Scope of Software Testing Engineer: Jobs & Career Opportunities in India


This guide guides you through the pros and cons of software testing jobs. If you are looking for a software-testing career, this is necessary!

What is software testing?

Software testing verifies the system / computer program to determine whether it meets the specified requirements and provides the desired results. As a result, you identify errors in the product / software project.

  • Software testing is a must to ensure a quality product without errors or problems.
  • Skills to become a software tester
  • We discuss technical and non-technical requirements for being a software tester
  • Non-technical expertise

Tracking skills are very important to be good software testers. Compare your expertise with the following checklist to see if software testing is a reality for you.

Analytical skills: 

Good software testers must have strong analytical skills. Analytical capabilities help to break down complex software systems into smaller units to get a better understanding and make test cases. You are not sure if you have good analytical skills. Look at this link. If you can solve at least ONE problem, you have very good analytical skills.

Communication skills: 

Good software testers must have good oral and written communication skills. Test artifacts created by software testers (such as test cases / plans, testing strategies, bug reports, etc.) must be easy to read and understand. To deal with developers, discreet and diplomatic measures are needed (if something goes wrong or other problems).

Time Management and Organizational Skills

Time testing can be difficult, especially when running code. Software testers must manage workload effectively, perform well, and have optimal time management and organizational capabilities

Good attitude: 

To be a good software tester, you must have a good attitude. Breakdown test attitude, detailed orientation, willingness to learn, and suggestions for improvement. In the software industry, technology is developing rapidly, and good software testers need to improve their technical capabilities by changing technology. Your attitude must reflect the level of independence when you are doing distributed work and don’t do a lot of direct supervision.

Passion: In order to be extraordinary at work or work, one must have a high passion for it. Software testers must have a passion for their field. BUT how do you determine if you have a passion for software testing if you have never tested it before? Try it, and if you don’t mind testing the software, move on to something else that interests you.

Technical skills

Basic knowledge of Database / SQL: 

The software system has a lot of background data. This data is stored in various types of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and others. So there will be situations where this data must be validated. In this case, a simple / complex SQL query can be used to verify that the correct data is stored in a backup database.

Linux Basic Commands: 

Most software applications, such as web services, databases, and application servers are hosted on Linux computers. Therefore, it is important for testers to have knowledge of Linux commands.

Knowledge and Experience Test Management Tools: 

Test management is an important aspect when testing software. Without proper testing management techniques, the software testing process will fail. Test Management is nothing more than managing artifacts related to your test.

For example – Tools like Testlink can be used to track all test cases written by your team.

There are other tools that can be used for test management. Therefore, it is important for you to have the knowledge and experience to use the tools used in most companies.

Knowledge and practical experience with every bug tracking tool 

bug tracking and bug life cycle are key aspects of software testing. It is very important that errors are managed properly and monitored systematically. Bug tracking is needed because the entire team, including managers, developers and testers, must know the bug. Various tools are used to lock errors, including QC, Bugzilla, Jira, etc.

Knowledge and practical experience with automation tools: 

If, after several years of manual testing, you understand yourself as an “automation tester”, you must master the tool and gain in-depth practical knowledge about automation tools.

Note – Just knowing that each automation tool is not enough to miss an interview requires good direct experience. Therefore practice your chosen tool to master the skills. Skills in scripting languages ​​such as VBScript, JavaScript and C # always help when searching for automated jobs. Some companies also use shell / perl scripts, and there is a huge demand for testers with the right knowledge. In turn this will depend on the company and the tools used by the company.

There are also many choices for performance testing tools because applications need to be tested for effectiveness, which is part of non-functional testing. This is because of technical knowledge. Please note that you do not need ALL of the above technical skills. The required technical skills vary depending on the role of work processes and business processes.

Academic Qualification

  • The academic experience of a software tester must be in computer science.
  • And BTech / B.E., MCA, BCA, BSc computers are set up quickly.
  • If you do not have one of these qualifications, you must complete a software test certification such as ISTQB and CSTE to become familiar with the software development / testing cycle and other testing methods.


Software remuneration tester varies from company to company. The average price for software testers in the US is between $ 45,993 and $ 74,935. The average salary range of software testers in India is R7 247,315 – Rs 449,111. In addition, software testers receive health insurance, awards, grants, and other benefits.

What do software testers do?

On a typical workday, you are busy understanding the requirements documents, making test cases, running test cases, reporting and retesting errors, attending review meetings, and other team building activities.

Software Software Career Path

His career as a software tester (QA analyst) at a typical Level 5 CMMI company is as follows, but varies from company to company

  • QA Analyzer (fresher)
  • Senior QA Analyst (2-3 years experience)
  • QA Team Coordinator (5-6 years experience)
  • Test Manager (8-11 years experience)
  • Senior Test Manager (Tests 14+)

Alternative career for as a software tester

After your hands are dirty during manual testing, you can do the following specialties

Automation Testing: As an automation testing engineer, you are responsible for automating the manual execution of test cases. If not, this might take some time. IBM Rational Robot, Silk Performer and QTP devices

Performance Testing: As a Performance Testing Engineer, you are responsible for checking application responses (it takes time to load, applications can load optimally), and more. WEBLoad, the Loadrunner tool is used.

Business Analyst: The big advantage that testers have over developers is that they no longer have business knowledge. A clear progress in the tester’s career is to become a business analyst. As a Business Analyst, you are responsible for analyzing and evaluating your business model and business workflow. As a BA you integrate these models and workflows into technology.

The Scope of Software Testing In The Future

The future of software testing is always good as long as the developers develop the projects we do, we will test them, and even if they stop developing, we will test them.

Repair etc … Tests are always needed Customers will never receive a product without complete testing. The test range is always well, because it gives everyone the confidence in the work we all do … it’s always good to add something more testing process, so you don’t need to think that testing is boring and simple operation…. This process is very good for testing.


1. High market demand.

2. Niche abilities.

3. Put yourself in the software testing industry.

4. High growth rate.

Testing is one of the most important and important fields in IT to development. Test area will always be good. Now everything becomes automation. That is all The better the candidate must get used to this automation testing tool like selenium, JMeter etc.

The scope of software testing

Several application and product conversions as well as companies have recognized its importance structured application tests before starting. Testing has produced different levels and types and specializes in these different types of testing. Increase the intrinsic value of software testers. From a monotonous test case. The contractor has developed several career opportunities in front of the test community. Following Software Testing as a Career The profile of software testers has been reviewed for several years phenomenal growth. Testing is very important for some application / product conversions. The company has now recognized the importance of structured application testing before it was released.

Lately testing has been considered a good career for many people. From being your test Engineers, one person can be a senior test engineer, from the test manager to the test manager Or, you can become a QA Manager or QA Manager. In addition, the available options are at Very large test instrument. There are a number of functional performance tools and safety tests

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