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Do you want to know which careers have gained popularity? Let’s look at the most popular careers in India in 2019 to set an astonishing goal in your life . 

Animation and graphics

Animation & graphics pave the way for the unconventional and provide fertile ground for innovative minds who want to express their creativity through digital media. With career opportunities such as UI / UX design, web design, graphics and animation, this field has left some of the most sought-after careers with the digital revolution of the century. We can certainly bet that this title will last for months and years. 

Social sciences and humanities

In a surprising (and refreshing) turn of events, humanities are no longer the dark horse of the career world. The social sciences and humanities have consistently remained on this list in recent months and said goodbye in January. It just shows that they are quickly gaining prestige and popularity and are useful as career opportunities for students. The debt of social sciences to the state machine made them cautious.

Computer and IT application

Computer and IT applications have strengthened their position on this list for consecutive months. Although it is no longer at the top (number three for three consecutive months), it is still a popular choice in India, as evidenced by its presence on the list. If you see a wave of cool applications and software to achieve almost anything you’ve ever decided on, its popularity isn’t hard to imagine. Anyone who knows a programming language and has a sense of technology can expect a promising career in this field.

Ethical hacking

As a permanent presence in the Top 10 in 2018, ethical hacking has proven that this hack will still be here. Ethical hacking is a “modern career” and makes progress in technology, supported by excessive results from the media and popular culture. Not only a career in computer manipulators, he also utilizes the logic and the code to the fullest.


It all starts with a business idea, but has the potential to pound the world. You don’t need to look beyond Amazon, Uber, or Swiggy to find out what entrepreneurs have, their ideas, and insights in the world today. It is not surprising that entrepreneurship as a career has caught the attention of our young people, which is well documented by its presence on the list of popular careers. If you want to change the world with your ideas, you must act on an entrepreneurial basis!

Hotel management

As a growing industry globally, hotel management presents the best the hospitality industry has to offer. From hotels and resorts to casinos to cruise ships, hotel professionals can take on many roles and get many different feathers for their hats. Therefore, it is not difficult to say that it is fast to reach the most popular places among young people in India. As part of the popular career chart, we can only predict good things for hotel management in the coming months.


Engineering remains at the forefront and is a tough competitor to the 2018 list and now is at the forefront of 2019 as well. Although this is a relatively predictable field, current techniques offer students the opportunity to revolutionize our daily lives with new and innovative advances in technology – from robots to artificial intelligence.

Media and communication

The increase in Media & Communication in 2019 is a pleasant and exciting surprise. This proves that nothing is certain in the professional world and we can no longer rely on traditional ideas. It also shows us that modern students are turning away from the proven field of work from previous generations and are increasingly embarking on exciting and courageous careers. This domain allows thrill seekers to look for new things while voting for them.


Design is the perfect career for those who prefer to communicate their thoughts and ideas in a visual environment. It has taken the career world by storm. With many display options such as graphics, interiors, fashion, products, cars, furniture, jewelry, etc., this provides an environment for those who have creativity. No wonder that Design 2019 is permanently represented in this list. 


Management has topped the list for several months in a row, showing that he is here to stay! This serves as proof that it’s still the best choice for almost everyone who wants to climb the career ladder. As a second-rate career trader who has proven successful over time, the company is quickly gaining a new perspective with the booming beginners and beginners in the country.

Share your comments, which is the best suited to level up your career. 

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