Top 30 Apps to Download Movies for Free on Android & Mac

Download Movies for Free on Android & Mac

In this article, we will know the best free movie download app for android mobile. In today’s time, many people like to watch movies on their mobile for entertainment, you can use the OTT platform to watch movies online, but OTT platform you have to pay subscription charges, but many people can download free movies. Would like to download and watch it. There are many applications on the Internet, which provide the option of movie downloading, so let’s understand these apps in detail.

Generally, it is illegal to leak any movie online, so you cannot download the free full movie downloader app from platforms like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, because this type of movie downloading an app does not get a place here, and to install this kind of app, you have to use the company of a third-party app provider.

Top 30 Apps to Download Movies for Free on Android & Mac

1. CloudStream

CloudStream is the most used app in the list of movie downloading apps, the special feature of this app is, like a search engine, it helps in providing necessary links to the users, through this app any movie or other video content is not uploaded. You can use this app on iOS and Android devices and enjoy all video content available here.

2. VidMate

If you want to download movies on your mobile phone for free, then you get many types of mobile applications, but the vidmate app is one such app, which is also a popular video downloading app, on this app you will get many types of videos. Where you can watch songs and videos in your regional language, apart from this you can download movies and other videos of high quality here.

3. MX Player

It started as a video player but now it has become a huge platform, which provides the latest movies, TV shows, series, etc. to the users for free, on MX Player you can access the huge store of videos for free. You can enjoy it by accessing it. All videos here can be seen online in high quality.

4. Netflix

There is hardly any user of Netflix who does not know it. This is a very popular famous platform, where you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, web series, etc. Using the Netflix app, you can also watch offline movies, etc. if you have not used the Netflix app yet. If so, you should try it.

5. MovieBox Pro

This is also a popular movie downloading app, by using this app you can watch movies online apart from downloading the latest movies and also watching offline, through this app you get a smooth UI, which is completely user-friendly Music and TV shows are uploaded daily on this app.

6. Pluto TV

This app is developed for smart TV and mobile, where you get a chance to watch live TV, using this app you can buy and watch any movie on your demand online, here you will find different types of videos. Content is available to watch, in which you get the option of TV shows and movies etc.

7. Disney Plus

It is a great movie provider but it is based on a subscription, here you can enjoy great Hollywood movies, it can provide many types of movies just like Netflix, but here you will not get that much quality Also, this app subscription charge is also very less as compared to OTT platform.

8. VideoBuddy

This is an app, with the help of which you can enjoy online movies, music, series, TV shows, etc. Apart from Indian movies and series, Hollywood movies are also available on this app, apart from this app HD video download. This is a useful app for android and ios device users.

9. PrimeVideo

This is an important and useful product provided by Amazon, which is known as an alternative to Netflix, Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Animation, etc. can be accessed through this app. The app is a paid app, but it provides very cheap offers.

10. BeeMovie App

Many people like to download movies of lesser size from the internet, so this app is famous because it provides the latest Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Hollywood movies in compressed size, apart from this you will find many other types here. There is an option to download video content.

11. YouTube

In today’s time, people get different types of information through YouTube, here you can also watch movies online for free, this app also provides you a chance to save videos offline, so videos are available in YouTube’s library. You can use this app to watch movies, which you can watch offline later.

12. Hulu

Although this is a subscription base application, you can enjoy more than 150 movies and TV shows here for free, after using this limited content, you can enjoy this streaming platform even further. Here you get video content in HD quality, which you can enjoy on mobile.

13. PopcornFlix

It allows watching full movies like an OTT platform since this platform provides movies and web series for free, so you have to add ads under it. It is the best android app for movies, you can get HD video content in this application and use this app on Android and IOs.

14. Bee TV

This is an online streaming platform, which is like an OTT platform, but with the help of this app, you can watch movies or web series online on platforms like Netflix or amazon prime, and for this, you will also have to pay any kind of charge. Don’t have to give Many people are using the BTV app to watch movies and TV shows online.

