Sony Bravia Smart TV Software or Firmware update?

How to Update Software of Sony Bravia TV

There is a simple process of updating the software or firmware of Sony Bravia smart TV which enhances the performance of TV . Updating the firmware brings new aspects to the television. 

Let’s discuss how to update Sony Bravia Tv. System update comes with various changes to the smart Tv. Such as following more features and fixing errors and bugs.

What Is Firmware Update?

A firmware update is as important as a software update: they are an essential part of the digital world. Manufacturers of gadgets create an updated and adequate firmware. Updates add or rewrite the   software present on the device that supports the  utmost efficiency.

Firmware updates rely on the device. The updates can be  done  rarely (once in several years) or more repeatedly, mainly for devices that are always connected to the internet or for those notifying updates with up-to-date security characteristics.

Many key gadgets use firmware and will receive frequent firmware updates:

  • Router
  • Printer
  • Modem
  • USB-connected peripherals (e.g., mouse, keyboard)
  • Camera
  • Streaming device(tv etc)

As the update upgrades the Sony Bravia tv’s performance twice as earlier. Sony Bravia Tv operates android as an operating system which is formulated by Google. Though, updating firmware in smart TV’s will be just distinct from the smartphone method.

There are multiple ways to update your  Sony Bravia Tv. Several methods may require some extra components like a USB drive. In addition, the internet is an important  thing while updating the Sony Tv.

Sony smart Tv uses Android Operating System. So the updating process for every sony Tv which works on an android operating system  will be similar.

How to Update Software of Sony Bravia TV?

Sony is a big Brand Name .Sony company   provides high-quality smart television all over the world. The company is known by its name or  its professional gadgets provided . The Sony smart television Bravia means Bravia (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) for its aspects, new features and first Android Tv launched.

There are various methods of updating the Sony Bravia Tv. These are automatic updates, updates with USB and update manually.

Though, Sony’s Smart Tv has been coming up with new updates every month. By doing these updates every month  Tv has a lot of bugs and errors , you can effortlessly solve those errors by updating them. Updating the Sony TV firmware brings the latest features and stabilizes the television’s performance.

Need to Update  Sony Bravia Tv software or firmware?

There are many reasons to  update  smart TVs.  Most of the time generic and certain bugs are fixed after the updation of firmware or software . After the update process , the TV performs smoothly as if newly purchased.

How to update software or firmware of Sony Bravia Automatically

This method is instructed  to update the Sony Tv firmware. But, this update process needs the internet to check for updates.  instructions given below shows how to update sony Bravia Tv over the internet:

  • On the Home screen of smart tv, scroll down and then click on Settings.
  • Select  the About option and then click Enter.
  •  Select System Software update option   and then choose to Check for the Update available .
  • Enable Auto Update option . Presently, If there is an update available accordingly follow  with the on-screen instruction given to install it.
  • After that Tv reboots and updates on your smart tv are installed. During this   process, do not turn off television or disconnect from Power Supply .

How to Update software for Sony Bravia TV For Specific Models or manually ?

If your Tv has not had the same settings as mentioned. Above in automatic update  method . Several overlapping models update steps are as follows :For X74xxH_X75xxH Series Model:

  • Press the Help button mentioned on the remote and select Help.
  • Move to Status & Diagnostics, and thus select System software update.
  • In addition,  Check on the Automatic update option.if it not on.
  • Select Check for update.

Updation For Sony’s other android Models:

  • On the tv remote, press the Help button and then open the  Help .
  • Select the Privacy setting.
  • Read the Privacy Policy carefully , then select Agree option .
  • After that, the TV will update automatically. Always Agree with the privacy policy option else update will not start on  TV even if the auto-update is turned on.
  • If  Tv is already up to date, there is no requirement to update it. Though, you can check the current version of firmware update date in the description.

How to Install Update for Sony Bravia TV?

As mentioned above the automatic update on TVs is done but the installing step is different from updating the firmware . On some mentioned TV series models. The notification pop-ups means “Update Now”.

Then, select update now. The notification appears to be  only for 15 seconds and thereon disappearing, it brings in 12 hours to display.

It will take 15 to 30 minutes according to requirements on your Sony TV model. For example, the Tv restarts itself during the installation process. After that , the update starts installing.

How to Update Sony Bravia TV software with USB?

As mentioned in the automatic update method, internet connection is mandatory .But You can still update your Tv without Internet access . For example, if your Tv has no internet connection you can still update the tv via a USB drive .

There are a few things in this method i.e USB drive, PC. Update via USB is also perceived as flashing the USB. This process has been divided into three parts.

Downloading firmware with the help of USB:

Part 1

  • Go to official site then select the Sony Support page.
  • Find  Your Tv model number and click on download.
  • Now, the updated  firmware files start to download on your PC. Once the download is completed , go to the next part.

Part 2

Use of Flashing USB drive

  • Insert a USB Drive I’m USB port on your computer.
  • Find the firmware file on smart tv. On Windows move to the Download folder whereas on MACOSX go to the GO folder.
  • Configuration of yours  USB drive to AT16, FAT32, exFAT, or NTFS.
  • Extract the firmware file.
  • Copy the firmware file from tv and then paste it onto the USB drive’s root directory.

Part 3

Installing Firmware using USB device 

  • Switch on the power supply of the TV.
  • Insert USB drive in USB port on TV.
  • Later on, Tv detects the USB drive and follows the instructions provided on TV screen .
  • Do not eject the USB drive unless the installation process is completed.

Do not remove the USB Drive during the process of installation .Never disconnect the power supply until the process is completed.

However , if there is an error that comes up during the update. Smart TV Couldn’t connect to the server or Software cannot update using the USB drive, etc. such a type of error message appears  on the TV screen. To get away from such errors, follow the instructions given below:

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Disconnect the power supply cable.
  • Wait for a few seconds and switch on the  power supply of the Tv.
  • Turn it on and then again try installing firmware.


 After updating firmware make sure to check the software version. Many times , the update is available but is not installed automatically. If users have already installed the new firmware, the tv will display no newer version of update is available right now.

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