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For this summer, we have picked up the top 20 best impressive online fashion sites to upgrade your summer wardrobe collections. 


The Playing Fashion site has the toughest type on this list. With many shapes, sizes, and layouts, typography ensures visual diversity and editorial structure, especially in combination with large photographs. 


The cotton office chooses a simple box structure that complements and emphasizes the creator’s design at the same time. As you navigate through this site, it’s clear that the main idea is to encourage artists to create and display their work.


By choosing a simple and classic aesthetic for their website, Everlane makes it possible to gradually expand their business through images, videos and typography. Even if you want more, you will not be disappointed.


Like their products, the Warby Parker site offers a combination of minimalist structure and distinctiveness. This is achieved by using strong lines to promote pictorial structures and symbols to remind viewers that the company values ​​creativity. 


With elegant animations, dark colors and contrast between bold lyrics, Fluttuo has managed to stand out from other jewels. These differences are compounded by details such as parallax scrolling, section headers, and a purely minimalist market. 


Intentional use of typography, space and Topshop animation creates a perfect balance between editorial and market.


This colorful website focuses on images and uses typography, videos and thick slides to convey a style message.


Bonobos uses large photos and simple box structures to seduce users first and then allow easy navigation on their website.

9. Magazine interview

The biggest focus of the interview magazine is to scroll to organize new content. Each part of the section is included when the user scrolls through a series of image-based titles that help users dock.

10. Zara

By using large format images and minimal Zara types, visitors can immediately be transformed into lifestyles whose clothes become a touchstone.

11_Garance Dore

Garance Dore creates the perfect structure for balancing the various contents he shares. Be it photos, videos, or beautiful illustrations, each collection of copies is paired with a visual component that always makes this site interesting.


With good photos, bold type and classic Vogue aesthetics, look at sites that are reminiscent of the lighted magazine spreads


This fashion boutique uses popular one-sided design techniques to highlight the intricacies of its vintage boutiques.


The use of AYR’s muted color palette and minimalist design draws our attention to the clean photo of her clothes and the use of smooth but unique animations throughout the site. 


Walked & Worn brought the combined business into consumerism and made it special by using large photos for lifestyle sales, not clothing.

16. Optimo Hats

Whether using the scrolling scroll bar or the backlight effect that each hat has on the market, attention to the details of the Optimo Hats sets it apart.

17. Street etiquette

The use of Street Etiquette in the White Room and the classic side structure make the content shine. Simple structure, combined with clear images and strong design elements, attracts users to their site as well as their state of mind.


Continue to combine fashion and social media and allow users to create feeds marked with their personal tastes. With endless scrolling, soft color palettes and social media aspects, Keep is the interface between the fashion industry and those who wear fashion.


With extraordinary photos, animations and videos, a great focus on their products by presenting their shoes in new and exciting ways.


Another example of parallax scrolling and its use in fashion and clothing is Locals, a Swedish brand whose website has a clear flow of images, minimal fonts, and designs.

Even though this list covers various fields of the fashion industry, their beautifully designed website is the reason for introducing it today. If there is a website that you think you should create, let us know in the comments below.

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