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Website builder help us to construct the website without prior coding skills. Here We are providing the top 20 best Website building online tools to help you to make your own website. 

1.Wix Website Builder

Wix has some great templates to get you started. With unique features such as a downsized version of the website, where you can see what themes, titles, images and other elements of website design look like. A great choice for e-commerce stores, Wix also provides a great platform for creating sites for paid membership, courses, bookings, paid registrations, etc.

The user friendly interface also allows inexperienced users to quickly customize and manage websites. Wix has exceptional customer support where users can submit their requests, which will be answered within a few hours. With a series of well-designed themes, Wix is ​​a true powerhouse with great potential, ready to use.

02. Moselo

Mozello, unlike other similar tools, is a website builder that allows users to create multilingual websites for free. This can be a big bonus for businesses with a wide audience. Although it offers a variety of great features such as blogs, online stores, and SEO, some aspects of website design, such as galleries, have some limitations.

When you create a website using Mozello, the footer displays small ads that are often not noticed by visitors. Includes 500MB of free space, which makes the whole package very tempting.

03. WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform designed for blogs that are revolutionizing the development of websites today. With a number of plugins and free themes for WordPress, this has become a popular choice for small businesses who want to build a good brand identity. You can create your own website or add plugins or tools to the current WordPress website that allow visual editing, redirection or removal, or downloading and editing.

Even though offers free rates, premium rates allow users to benefit from the website – a profitable way to make use of your website. With paid rates starting at $ 96 per year, users also have access to more special themes and features.

The advantage of this website maker is hosting. There are many reliable platforms that offer WordPress hosting. These pages are specifically optimized for WordPress. This site will take care of all your hosting needs.

04. Square area

Squarespace is making rapid progress in website development, assisted by YouTube podcasts and marketing. When using a website builder, beginners can be tempted with many features and features. However, starting to build your website can cause confusion and fatigue in decision making. Here Squarespace wins the match.

The whole process is simplified. When you have finished a topic, click on a particular field to choose a series of adjustments. With Squarespace you can build a traditional website for $ 144 a year and an online store for $ 312 a year.

05. See

Divi is a great plugin for creating websites to build modular WordPress sites. You can install or restart the plugin with the existing WordPress settings. Instead of editing files or HTML code, Divi provides a smooth visual drag-and-drop editor. This gives the user more control over the design.

You can create entire web page designs and add basic elements such as text, scroll bars, forms, images, videos and more. Divi also allows various user effects, such as shading, containment, etc., to improve the overall user experience. The Divi website license costs $ 89 per year, and a lifetime license for an unlimited number of WordPress sites costs $ 249.

06. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is known for hosting and domain services, but the company also offers its own website builder. Users can choose from a variety of ready-made templates that are categorized according to the purpose of the website.

This tool fully supports e-commerce websites as well as planning arrangements. The main feature of GoDaddy is that it offers a one-month free trial. During this time, you can see all the features of the tool and hire a logo designer to make a good logo when you first start.

07. Outstanding

Many business owners have seen extensive websites since day one. Creating a site that offers everything takes time. When you start your business, you can choose a free package and create a one-page website to start making your digital footprint. Combined with ready-made themes and some great graphic design ideas, you can start reaching your target audience before opening.

This tool provides iOS and Android mobile applications for working on websites while traveling, which rarely happens when creating websites. 

08. Web Flow

Unlike most site builders, Webflow is created by considering developers and designers. Registering with the tool is a simple process, and adding credit card information is optional. Users benefit from lots of fun and comprehensive lessons for better use of tools.

The user interface might be difficult for a lover to get used to, and empty topics might seem unattractive. But this tool must be owned by professionals and can prove as fundamental to website designers as it is for Photoshop graphic designers.

09. BoldGrid

BoldGrid is one visual constructor that allows users to render web pages as seen by visitors. You can click on the area that you want to edit and create the website as you wish. BoldGrid Web Builder can also be used with a WordPress website that is already installed. This tool uses the CMS (Content Management System) section of WordPress settings.

Each user can use this constructor with or without prior design and development knowledge.

