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Here is the top 20 Google Tools will help you to improve your digital marketing values for your personal or business use. 

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the perfect tool for marketers to make money from advertisements placed on blogs or websites. AdSense connects you with other advertisers who want to run ads on channels that are of interest to their audience.

So, if you run a website, blog, or video channel that matches an advertiser’s audience, AdSense places its ads on your channel. All you have to do is enter the code in the header or sidebar of your site and you can get money if someone clicks on it.

» Main feature

AdSense gives you high-quality ads that are relevant to your audience or content.

You can block ads that you don’t like, and you can customize where ads are served.

The ad unit has an attractive design that is suitable for users who view your website on a smartphone or tablet, and provides a great user experience.

2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a free Google tool for merchants that allows you to carry out paid search campaigns.

» Main feature

With Google AdWords, you can find the right person at the right time.

You can overcome your potential customers in various regions.

You can attract more people with image display ads, YouTube video ads, and other types of Google ads.

3. Keyword Planner in Google Ads

Keyword Planner is a part of Google AdWords that allows marketers to plan their paid search campaigns. This is a great tool for identifying keywords to reach the right audience for your blog and website content.

»Main feature

With Keyword Planner, you can find relevant keywords by looking at their search volume.

You can compare keywords and set budgets according to your PPC campaign.

And you can easily make plans and share them with others.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of Google’s most powerful and effective marketing tools that allows you to monitor the traffic on your site. You can track the people who visit your site, how much time they spend there, what questions they use, and more. You can then use this information to further optimize your website, get a great user experience, and increase traffic.

»Main feature

Helping you to better understand your customers and provide a great user experience.

With Google Analytics, you can also optimize testing variations of your website and application and ensure that you get the right opinion from real people.

This allows you to work seamlessly with other Google platforms, saving time and increasing your efficiency.

5. Google Search Console

With Google Search Console tools, marketers, webmasters, and SEO experts can understand how Google sees your web pages. You can get detailed crawl reports and index information for your pages directly from the Google index.

»Main feature

By using the search panel, you can analyze the performance of your website and make the necessary improvements.

You can integrate it into your Google Analytics account to optimize your website content and search performance.

Your data is crawled to ensure that Google has the latest look and feel on your site.

With this free Google Merchant tool, you can also identify problems with your site to fix them and improve your ranking.

6.Google Trends

Google Trends is a useful tool that lets you see keyword search volumes and makes your keyword selection smarter. It also helps you explore the latest news, insights, stories, searches and more.

»Main feature

With this Google Merchant tool, you can understand the difference in search trends across geographies and with each other.

Helps you make comparisons to see variations between several search words.

And you can see how keyword search volumes fluctuate over time.

7. Google My Business

Google My Business gives your business the power to appear in search results near you and on Google Maps. Submit your business listing to Google My Business so your business can be included in search results.

»Main feature

Helps you maintain accurate information about your business so people can get to know you better.

You can see phone numbers, hours, and directions on Google Search and Maps.

You can attract more new customers with your free Google Business account.

8. Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform is an integrated advertising and analytics platform that makes marketing faster and smarter. It also provides enterprise-level solutions for companies that need more marketing.

»Main feature

With easy-to-use tools with powerful information, you can analyze data in a shorter time.

You have access to a free self-service solution that allows you to grow your business with little and no additional costs.

With this digital marketing tool you can improve marketing, analytics, digital experience, and even more of your brand.

The tools included are Google Trends, Consumer Barometers, Speedometers, Benchmarks, Website Testing, Market Finders, and Google Surveys. You can access this collection of free Google tools to grow your business.

»Main feature

You can easily test the speed of your website and use the tips provided to improve it.

You can also use these tools to build your international marketing strategy, create surveys to get insights about consumer behavior, and get metrics for your advertising campaigns.

9. Start Google

With Google for Startups, startups are developing throughout the world. It contains links, products, and Google best practices to help startups build something great.

»Main feature

With Google Cloud for Startups, you can build your startup using tools and infrastructure that Google uses.

Google for Startups Campus offers free guidance and training with the latest technology.

With this Google Merchant tool, they can easily promote their products and reach the widest possible audience. 

10. Google Business Solutions

Google Business Solutions gives you a set of tools to help you improve and improve your business.

»Main feature

Helps you make money by placing ads on your website.

And it helps you increase the speed of loading your website and improve user experience.

You can easily measure and measure the performance of your website, ads and applications.

