Top 20 Apps that can Make you Smarter

Nowadays people are having a hustling life and have no time to concentrate on their health and lifestyle. Here we are presenting some of the top apps that are very useful for improving your mental health and can make you become smarter than before and others. Underneath are the top 20 apps that can make you smarter.


This is an amazingly visual app that is built for handling tasks and projects in a new way. A flowchart is prepared by drawing your idea task or planning them through flowchart. This unique app helps you to visualise the dependencies of the tasks over one another. Here you don’t have to choose or click the tabs to get the information such as who is doing the task or who is not? This app is free to try. This is a web-based application and can be used easily through desktop.

2. Fooducate.

In the category of app that make you smarter, here an app is presented free for users. Here you can find good food that actually tastes good, for making you like the food and consume healthy food. You can scan the items here for getting their nutritional data and can also find which foods are best to consume and enjoyable too. Available for both android and iOS users.

3. Cloudswave.

This app helps you to become smarter and crack the best deals for buying the software for your business purpose. This is a free app that gives you access to get the best deals on all software and apps needed by you for your business. Here the klout score is presented to you on the opinion of some of the expert reviews just to help you capture the idea of critical opinion in a single count. This is a web-based application.

4. Owl.

A fun fact and offbeat trivia app that comes for free to the user. You can get a fun fact and information through this app daily. By using this you can become smarter and can astound your friends with such facts and information. This is app among others that make you smarter by letting you know about the facts that you have never heard of. iOS users can use this app.

5. Atlas by Collins.

This app makes you smart and lets you travel around the world, with just a click through the fingers. This also helps to discover places along with the untouched information about the world’s most important places and artifacts. This is a paid app that let you know about the world through 9 globes and many of the maps presented in the app. iOS users can use this app easily.

6. iBooks.

Reading let you think like the other person’s mind and will help you stretch your mind too. If you have this app with you can let the excuses change their way and you can read whenever you want or wherever you are. Especially available for iOS users.

7. Flipboard.

Are you always being unaware of the things or stuff going on in the world around you? Start with flipboard and become one who tell others about the things going on around. This app is free to use and allows you to gather the news from your around that going on with an easy access and controls over app. This is easily available for both android and iOS users.

8. SmartThings.

This app helps to control all the devices at your home by changing your phone in a remote module. It is easy to control and is very helpful. That’s why this come under the section of app that make you smarter than others. Available for both android and iOS users.

Mind Games.

9. Circles memory game.

The memory you are holding majorly affects all of your abilities and responses. As we know one’s ability to solve problems is considered as its intelligence. This game is a part of research that can help you to increase your memory that in turn improves your intelligence. This is a paid app and is full of fun learning too. This fun is available for both the android and iOS users.

10. Lumosity Mobile.

This is a free app that affects your performance and improves your attention ability or concentration ability along with an improved memory. This helps to train your brain and become smarter. This is done through various fun games and puzzles presented by the app. App can be downloaded by both the iOS and android users.

11. Fit Brain Trainer.

Research are the evidence to prove that online training is an effective way to improve your ability and brain performance. This is a free app that claims to help you increase your short-term memory by approx. 40% in less than 3 weeks. Both iOS and android users can take the benefit of this app.

12. Brain Workshop.

This is a free desktop app that is specially for those who don’t have cell phones with them. This helps in increasing the brain power without involving use of cell phones. This app is presented for the android users and can be downloaded from google play!

13. Clockwork Brain.

Just puzzles only puzzles! Research are evidence that proves that mental aerobics such as solving puzzles are a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is a free app for making your learning a fun and improving your brain power. Basically, presented to the iOS users.

14. Memory Trainer.

Puzzles are not alone way to make you smarter. This app really help you to use your brain to remember things and improve its efficiency. Here you can play matching games that is fun to have. This app can be easily downloaded by android users.

15. Eidetic.

Remembering interesting fans and facts can make you sound smarter. This is an app that enables your memory through special memory boosting tasks and exercises. This is also a paid app available for iOS users.

16. mTrainer Pro.

Giving new tasks to your brain will definitely improve the health of your brain along with sharpening it. This is also a paid app for iOS users.

17. Blocks.

Blocks are very helpful in improving your brain power. You need to use logic and perfect combinations to get out through this puzzle and this will help your problem-solving capability. This app is paid and available for iOS only.

Time management apps.

18. Toggl.

Time management is very vital and necessary for many of the people. Where do you spend your time you can learn this from this app. You simply start the timer before you start a task and then stop it when the task is over. This app helps you to manage the time in a better way and use it efficiently. This app comes with a payment and can be used by both android and iOS users.

19. RescueTime.

As in this time work is getting boring for many of the youths as they enjoy being on social media or surf through websites. This paid app helps you to know how much time you spent on the websites and being socialising. This helps to save your time and use it efficiently. This app comes up for both android and iOS users.

20. My Minutes.

This app is free and available for Android as well as iOS. This app lets you set a time limit for your task and help you to reduce the wastage of the time.

Above presented apps are built so that this can make you sharper and smarter in today’s era. If you find the article helpful and useful please like and share.

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