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Spotify is a music streaming platform from a Swedish company (Spotify AB), enables you to get listen live streaming tunes on your tablets, phones and computers. This Spotify gives you access to millions of songs, you can filter your favorite tunes with some parameters such as artist, album, or genre and create, edit, and share playlists.  Spotify application is available in all operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux and Android. Spotify application available on free advertising service and paid version without ads. There are 217 millions of people are active in this platform, including 100 million paying customers.

Here we have listed some sorts of tips for the music lovers to make spotify experience better.

1. Listen song lyrics

Spotify and Genius is collaborated to provide lyrics for selected English songs. Currently, it is only available on the Spotify mobile app. Do you know how to see the lyrics?

Open the Spotify application on your mobile. Play your favorite English song and open the album. Touch the album photo and the text will be displayed. This option is only for the selected English albums.

In another way, you can access to settings and activate the “Behind the Lyrics” mode. Information about the song is displayed along with the text.

2. Sort your Queue

Highlight the track on Spotify by selecting “Add to queue” from the three dots next to the song.  On Apple phones you can also drag to the correct song to add it to the playlist that is currently playing. Spotify will continue to play the album or playlist that you originally heard. This works well if you want to take a break from what you are playing just to change your mood. If you add a second track to the queue, the song will play immediately after you hear and may not be from the same album or playlist.

3. Review your history and the missed songs

Open the Spotify desktop application and click the Hamburger icon in the lower right corner to open the playback queue. There you can see which song will be played next and, more importantly, which song you have heard. The history that you play synchronizes in your account, even including songs that you listen to with cell phones on your browser at your workstation or video game console. If you’re having trouble finding great songs you’ve heard before, this is the right place to start.

 4. Recover the deleted playlist

Spotify offers you an easy solution for the deleted playlist. Surf the Spotify website and log in to your account. There is an option to restore the playlist there.

• Get log into the Spotify and click “Restore Playlists” in your account.

• Then select the playlist that you want to restore and click “Restore”. Playlists will be added to the playlist section of all your devices.

5. Play music using Voice

If you want to listen to music while driving, you might want to find a particular song, spotify can recognize your voice commands.

So, just press your phone’s microphone and ask it to play the song you want. After you pull it, just click to drop it. Here Spotify helps driving safely.

6. Listen new on Radio

On your spotify desktop application, Select on the left side of the desktop, then select “Create new station” and pick your desired artist, album or playlist. Radio offers a choice of artists / songs that are similar to your choice. With Mobile? If you use artist, album, or track, press 3 dots in the upper right corner, then select “Go to Radio.”

Now listen to new tunes, spotify caters 30 new titles to your ‘Discover Weekly playlist’. You can expect on Monday every week. The songs are selected by the Spotify AI based on your listening habits. You can find it in Browse or Playlist. Also you have to note that your Discover Weekly playlist is deleted every Monday and updated with new titles. 

7. Sync Spotify with Shazam app

Shazam app is delighted for the music lovers who are struggling to find the unknown song. Now you can easily add songs from Shazam to Spotify Immediately. By linking your account with Shazam Spotify, you can save time when you identify new songs and add them to playlists. Run Shazam and touch “My Shazam” in the upper left corner. Click on the sprocket and under “Stream” you will see an option to link your Spotify account.

8. Master on Spotify’s shortcuts

To get fast experience on Spotify, here is the link for all shortcuts available on Both IOS and Android.

Spotify shortcuts: https://support.spotify.com/us/article/Keyboard-shortcuts/

9. Listen to your tunes without Internet

The premium services of Spotify offers you to enjoy your music files without internet (offline)

To activate offline mode, select the playlist that you want to access offline. 

At the top right of the playlist, the option to activate the Download button must be displayed.

10. Collaborative music list

If you wish to hear the music with your loved ones, there is an option “Collaborative music list” will do it with spotify

First go to, 

“Your Library -> Playlist -> Select Playlist -> Options -> Create Collaboration” With this list you can add or delete the songs you want. After that, all of your friends can add their songs to the list.

11. Extra music without Spotify

Even, Spotify has a million songs, but you will miss some favorite songs which are saved on local files. To access these songs go to the Settings menu, “Add sources” and then synchronize with a playlist of your choice.

12. High tone of the music

If you wish to increase the sound quality of Spotify, you need to access settings by touching the “Your Library” option. Select the sprocket in the upper right corner and slide it down until you reach “Music Quality”. In the streaming option, you can see that the audio quality is automatically set between normal quality (96 kbps), high quality (160 kbps) and exceptional quality (320 kbps).

13. Find your favorite ringtone

Do you wish to find songs from your library?

By using the subcategories such as Album, Playlist or Artist, you can easily find your favorite songs.

Just Go to ‘Your Library’, Tap to ‘Search’ bar on the top and End with the filter options.

14. Place your playlist in the folder

If you lose so many playlists, finding them in folders makes it easier to find them. This option only works on the Spotify desktop version. In the upper left corner, click three points -> File -> New Playlist Folder.

15. Use Private Listening Sessions 

Spotify cares about your private listening sessions and offers you to hide your activities. If you wish to start a private session, first go to the File menu, Click “Private Session” in the dropdown. 

Now you are free, you can listen to whatever you want, until you either restart the app or disable private listening. 

Enjoy the music. Hope, we delighted you with some essential tips and tricks on Spotify.

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