Top 8 Highest Paying Government Jobs of India

Here we present 8 Indian government jobs that are highly paid and are reputed also. This the position in India that holds money as well as power both sidewise. These are the jobs for which you are dreaming day and night. These jobs are considered as leisure jobs in Indian government undertaking.

1. Defence Jobs-

These jobs are highly paid jobs in India. This includes all the jobs taken from Indian army to Indian air force along with Indian navy. It has a grade pay of 5,400. A basic pay of 56,100 is given to all the higher post officers and along with this an MSP of 15,500 is also given to them which make their salary 71,600. There are enormous allowances that hikes out the salary of an individual. If one is in flying branch then 25,000 for experienced and 12,500 for newly admitted pilots are paid as flying allowances. Along these allowances are of various types such as uniform maintenance allowances, travelling allowances, medical allowances etc.

2. PSUs-

These are 2nd most paid jobs considered in India. PSUs are open for doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and others. PSUs pays a starting salary or basic salary of approx. 75,000 to 78,000 per month. These along with salary also provides several perks and allowances to their employees.

3. UPSC (civil services)-

4. RBI grade B officer-

This job offers a basic pay of 67,900. This salary is only if HRA is excluded as if we include HRA in the basic pay then the salary hikes up to be 94,000.

5. SEBI grade A officer-

SEBI is a government-controlled organisation that controls and regulates all the laws and rules of the stock exchange markets and related jobs. This organisation had an eye on the stocks and their exchanges along with their trades. SEBI is a reputed job as much a state PCS officer. This job offers a basic pay of 62,000 without HRA and HRA this becomes approx. 90,000.

6. Lecturer/ assistant professor-

This a highly reputed job in Indian society. For this person is directly recruited after the exams. This job requires a PhD degree along with an experience of 8 to 10 years. This job offers a basic pay of 60,000 along with several allowances.

7. State PCS-

These include DSP, SDM, SDO and many more. This job is at no 7 because of its basic pay only. But the allowances available in this are to enormous and countless. This the most reputed post or job in a state. Every state conducts their state PCS exams for selection. Several allowances as vehicles, bungalows. Servants etc are provided in this job. Talking about the salary, this job has a basic pay of 53,100 but the countless perks available in job make this job worth.

8. Scientist (ISRO, DRDO ETC)

The post of scientist in these reputed firms are worth working. If we talk of the senior scientist in the firms they are given a basic pay of 54,000 to 56,000 along with various allowances such as houses, travelling allowances etc.

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