, the delivery area is an area of ​​5 km to a 10 km radius. More detailed zone details are expected from Amazon.

Simply put, a delivery unit is a timeline where you can send packages to customers. You can choose the delivery unit on a certain day that suits your schedule. However, there must be a delivery unit. That means it can’t be taken by someone else. You can send pre-bids for shipping units. To ensure that packages reach customers on time, Amazon Flex does not allow you to order overlapping shipping units. The number of shipping units is unlimited. However, it is important to ship the item during this shipping schedule. Failure to comply will have serious consequences. You lost the money you received from shipping from Amazon, and maybe your Amazon Flex partnership. Ordered or available shipping units appear as orange and black dots in your Amazon Flex application.

As you know, Amazon COD is very popular among Indian online shoppers. This means that the Amazon Flex driver receives money for Amazon when the goods are being sent.

Strict shipping rules for shipping

The point of sale or ATM provided by Amazon must be returned to the original point of receipt if you have completed delivery for that day. Any money collected by customers for COD orders must be correctly calculated and sent at the time of original receipt after completion of the day. Additionally, any package that you cannot send for any reason must be returned to the original place of receipt at the time of your departure. Failure to comply can have serious consequences, for example. Salary and membership losses at Amazon Flex, or even criminal charges, are high and expensive.

Unless you make changes to give shipping customers cash, you have the option to credit the balance to your Amazon Flex Pay account.

In India, it usually offers cash tips to Amazon Flex drivers, and some customers are very generous. They also offer food and drinks for Amazon Flex drivers. This tradition goes back centuries and has been valid today. Amazon India has not set rules and regulations regarding tips given by some customers to Amazon Flex drivers or taking food and drinks from customers. For this reason, we can assume that you must follow customer’s advice. However, I suggest you check this on Amazon to avoid unnecessary problems later.

Amazon Flex Partners Insurance

Amazon India includes Amazon Flex partners with group insurance. However, your car and other items are taken to shipping and are not insured. In addition, Amazon will not pay a third party if another vehicle is damaged due to an accident that caused it.

Amazon offers 500,000 rupees in accident insurance for Amazon Flex’s standby partner.

In addition, while serving as a partner for Amazon Flex, Amazon will pay permanent compensation of Rs. 50,000

For this reason, it is recommended to convince yourself and your vehicle before you apply to become an Amazon Flex Partner.

Payment from Amazon Flex

As an Amazon Flex Partner you will receive between 120 and 40 rupees per hour worked. Amazon will not pay you fuel costs separately. Because Amazon sends every day from morning to around 9:00 pm, you can earn more money by working longer hours. You can choose when you want to send the package as an Amazon Flex Partner. The time is flexible, but the delivery unit must be available according to your schedule.

Payments are made weekly on Wednesday. Your money will be transferred directly to the bank account for which you provided data when registering. Also, remember that your income from Amazon Flex will be taxed under Indian law if you work elsewhere and have a fixed salary. However, you only need to pay taxes if your regular income and Amazon Flex exceed the income tax exemption threshold.

You can lose your membership in Amazon Flex by asking a third party to ship merchandise on a commission basis. Amazon will review your background and only take you as an Amazon Flex Partner if you have clean records. If you entrust delivery to others, your Amazon Flex membership will automatically end.

Even worse, as a criminal, you could be in serious trouble if the person who hired you ran away with a package containing expensive items or money from cash at the time of delivery. Remember, this is your PAN card and data owned by Amazon, not from third parties. So don’t go into risky businesses with the Amazon Flex program, which is advertised by several YouTube blogs and videos.

Amazon has separate programs for logistics companies and small package delivery companies. With this program, registered companies and small businesses can send their Amazon Flex drivers to customers. In such cases, logistics companies and shipping agents must provide Amazon with some guarantees and sign the appropriate contract. This program has nothing to do with Amazon Flex, so don’t confuse them.

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