How to Use Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator | Essential Tips

What is Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator?

The Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is a Mobile application introduced by the Valve Corporation which is available for both IOS and Android Platforms. It offers high-security services for the steam account users. This application generates code that you must enter when you log in to your account. For every 30 seconds, the codes will be changed by the application. By adding your phone numbers to your stream accounts will enhance the security of your account. In this way, your account can be easily accessible even if you lost or forget your login credentials. Here the steam application uses the Two-factor authentication method which uses the two types of credential authentication.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication or Two-way verification refers to a security process where the user provides two different authentication factors for authentication to secure the user’s Credentials. Nowadays typical passwords are easily hacking able and giving assurance to the security of our systems is not possible. A Two-way authentication (2FA) method helps users to secure their accounts by the double-checking method.

Screenshots of the Steam mobile app signin screen.

Who needs the Steam Guard Mobile Application?

Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is helping the people who wish to add a level of security high for their accounts. The application provides you real-time security while you are accessing the steam games or steam markets. It securely improves your financial-based transaction activities to heighten your business.

For Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

Screenshots of the Steam mobile app set up process.

Go to your mobile app store (Google Play or Apple App store) and download the official Steam application. You can also check reviews and rankings of the application. Please make sure that the app is developed from the Valve Corporation.

Here is the link that you can use to download the application.

Screenshots of the Steam Guard mobile authenticator setup process.
  • Apple App Store:
  • Google Play Store:

1. After downloading and installing the application, enter your login information on the main screen.

2. After entering, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen to display the entire menu.

3. After calling the entire menu, select the Steam Guard option (the first).

4. If you have not set up an Authenticator, additional options are available. Press the icon “Add Authenticator”.

Screenshots of the Steam mobile authenticator setup process.

5. You will then be asked to enter your telephone number. If you have added a phone number to your Steam account, this step is not needed.

6. After you confirm your telephone number, you will receive a code from Steam. Losing this recovery code can be very problematic because it ensures that you can access your account, even if no authenticator is available and you don’t have the right credentials. Don’t miss this step.

7. Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is now activated. As you can see on the screen, the code changes every thirty seconds to make your account safer. This code is almost unbreakable.

Screenshots showing how to use the Steam mobile authenticator.

How do I access Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator?

If you have an authenticator, every time you log in to Steam, you will be asked to enter the current code, which is available on your mobile screen. The code can appear in your mobile’s notification bar. You can also check it by opening the Steam application on your phone’s screen and getting the latest code. Please make sure that you must enter the code within 30 seconds after the code changes during this period.

1. Login into the Steam client with your login information.

2. Next, you have to enter your Steam authentication code, displaying on your mobile.

3. Once the code entered press OK. You will now be successfully registered with your Steam Client.

How to add your phone number to your Steam account?

Initially you need to add your phone number to your Steam account before starting of Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.

  1. Open Steam client. 
  2. Click on Account Name in the upper right corner of the corner. Follow the Same thing if you wish to open your account in your browser.
  3. Select the Account Details option from the list of options in the drop menu.
  4. Search the Account Details tab (on the left side of the screen). Click the Add Phone Number button on the Contact Details tab. If you have added a telephone number, “Manage Phone Numbers” is displayed.
  5. Enter your telephone number with your country code. You can choose your country from the drop menu and enter a telephone number. After entering the data, click ‘Next’.
  6. Steam now sends an SMS to your cell phone that contains a verification code. Enter the screen code to make sure the telephone number is correct and click ‘Next’. On some phones, the code can be stored in the spam folder. Depending on the service, it might even take one or two minutes. If you recently received the code, click the “Resend Code” button.
  7. Your telephone number is already registered in your account. Now you can start by activating Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.

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