15. AnyMe

This is a popular app presented as a free alternative to Netflix, where you can watch many types of videos online, here famous Japanese animation can be seen, apart from this, videos from many different countries in this app are in dubbed form. You can enjoy the latest movies and TV shows through this app.

16. Crackle

If you are searching for a movie by downloading an app through the internet, then you can use this app, on this app you get a chance to watch many types of movies, which you can watch on your mobile in high quality. It is very easy to use this app, and here you also get the option of search.

17. Tubi

This app is like tube’s desktop website, where there are many different genres of movies and TV shows available, which you can watch online, here based on the movie you like, you will be able to suggest other movies related to the same genre. which you can view online.

18. Old Movies

If you are fond of classic movies, then this mobile app is no less than a treasure for you, through this app you can watch old and popular movies online. Here you get a great collection of old 70s movies, apart from this you can also search for your favorite movies with the help of this app.

19. Redbox

Here through this app, users can watch the latest and new release movies online according to their demand, the collection of movies on this app has been assembled in a better way so that any user can easily find the movie Apart from this, you can also directly search your favorite movie using the search option.

20. Yidio

This is a free mobile application, which provides the option of free movie downloading, by using this app you can watch different types of movies on your mobile, here you can find the latest movies from Hollywood and Bollywood in addition to Tamil and Telugu cinema. You can also watch popular movies online. Although there is nothing free on this app, you get some limits to using free content, but you can also watch a large number of movies for free.

21. Movie HD

Through this app you can watch the latest movies online, along with this you also get the option of downloading movies through this app, you also get subtitles along with the videos, on this app you will get a huge variety of movies. The collection is available, which you can enjoy in high quality.

22. FilmRise

This is a mobile app, which is popular for free movie streaming, if you want to watch movies or TV shows on your mobile for free, then you can use this app, this app is completely user-friendly. Whose interface is very clean and easy, here you can access and watch a huge amount of free movies online.

23. The Roku Channel

This is a free movie provider source in the form of a mobile app, by installing this app you can enjoy the latest TV shows and movies online, different types of movies are uploaded on this app, which you can watch online Through this app, you get a chance to watch many famous series and movies of Netflix online.

24. Kanopy

This is a mobile application, where there is a huge collection of movies, which you can watch online, for this you need a library card for this app, once you log in to this app, you can download thousands of movies. You can access several movies for free, after opening this app, you can get some movies here direct, and watch them online.

25. Cinema HD

If you do not want to see any kind of ad in a movie downloading the app, and want to download movies of high quality, then you can use this platform. Here you can see the option to download the latest Bollywood, and Hollywood movies. You can install this app to watch the best collection of your favorite movies in high quality.

26. Dove Channel

This is a family-friendly mobile app, which is used for watching TV online, you can use this app to watch the latest movies, and the interface of this app is very simple, which is not a problem for new users to understand it occurs. This app can be used by people of all age groups, here special content and cartoon movies are available for children.

27. Vudu

This app is known for a lot of high-quality video content, if you want to watch movies on your mobile for free, then you can use this app, here it is also very easy to use this app, you can find it online here You can search free movies very easily.

28. Kanopy

People who are fond of enjoying movies, TV shows, series, etc. use various apps on the Internet, Kanopy is also a mobile application of this type, which is mainly designed for university students, this app can be accessed. To do this, you need a student login ID, so that once you log in, you can use the entire app’s content for free.

29. CuriosityStream

People like to watch movies or TV shows online to entertain themselves in their free time on mobile, this is also a similar mobile application, which you can subscribe to and access its full library, here with the help of this app You get to see many types of best and surprising videos, you can watch these high-quality videos from your mobile.

30. Crunchyroll

If you are fond of watching anime online, this app can be your favorite app on your mobile, this mobile application provides a huge collection of anime, in which you get to watch thousands of episodes. The special thing about this app is that you do not have to pay any kind of subscription charge here, you can use the videos available here for free.


If you like to watch movies, then you can use the top 30 apps to download movies for Free on Android & Mac mentioned here, by using these apps you can use all movies app download, like this You can watch or download many movies online in high quality for almost free.

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