10. SiteBuilder

With more than 200,000 users and 1,200 templates, SiteBuilder is undoubtedly one of the top candidates for creating good website designs by 2019. Just like AI-based graphics tools, beginners have been able to create logos that allow site builders such as SiteBuilder to help users create sites interesting using drag-and-drop functionality.

The right tool to have a nearly perfect cherry website time is above. Not only does website design make for a great user experience, it’s also affordable and you don’t have to compromise on performance.

11. Site123

Site123 offers a unique approach to creating a website. This tool treats each part of the site individually and offers different options for each section. This allows users to maintain the consistency or harmony of the page design, or they can add elements that override the simple and simple design monotony.

Site123 can achieve something subtle for most website makers and that is balance. This tool is designed to do some of your work for you, and you can also make special design changes.

12. Volution

If you want to create an online store, Volusion might be the right choice for you. Volusion offers 11 themes prepared to be selected as part of your free package, and premium library themes can be used for an additional fee. Browse all topics and choose one that suits your company style and color. This will ensure that your brand identity displayed on the website matches the design of your social media pages.

Volusion is ideal for small business owners because it works with 35 different payment processing gateways. Although most of the Volusion layout is for cell phones, some may not be suitable for cell phones. Because of this, it is important for you to review the demos and check how they appear on different screens.

13. Jimdo

If your main goal is to create a good website without extensive adjustments and modifications, you should choose Jimdo. Although there are only limited layout options, they are broad based on various organizations for which the website can be designed. Users can only make minimal changes, but this simplifies the entire process by eliminating redundant options that cause fatigue in decision making.

Most online graphic design tools offer users the ability to adjust colors, text and images. However, at Jimdo, only a few changes can be made. Add a new title, add text, insert a photo or video, etc.

14. Weebly

With Weebly you can create as many pages as possible on your website. SEO arrangements and optimizations can be made for each page, making it a good choice for new businesses who want to promote their website with visibility. The free Weebly package may not offer much, but until you buy a paid package, the clear advertisements that are included with the free package can be removed.

15. Ukit

Ukit is one of the most popular website developers for creating e-commerce websites. Merchant packages allow you to add shopping and checkout features. Ukit has two unique features that make the whole process of making a website more user friendly.

One of these features is the adaptive site display, which you can use to check design responses for phones and tablets. Another unique feature that sweetens this agreement is Promo Ready. After editing the page, the tool analyzes the page and asks the user to check if something is wrong before starting.

16. Widowed

Widower is considered as one of the most responsive site creators. Websites are made that are mobile ready and therefore easy to read on mobile devices. This tool provides many layouts which are divided into various categories, such as: For example, one-page sites, restaurants, event promotion sites, travel websites, and more. Inexperienced users can easily create a good website using a visual drag-and-drop editor.

17. Driving

As the name implies, Shopify focuses on building shopping or e-commerce websites. Unlike most traditional websites, they require basic features like shopping carts, user accounts, shopping filters, inventory systems, and payment processing, to name a few.

Although Shopify does not offer a drag-and-drop editor, Shopify provides a visual or site preview where you can check progress when you make changes. Key features provided by the builder for the ecommerce platform include car recovery services, fraud analysis services, and more.

18. Webnode

Webnode offers a stylish, modern and attractive theme layout. All you have to do is choose a theme that suits your style and add your finishing touches to make it yours. The cheap Webnode package called Limited is as the name suggests and only offers a limited number of features.

This package costs around $ 3.95 per month and allows you to continue to use the domain names that you already have and access their premium support.

19. Start the web

Webstarts provides a fairly flexible editor that allows users to freely move elements of webpages. This tool adds important features such as blogs and online stores.

One of the main disadvantages of maintaining this tool is the limited themes that users can access, and although this layout is suitable for smartphones, they don’t always fit on all different screens.

20. UCraft

UCraft is one of the few website makers that allows you to link to the right domain name for free. This tool provides a decent collection of layouts for users to choose from. However, free packages limit choices to one page.

You can update your package to the account you purchased to access all the features of this tool. There is a learning curve related to UI tools, but once the user is familiar, he can improve styles such as fonts, colors, orientation, and spaces.

Letus know your feedbacks and which tools you wish use to make your own website.

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