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PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle after almost seven years on the market. As more details about the PS5 became known, fans were waiting for the next Sony console. Throughout its life, PS4 has put together a significant library of games. It’s hard to follow all the quality versions, even if you are on the board from day one. For those who buy PS4 later, the number of games available is immediately clear.

You will likely never play all that PS4 has to offer, but we are here to help you play some useful games without breaking the bank. As can be expected from a system that is several years old, there are various kinds of games that can be put together quite cheaply.

Sony will continue to expand your list of choices because plans for the new PlayStation hit series were announced in the US and Europe. This consists of affordable games that will be available in special packaging for PS4. The original lineup is very strong and includes some of the best games on the platform. The exact games you will find will vary by region, but they include high-class titles such as The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4, and Death Stranding. Hit PlayStation is already available in the US and will soon be launched to other regions.

However, unofficially, there are many that can be worth up to $ 20 on the PlayStation Store. We present many of the best games of this type. We have expanded the list for March 2020 with newer versions such as the “Untitled” game and will add more to help you find inexpensive games that are worth buying. This is incomplete, but let us know your recommendations in the comments below.

Although the next console will be launched soon, 2020 will be a solid year for the PS4 library thanks to high profile releases such as The Last of us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. If you want to learn more about PS4 in 2020.

See our Best Cheap Ps4 list of exclusive consoles that we have collected.

Axiom Verge ($ 20 / £ 17): Axiom Verge is another interpretation of the Metroidvania style, but is characterized by a variety of weapons and tools – especially the address of the intruder, which affects the environment and each type of enemy in different ways. This is also a game with an impressive taste scale and a lack of secrets to be discovered which promotes many games. Add an excellent soundtrack and a tempting story, and there are lots of things you should like here. | Chris Pereira

Axiom Verge

Bastion – ($ 15 / £ 12): The Supergiant Games debut, Bastion, set the stage for everything else the creator had created. This isometric action play game tells an interesting story about the world destroyed by a catastrophic event called “Disaster” in the city of Caledonia. You control the main character Bastion – The Kid, who is led on a journey by a charismatic storyteller named Rules to bring the city back together. Very few survived and enemy monsters remained in Caledonia. This is the impetus for using a variety of melee weapons and projectile weapons. Bastion acts as a kind of base that slowly contracts as you develop and collect kernels at the end of each level.

Rukes’ deep and instantly recognizable voice (Logan Cunningham’s) gives this story a majesty, supported by a truly extraordinary soundtrack (by Darren Corb) that is Celtic, Western, and opaque trip-hop at the same time. Bastion’s fantastic artistic style (by Jen Zie) blew into a world that was almost free of him and split by conflicts between various cultures. These elements have become a core element of Supergiant’s work, and Bastion is still an excellent example of the team’s ability to develop play that is fun and sincere. | Michael Higham


Batman: Arkham Knight – ($ 20 / £ 17): “Gotham is an enchanting playground where neon lights penetrate rain and fog. All you need is one view to let you know. Besides, there are many single Elements built carefully and presented with such feelings that gratitude is the only reasonable reaction, but most of these elements – excellent acting, incredible animation, gloomy soundtracks – are elements that are Batman’s hallmarks: Arkham City. “O mistake made Arkam Ritter clearer. Instead of running away from the appeal of the game they produce, perfect Bath’s latest adventure, the basics: safe but satisfying return to the world’s tormented metropolitan city “.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Bloodborne- ($ 20 / £ 17): The beauty of video games is how you can enter a world that you never want to visit in real life. This is the case with Yharnam, the central location of Bloodborne From Software. You are a visitor and hunter in this country without hope. In practice, all the inhabitants are obsessed with suffering like zombies and want the dead. However, each local was invited in his own way which was haunting and disturbing. The more pressing the environment, the more bloodborne feels. The architecture that was inspired by Europe around it is broad and detailed. Between the Gothic tower and many imaginary melee weapons, Bloodborne often feels like Castlevania’s unofficial legacy. His enemies range from spectral girls to frightening magical creatures that make up many H.P. Lovecraft influence. And even if their gameplay and brutal struggle takes the studio’s mock-up series, Dark Souls, seriously, Bloodborne still manages to stand alone. The Bloodborne stories are less blurry than the Dark Souls puzzle, but that doesn’t make the PlayStation 4 less interesting. | Miguel Concepcion


