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Whether you are trying to find the latest trending content as part of your job or just keep abreast of developments, the Internet can sometimes be an almost too vast world. With so many different websites and social networks, it is a bit confused about what to use to recognize the latest viral trends. For those of us who are content creators, community managers, or social media, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends: we need to know exactly what’s in our community. to ensure that we can contribute something to this discussion. That is why we have collected 16 different online tools and resources to keep you abreast of the latest trends.


This becomes a fan tool when Google is separated from Google Reader. For days, imagine your favorite posts, blogs, and influencers in a practical application or browser. Feedly eliminates the need to subscribe to many blogs that fill your inbox to the brim. Whether you are looking for content for your work or just trying to keep up with the world, this free tool might be for you.

Pro Tip:

You can search for hashtags, topics, blogs, or company names. You can also use special folders so that all your content blogs are in one place.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is easy to use and completely free. What you need to know is what topic you want to give a warning to, type the topic in the search bar, then make an advance warning. You can customize alerts in several ways by clicking Display Options. Google also offers notifications to you, or you can only continue to make personalized notifications. Google Trends analyzes Google’s global search queries and is certainly described as a fairly accurate and useful tool.

Pro Tip:

The best way to do this besides finding content is to signal to you or your business to see what people are saying about you or your brand. You can also do this with your competition so you don’t miss out.

Buzzfeed trends

Buzzfeed covers a variety of interesting topics. They call themselves “the leading digital media companies that provide news and entertainment for hundreds of millions of people around the world.” They use a light approach in many articles, and you should believe that the articles are most likely to contain GIFs and emojis. They want to provide relevant information that is “easily shared” and “globally accessible.”

Pro Tip:

You can use the filter for “Now in Trend” or “Top Posts” this week. This week’s Top Post Filter is a great inspiration tool for developing your own content ideas.


This is a very useful and popular platform that offers some very useful features. Not only is it a great content exploration tool, but it can also be used to find influencers and monitor interesting topics or even links.

Pro Tip:

Search for a topic or domain and apply specific filters. For example, if you want to create infographics for the best fashion trends you are following, search for “Spring 2017 Fashion Trends” in the search bar and apply the filter that you think is best for you. You can filter by date, e.g. For example, the Last 24 Hours, Last Month, Last Year, or even choose a specific date range. You can then choose the type of content as “infographics” or “articles”. Free searches are limited compared to paid features offered, but it’s still a good idea to test them. Convince yourself.

Facebook Trend

Have you seen the latest Facebook topics on the right side of your homepage? This tool reveals popular topics discussed on Facebook. The topics are divided into 5 categories: Top Trends, Politics, Science and Technology, and Sports and Entertainment. Did you know that Facebook continues to be the most popular social network in the world, attracting more than 1.87 billion active users per month? Most of these users rely on social media to get their message. Next time you are on Facebook, see the latest trends and see if they will motivate you for the next infographic.

Pro Tip:

If you use the Facebook application, you can view this topic by clicking on the search bar.


Twitter is a great place to see what’s happening there, after all, it’s a microblogging platform. Over time, Twitter will adjust the type of trending content that is displayed, depending on who you follow and with whom you interact. You can also see what Buzz gets through hashtags or keywords.

Pro Tip:

If that causes blinking, read the Social Sprout article, which discusses tools to help you find the most relevant and up-to-date Twitter hashtags.

Built-in Visible

I have never come across such a device before. This tool, made by Built Visible, is a true Google spreadsheet that contains ideas for blog topics and more. This tool collects the latest UK and US data through social networks, news sites, government research, and more. There is also an idea area that will show you successful content that is relevant and relevant to your niche. Another cool thing is that it also shows relevant influences on the topic. This is useful if you want to connect with other people to make noise about your brand.

Pro Tip:

Remember to follow the steps outlined here and to consider clear content goals before you start this tool. 


NewsWhip is a very versatile product that gives you “useful data about what interests your audience.” With NewsWhip, you can see who is dealing with real-time niches in various industries. You no longer have the free version, but a free trial. That is still something that is worth trying.

Pro Tip:

You can choose from many products, but Spike is the best at finding trending topics that will help you increase engagement and generate more traffic.


There may be many of you who use or have heard of Reddit. It is common to use this as a source of inspiration. It looks and looks like a forum, but don’t let it stop you. Users can add or delete content to find popular topics directly on the homepage. People like to give feedback about Reddit.

Pro Tip:

It will be helpful to take the time to read what people are saying in comments about potential topics you want to write about. In this way, you will get an overall appreciation of interest in the topic that you are starting to develop.


Truly, this amazing platform brings knowledgeable people together from a vast amount of industries. Quora is a place to connect with others and gather different perspectives on various topics. It is a free tool and you can subscribe to feeds that pertain to you the most.

Pro Tip:

You can use the search option for your trending topic or even talk with people in your niche to see if there would be potential interest in the topic. You can even ask questions and people will answer them. Quora acts as your very own online support group and forum.

Product Hunt

This tool is much more technology driven, but it is an amazing resource to see what people are saying about the latest and greatest products. People are able to comment and upvote products. If this is within your specific niche, Product Hunt can be a handy resource to see what people are saying about trending products.

Pro Tip:

When browsing, you can filter your search by product type, date posted, as well as the topic of discussion.


Bottlenose is one of the best and most in-depth real-time data tools I have seen around. With Bottlenose we can virtually track real-time conversations across the web about almost any topic. You can be as specific as you want with your searches. We can monitor key influencers or companies that interest you or you can search by topic. Something unique about this tool is that it can notice the emotional intent behind posts. So if you wish to monitor how people are receiving a certain product that just launched, Bottlenose can show you if people are talking about it positively, negatively, sarcastically, etc. This can be handy when trying to decide on how you want to deliver information for something like a new or controversial topic. Finally, this is an impressive tool to predict upcoming trends and topics for your own articles and infographics.

Pro Tip:

This platform makes condense all the data into an easy to use dashboard where you can export and customize reports.

Klock Work 

This tool was made by Venngage and is very simple to use. This is not only a content finder tool, but it is great if you need an idea for an eye-catching title. Not only does it suggest fun titles, but it also recommends what type of infographic it should be such as informational, comparison, process, etc. For example, I searched “cats” and it came up with different titles I could use. This one makes me think : “How to Use your Cats to Break Up with Your Partner”. Don’t let me have the fun though, try it out for yourself.

Pro Tip:

Make sure to use a noun when searching to get the best results.


This is one of the useful tools to help you get the creative juices flowing. This does not preview you what is trending, but if you are in need of some ideas of what to write, then this may be worth checking out.

Pro Tip:

You provide three terms that you want to write about and then Hubspot will generate about seven days worth of blog post titles you could use. If you are interested in the results you are getting, you can download a year’s worth of title ideas for free.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

This tool has a free and paid version. It might not help you find popular topics to write about, but it does help you decide what essential keywords you should target in your posts. For example, I searched for the term “yoga”. The report shows you what the competition, opportunity, mentions, volume, and potential are for that keyword. This tool can be handy when deciding what your focus keyword should be in the title or body of your content.

Pro Tip:

You are limited to 2 searches/day on the free version, so make sure you know what you want to search for.

We hope that you are able to drown out the noise and the feeling of information is lessened with some of these content finding tools above. Do not feel obligated to stick to one, jump around until you find a few that work best.  

What is your favorite tool to find trending topics online? Let us know in the comments!

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