Top 16 Best Job Search Engines for Searching Attracting Jobs

Across the town LinkedIn is not only a single job search engine. Many more search engines are available for us to search for a better job or for making a good move for our career. Here we present you 16 best job search engines for searching a job for you and also hire a new employee for your firm. Here are the 16 search engines presented-

1. LinkedIn.

575 million users are connected with LinkedIn, that makes LinkedIn world’s most popular social media network for professionals. LinkedIn not only allows to search for a job by creating your profile, it also helps the companies to reach out and recruit candidates for their firm. It comes up with features such as recommended matches, targeted job promotions along with candidate management. Users are also free to share their posts along with sharing of their own content on this. They got chances to boost their own standing through their own content that makes them more attractive to both employers and job seekers.

2. Simply Hired.

This online platform was designed to help companies hire new employees. 100+ job boards are listed at this platform that covers as much as possible ground. A comprehensive search engine, job postings based on location, and salary estimating tools are provided on this online platform. Mobile apps for this site are paying ease to the users and is available for Android and iOS both. Companies having a major concern with quality of employee going in them are mostly focused on by this platform. Proper time is taken for hiring a good employee according to the demands of the company.

3. Indeed Job Search.

The website contains features such as job openings, company background, salary offered and so on. It was designed to remove the wall between job seekers and employers and allow them to connect seamlessly and conveniently. Here companies can create their own profiles for attracting job applicants. 

4. Glassdoor Jobs.

Glassdoor is a popular job search platform that is best known for anonymous company reviews. This helps job seekers to get an idea of working conditions and salaries in various companies. If the candidate is eligible for the job than he/she can apply there. Starting with $99 each and cost varying with location, companies can post job listings. That indicates that Glassdoor contains companies that are mostly favoured by employees.

5. Google for Jobs.

A new feature was added by google for job seekers in June 2017 that allows them to search for jobs according to their interest through google. With google for jobs user can search jobs just by searching for the field and post the user wants to work on or in. It also comes up with a drawback that it is not possible to post jobs directly here.

6. Linkup.

This is one of the purest job search engines over the internet. It claims to be the fastest growing job search engine on the web today. It indexes jobs exclusively after getting the job application from the company’s website that creates a proper trust among users. This drives real job seekers to the real jobs with real employers. The website just needs to know the job you want along with your current location.

7. Craigslist Jobs.

This a traditional classified ad website. This has a job board on which anyone can post on. The job here can range from manual labour to copywriting and creative work. The main benefit of this is that anyone can post on it and can browse this without registration. You can message in this privately that allow you to keep your email private. It holds a disadvantage too that the listing may be not actually good.

8. US Jobs.

This is a premium job board for those who are an employer in the United States. This is an all sort useful online job board. Here candidates get an exposure to countless employers and can share their resume through them. A basic post costs $99 and along with a smart package is $25,000 per post per month is the payable amount for the site.

9. Robert Half.

This a premium and legit online job board. Robert Half International is a California based human resource consulting firm founded in 1948 and is currently in S&P 500. This is designated as the world’s largest accounting and finance staffing firm having over 345 worldwide locations. This shows specialisation in law, finance and technology.

10. Monster.

Monster is specially made for small, mid markets, and enterprise businesses. That’s what gathered a million visitors per month for the site. Monster offers three paid plans for employers posting jobs. Employers can here reach a large number of candidates as well as features are also involved for candidates such as resume search, employer branding and so on.

11. ZipRecruiter.

This was designed with concern of employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies. It lets you post pre-screen interview questions and has a customizable job description template. The backend is very easy to use and lets users get up and running in no time. For embedding job listings onto your website there are job widgets provided.

12. Facebook Job Search.

Here employers can use their Facebook feature to get both active and passive recruits. This job search takes power of the world’s top social media where you get to look up potential recruits Facebook profiles to learn about them. Posting of jobs are free here and posts are widely accessed and spread. 


Founded in 2001, this is one of the first legitimate job boards across the internet. The main aim of this Texas based company is to be at the forefront for job recruitment. It is now built on block chain and powered by smart contracts. This cuts out the middleman and get rid of the third-party recruiters. The service boasts letting employers getting a hiring fee of 20%, instead that they pay 7% of candidate’s annual salary.


If you are aspiring for a job in any sector in America, then this is the right site you need to visit. This is the US Federal Government’s official employment website. Being open to the public this is paid for with the American people’s tax. Jobs for veterans, students, graduates, and so on are some of the offerings by the site.

15. CareerBuilder.

This is a more general job board. This one of the most popular and most trusted job boards in the US. It has a direct relationship with 92% of fortune 500 companies in the country. It is for companies having lots of openings as this pricing is based on the number of posts purchased. The service allows the employer to buy more job postings for an affordable cost.

16. Snag.

It is about snagging the best job candidates quickly, as suggested by the name. it is majorly focused on the hourly job market. It claims to be the number one place for hourly market jobs in the US. Approx. 160 million users are registered with Snag. Retails, restaurants and hotel industry are basic fields of job available here. $89 is the membership fee here and is perfect job paying $10-$20 per hour.

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