11. G Suite Market

In the G Suite Marketplace, marketers and domain administrators can find third-party applications that are integrated with G Suite. This allows you to install a variety of high-quality applications that add functionality to your native Google Cloud application.

»Main feature

With a listing on the G Suite Marketplace, your application can reach more than 5 million businesses.

You can assess the security of an application by using features such as personalized security reports, highlighted password protection policies, and more.

This tool is integrated with CRM software so you can receive customer emails directly from your Gmail account.

12. Google Input Tool

Google Input Tools is an extension that allows you to create virtual keyboard layouts in various languages. You can easily work in various languages ​​from anywhere in the world.

»Main feature

It remembers your corrections and manages vocabulary for new and underused words or names.

And it makes your writing smooth with more than 80 different languages ​​and input methods.

You can write messages in whatever language and style you want.

Available on Google, Chrome, Windows and Android devices.

13. Google Charts

With Google Charts, marketers and companies can use interesting charts and tools to display data on their website. This is a powerful free Google tool that is widely used for JavaScript embedded web pages.

»Main feature

You can make simple circles or diagrams or make complicated hierarchical maps easily and accurately.

This allows you to adjust and adjust the chart to fit your data and easily link the chart to an interactive dashboard. 

14. Google for non-profit organizations

Google for Nonprofits helps you fulfill your charity mission. You can get more supporters for your mission and easily collect donations through Google for non-profit organizations. There are several applications that can help you complete your mission effectively.

»Main feature

With Google Ad Grants, you can attract more donors, increase awareness of your business, and recruit volunteers online.

G Suite manages and makes your business more collaborative, productive and efficient.

The non-profit YouTube program allows you to interact with your supporters and reach a global audience.

You can track and share the impact of your organization on employees.

Google Developer Tools

Google offers developers many tools to help them design and build high-quality applications. These tools encourage developers to create the next generation of Web, Android and iOS device applications as quickly and reliably as possible.

Let’s look at some free Google developer tools to get started.

15. Search for Think with Google

Search Think with Google is a free Google tool that helps developers build valuable user knowledge and follow trends. The latest data and information about your audience or industry can help you get information and inspiration, and encourage you to create applications that appeal to your audience.

»Main feature

With this Google Developer tool, you can analyze market trends and learn the most effective ways to improve your user experience. Implementing it will help you get more users and positive reviews for your application.

You can also learn about new technologies and leading applications in the industry. By analyzing applications and user preferences from your competitors, you can create exceptional applications.. 

16. Test my website

Most people look for local information on their mobile devices. That is why it is important to create and develop mobile-friendly websites.

If your mobile site doesn’t load quickly and correctly, you can lose half of your traffic. The Google Testing Tool on my website is an amazing developer tool that helps you find out how long your site has been billed for mobile.

17. Try my Google Tools website. 

»Main feature

This free Google tool shows estimates of lost visits due to slow load times. It provides a free report on how to speed up your website to attract more visitors.

You can also check the load time of the most powerful sites in your industry. This will give you an idea of ​​where you belong to your competition.

Test My Site provides an instant list of the best fixes to use, such as AMP, image enhancement, or cache.

18. Structured Data Testing Tools

Google’s structured data testing tool enables developers to build, test and share their structured data. With this Google Developer tool, you can create new structured data pages and customize existing pages.

»Main feature

With this tool, you can validate your code and display a sample display of search results based on your data, if your code is valid.

You can make sure Google can access all of your web pages. They must not be blocked by robots, there are no index or login requirements.

With this tool, you can index your web pages with Google and identify bugs based on extensive status reports.

The 19th Android developer

Android was developed by Google and is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. This supplies power to billions of devices. Android Developers Android is a complete collection of resources for all developers, from beginners to beginners.

»Main feature

Learn how to create applications, create layouts that fit multiple screens, and save data in a local database with this Google Developer tool.

Here are some basic sample codes that you can use to start your application development project. In addition, you will receive design and behavior guidelines for creating quality applications.

You will also learn how to test the behavior and usefulness of your application with this tool before launching it.

20. Fire Base

Firebase is a complete mobile development platform that helps developers succeed. Embedded in Google’s infrastructure, you can handle all the challenges of application development and growth, and quickly build high-quality applications.

»Main feature

Firebase provides features such as analytics, databases, crashes, and messaging so you can focus on improving your user experience.

This is supported by Google Cloud Storage, which allows you to store and synchronize your application data and easily scale your application to billions of users.

Easily track the performance of your application and fix strong real-time reporting problems

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