Celeste – ($ 20 / £ 17): Celeste may look like another pixelated platformer with a young protagonist, but it quickly turns into a tightly set brutal death glove that only the best players can master. This challenges you to cross the cave with spikes with a variety of simple skills, with alternative ways that push your body even further as you try to get every last hidden object. You will die hundreds of times, but with a quick restart and an interesting soundtrack, you will never stop running in defeat, just a new opportunity to show what game you are making. The action and difficulty curve is accompanied by an interesting shocking story that adds the right amount of context to make your difficult journey feel justified and reinforces Celeste as one of the biggest surprises in 2018 | Peter Brown


NecroDancer Crypt – ($ 15 / £ 12): Roguelikes (or at least the roguelike element) has become one of the most popular game trends in recent years, but few choose an interesting approach to genres such as Crypt of the NecroDancer. This gives players the task of navigating through the dungeon on time with music. Instead of just moving in the desired direction or attacking the enemy that is blocking you, your actions and your enemy are directly connected to the soundtrack (always extraordinary). It’s important to always do something – don’t take action on the next strike to restart the combo, which means you will get less gold or do less damage depending on the item you buy. Especially when the music is getting faster, it always gives a real feeling of excitement and excitement: You have to think about your next action all the time, given how nearby opponents react to your movements. This is an experience with several benchmarks, but you still want to try it. | Chris Pereira

Necro Dancer

Fez – ($ 13 / £ 11): Even though Fez is almost six years old, it’s still worth playing today. Although originally introduced as a 2D game, it quickly revealed the third dimension and developed into something very special. At first glance, you can rotate the 2D game environment with an increase of 90 degrees so you can bring background elements to the foreground and often find hidden paths. This is a complicated system for directing your mind first, but with a choice of simple puzzles, you can learn it in a short time. From now on, Fez urges you to distort your problem solving techniques, because this leads to very complex brain teasers that introduce cryptic symbols that correspond to an increasingly mysterious atmosphere. This is one of the few games that is truly unique, and because the sequel was canceled long ago, it looks like it will happen in the future. | Peter Brown


Journey ($ 15 / £ 13): Many games offer stunning graphics or heartbreaking stories or interactivity that is superior to other suggestions. The successful trip has all this and still more than the sum of its parts. Between the sparkling sand and climbing with the help of your mystical scarf, you will find hidden murals that lead to the history of the game. For everything he did, Journey was praised for the convention that he gave up. The game eliminates traditional dialogue and storytelling, preferring to allow players to interpret the adventure for themselves through sight and sound.

However, you don’t have to experience it yourself. In most cases, you share your journey with other players-controlled characters with whom you only communicate via Twitter audio. While the shock of losing your new friend accidentally hits you hard when the environment becomes more threatening, finding them again and keeping them close to times of sadness is an unforgettable emotional experience. The perfect design style by developer Thatgamecompany, which collides with the adorable Austin Wintory soundtrack, makes Journey a unique experience not to be missed. | Jess McDonnell


Nex Machina – ($ 20 / £ 17): For the past ten years, developer Nex Machina Housemarque has focused almost exclusively on double arrows. Starting with Super Stardust HD and through games like Resogun and Dead Nation, he experimented with various twists in this genre. Nex Machina seems to be the culmination of this effort and offers high-octane and intensive actions that allow you to constantly analyze your environment and your ability to eliminate enemies. This is a very pleasant and satisfying experience to play, but it also has a lot of wrinkles and secrets for strong players. Add beautiful saturated neon graphics and you have the best house marquee performance – which makes it even more worrying that the studio has decided to change gears and go the other way. However, there is no better example of his work than Nex Machina. | Chris Pereira

Nex Machina

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