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youtube video downloader app

Even though certain YouTube videos can be downloaded and viewed offline, it would be against the site’s terms of service to do so. The Terms of Service for YouTube make it clear that viewers shouldn’t download videos except YouTube has provided a download button and link for a particular service.

Additionally, downloading or copying copyrighted material is not permitted. Theoretically, it also could result in some kind of a trial or perhaps a fine. Using such a YouTube video downloader program to download copyrighted material is illegal, even though YouTube hasn’t ever retaliated against a user for doing so.

Top 10 Youtube Video Downloader App


Some other user-friendly application that enables users to access YouTube videos of various sizes and formats is called Snaptube.

M4A, MP4, as well as MP3 are some of the other formats which Snaptube supports.

You’ll have to acquire the APK because the utility is currently only accessible for Android and are not on Google Play.

Snaptube offers you the ability to download videos from more than 50 websites in addition to YouTube, much like the Android version of Videoder.

MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

When you want to download YouTube videos through one or maybe more devices or convert them to music, MP3Studio is the best option. It is indeed a simple tool that gives you access to all the stuff you want without making you jump through countless hoops.

Other services make people’s lives miserable with laborious registrations and installation processes that demand more information than the ordinary user is prepared to provide. Due to its user-friendly installer, the required to set of MP3Studio is finished in just a minute, and when you’re ready to test it out. This YouTuber to MP3 downloader has a user-friendly interface that allows for quick link copying and pastes for immediate video conversion and access. By doing this, the procedure is hassle-free, and you can confidently grow your library with little training.


These are some of the best and most effective YouTube video downloaders on Android are Videoder. When downloading the videos, users can select from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

You may watch and download videos in a variety of formats. Any preferred quality is available, and the software itself allows you to share the video. The software has an amazing user interface and is customizable. Additionally, it comes with numerous themes, night modes, a built-in video player, plus quicker download speeds.

Although Videoder isn’t listed inside the Google Play Store, anyone may download and install it on their smartphone from its official website. It has advertisements but no in-app purchases. Whenever you purchase the Videoder Gold plugin, which is offered mostly on Play Store, the adverts will be removed.

Utilizing Videoder, download YouTube videos to an Android device.

  • Launch the application’s YouTube page.
  • Try to find the video.
  • Decide on a video format.
  • Change the file’s name as well as the download location inside the pop-up.
  • Click “Start Download.”

New Pipe

Another open-source Android application called NewPipe could be used to get free YouTube video downloads. It’s important to note that our small app doesn’t make use of any restricted YouTube APIs or Google Play services.

Without presenting any obtrusive adverts, NewPipe strives to give its customers the experience of the original YouTube app. It has a very user-friendly interface and is an open-source program. The feature that allows the user to access any YouTube video inside the background while using other apps is the nicest part of this application.

Among NewPipe’s standout characteristics are the following:

  • Look for videos
  • Play a video in Kodi
  • Support for 1080p/2k/4k, Tor/Orbot
  • Support for playlists, queues, histories, and subtitles

Fast download speeds are available, and downloading videos is quite simple. You can download YouTube videos plus audio files in a variety of file types and qualities. Additionally, the software guarantees anonymity because it neither saves user data nor makes use of any tools that track your usage patterns. The app also has impressive features including 4K support, different themes, channel subscriptions, and a video pop-up mode.


Some other feature-rich YouTube video downloader on Android is InsTube. Furthermore addition, it may download films from other well-known websites, like Vimeo, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s a dependable Android app with quick download times.

Whenever downloading YouTube videos, users can select their quality. Even just the YouTube application itself makes it easy to share videos with InsTube. Additionally, YouTube is very configurable; you could add bookmarks and designate a private area to which you can choose to conceal any video.

Through InsTube, download online videos on Android.

  • Open the app, then go to the website of your choice.
  • Find the video you want to download using a search engine and hit it.
  • Select the video quality by tapping the red download icon.
  • Your video will begin downloading after you select “rapid download.”

The app’s main downside is that there is no way of getting rid of the annoying commercials that keep appearing.


A fantastic Android video downloading tool is VidMate. Using the software to download YouTube videos seems highly dependable. You can use its search box to hunt for any item or search for files depending on other categories including movies, music, plus TV episodes.

Although VidMate offers you a quick video download speed, you may adjust the pace and choose the preferable download location inside the program’s download options.

The program also has a built-in music player as well as a video player, and you could make an encrypted area inside the app to save videos that you want to keep private.


One more popular free Youtube clip downloader is TubeMate. It is simple to use and has a beautiful UI. Users can download any video from their favorite website using the browser that is already built into the device.

Whenever downloading a video, TubeMate additionally gives you the choice to select the video’s resolution & file format. These downloaded videos were automatically saved in the phone’s memory.

YouTube videos could also be downloaded in MP3 format, but doing so requires a separate video-to-MP3 converter program. Generally, TubeMate is a great Android video downloader, however, there are a lot of obtrusive adverts.

SaveFrom Helper

A well-liked website regarding downloading YouTube videos includes From a variety of popular websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as Twitter, you can download videos. Additionally, there are three ways to download videos: immediately from the website, through a browser extension, or a mobile app.


Keepvid is a lesser-known yet practical YouTube video downloader that is accessible to Android users. It allows you to save videos from popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. Although Keepvid’s website allows you to download videos directly, you can also obtain its same online resource more quickly by downloading the APK file.

You have a wide range of options whenever it refers to the file quality and size while downloading a video using Keepvid. Perhaps better, you can decide to download the appropriate video clip’s audio-only version.

Android YouTube Downloader YT3

Anyone could download YouTube videos either MP3 or MP4 codecs with this very basic Android YouTube video downloader. It offers an intuitive UI that is simple to use. Whenever downloading a video, you can glance at it using the preview button.

Whatever you download will indeed be saved inside the Download folder and you can download things more quickly. Additionally, it displays song lyrics while you listen to the music. Videos of both high and poor quality are available for download. This app only downloads music plus videos from YouTube, in contrast to other apps.

YT3 Downloader can be used to download YouTube videos.

  • Look again for the video you wish to download in the app after opening it.
  • Choose the MP3 and MP4 download file choice that is displayed on the video’s right-hand side. Before downloading, you can also listen to a preview of the audio.
  • Users can download a video, and you could share it all from the YouTube app with the YT3 downloader.

Final Words for Youtube Video Downloader App

These are the finest free YouTube downloaders in our opinion. The majority of them successfully download material from YouTube and just a variety of other websites. Many of them offer supplementary features like music downloads and format conversion.

FAQs on Youtube Video Downloader App

  1. How can I download any YouTube video?

When downloading videos first from the YouTube app as well as watching them offline, you must purchase YouTube Premium.

  1. Which YouTube video downloader seems to be the best?

In our opinion, New Pipe seems to be the greatest YouTube video downloader among third-party apps. It downloads videos quickly and has a simple UI.

  1. How to free download YouTube videos?

When downloading YouTube content for free, utilize the YouTube Go app using third-party YouTube downloaders.

  1. Which is Android video downloading program is the safest? is unquestionably the best Android video downloader on just this list in terms of both performance and safety. It bears the Norton Safe Web seal of approval, as displayed on the website.

  1. Does a genuine free YouTube downloader exist?

With Windows and Android, there is a free digital downloader called Videoder. This software enables you to download 4K videos including over 1,000 websites in addition to YouTube (the android version simply permits downloading from a little more than 50 sites).

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