Top 10 Android Phone Camera Tricks. You Must Try

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Android is a touchscreen mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, built primarily for smartphones and tablets. The objective of Android, as an operating system, is to connect the user and the device. When a user wishes to send a text message, for example, Android provides a button to tap. Android instructs the phone to send the SMS when the user presses the button.

Android phones now have brilliant cameras with the potential to click photographs comparable to DSLR cameras. If you are having a smartphone and getting fantastic photos, then you should know phone camera tricks

Top 10 Android Phone Camera Tricks

1.You can click photos with the volume key

Everyone loves to take selfies but the problem always appears while taking a photo with the on-screen virtual button.

Taking shots with the volume keys provides a solid grip, resulting in less distortion. Furthermore, if you enjoy taking selfies with the rear camera, it will save you from that embarrassing time when you pose and try unsuccessfully to hit the virtual button (been there, done that).This android phone camera trick can be useful to you for sure.

2.Using barcodes and QR codes

This is another android phone camera trick which interprets information, your Android phone’s camera can scan and read barcodes and QR codes. You may have seen advertisements for products inviting you to scan the code for further information, etc. Using a barcode scanning app, this information can be simply deciphered.

3.Focusing the object

Before you can take that ideal photo, your camera must first focus. After booting, many Android phone cameras take 1-2 seconds to focus. As a result, you should not take a photo right after starting the app. Additionally, you should tell the camera what the picture’s focus is manual. Your phone can focus on faces automatically, but you’ll have to change the focus manually for objects.So,focusing the object might be a useful phone camera trick.

4.You can replace your default camera.

The default camera app on your Android phone is excellent, but there are other great options available as well. For example, Open Camera, which has a long number of options, or Selfiegenic, which caters to selfie enthusiasts. This wonderful phone camera trick can be helpful in taking your pictures and can make your photos more attractive.

5.You can add a polarising filter to your photos.

Polarising filter is another wonderful trick of android phones as if you have polarised sunglasses, you can use them to give your photos a polarising effect. The final image will be crisper and have greater depth. Put your sunglasses in front of the camera lens and snap a picture. Of course, it’s better for brightly lit environments, such as outside daylight photography.

6.Analyze the flash of your camera

The flash on your phone isn’t excellent, and you’ll get far better results without utilising the back flash in many circumstances. Turning off the flash may be the greatest way to improve performance in low-light situations. 

Flash lights, on the other hand, can be valuable. When photographing in daylight when the subject is in shadow, the back flash can be quite useful; it can produce some stunning portrait images. The front flash can often help you get a selfie in dark conditions where you’d otherwise get nothing at all. So while we’d say that 90 per cent of the time you’re better off without it – remember it’s still there.

 7.Use night mode

Night mode is the prominent feature in androids. You’ll only have this option if you have an up-to-date phone, as these latest Google phones have a night mode option where you can click your photos even at night in a good quality and seems a good camera trick for android phones.

8.Take images in HDR mode.

Using your phone’s HDR capability, you can take high-quality photos with a lot of detail. To generate the perfect image, the HDR feature takes many photos of the scene and then uses the parts with the best light exposure. If there is a problem with bright and dark light in a scene, HDR photography will provide the finest results.

9.Infrared rays can be seen.

Human eyes are unable to see infrared radiation, but your phone’s camera can. Simply place your phone camera against your TV remote and hit any button; a blue light should illuminate. This method worked for me to check a dead TV remote control, and it might work for you as well.

10.You can try the panorama Effect.

The panorama shot feature on your phone allows you to take many images of a broad region and combine them into a single image. This allows you to photograph big landscapes that would otherwise be too wide for the lens. What if you stood in each of the photos? Wouldn’t it give the impression that there are several clones of you in a single photograph? To do so, move your camera to a different area while someone else (maybe a buddy) moves the camera around to generate the panorama shot. The ultimate result will appear to have several clones of yourself in it. You can also quickly replace your clothes with accessories to add some variety.This trick in androids is very unique and creative, you must try it once.


So here are some Top 10 Android phone camera tricks that you can try easily and can help you to click good pictures.Finally, the best tip for learning how to snap a professional photo with your phone is to practise! You don’t have to worry about using up a roll of film or printing your images, so take as many as you like, analyse the outcomes, and make comments on how to enhance them. Is it the lighting, composition, camera shake, or something else? Figure out what you’re doing properly and what you’re doing badly, and keep improving.

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