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The internet is growing at a very fast pace in today’s contemporary world. It has Increased the dependencies of people on the internet and online searches for a different purpose. If you come across any quality sites that provide you with better results and improve your skills, you would like to save it somewhere for future use for yourself. If not for you, then you might want to share it with your friends and family.

 In this whole process, social bookmarking can help you to save a website, and you can come back to it whenever you want and spend more time on it. Social bookmarking is easiest, and to tailor the internet according to your likes and preferences.  It allows you to organize and collect the links, web pages according to your interest.

Let’s look ahead further to get more relevant information about how bookmarking can be a solution to you, how to use social bookmarking sites, lists of various social bookmarking sites,

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites are started as an easy means for various content marketers and social media creators.  Social bookmarking is a process by which you can save a specific website to a social bookmarking place for future use. You can visit again and again instead of saving any web page or link to social media. You can easily save them using different social bookmarking platforms.  Today we have a diverse community of content creators and marketers. They make groups and discuss different web pages with the help of social bookmarking sites where they easily get access to the relevant site and share amongst themselves.  Since bookmarks are easily available, they can be used anywhere, on any device, and on any internet connection.

 Here are some popular social bookmarking tools:

  •       Digg.
  •       Reddit.
  •       Pinterest
  •       Dribble
  •       Slashdot.
  •       Instagram
  •       Facebook
  •       Tumblr

Why use social bookmarking sites?

Being normal individuals too,  we spend a lot of time on the internet and come across various priceless content we wish to save to read later or share with our friends. We end up sharing it on social media. The social bookmarking site provides a solution to this problem. You can collect all the interesting feeds in one place or share them too. Even social media creators and marketers find content that best meets your requirements. This presents you with a simple method to speed up social media growth. It also helps various companies get access to the most famous issue and attach it to the relevant projects.

How Social Bookmarking Works?

The Internet is the vast storehouse of information waiting to be collected and used by its users. When you follow any site or content regularly, then it provides you with personalized notifications about any new or updated content.

Social bookmarking sites are a way to share information among groups. This enables websites to reach the  correct audience and make networks and enables discussion.’

How is social bookmarking beneficial?

 The Internet loves new feeds. Social bookmarking. It enables search engines to bring up fresh content.  Social bookmarking is the most popular way to boost your business and webpage and the best off-page SEO techniques. It is easily accessible, user friendly. A social bookmarking site comes out as an effective way of getting backlinks and drives all the traffic instantly to the website. You can easily get those interesting links, blogs, and videos collected for future reference by using social bookmarking. Social bookmarking lets you make networks and links to the potential creators and make you grow online. Due to the huge driven traffic to your website, you can improve the domain authority of your blog. It creates a positive impact on the page. In short, it will simplify your multitasking, time, and energy.  Along with simplifications of your task, it brings the responsibility as a community member to share information from relevant sources. 

A step by step guide to getting starting

To do social bookmarking, you must be aware of the method for it. Here I present to you a few easy steps to do social bookmarking:

  1. Select a social bookmarking site: Each social bookmarking site comes in a little different way. You can select one site and also work with a combination of two. Here I present some free social bookmarking sites, which include Pinterest, Digg. Slashdot, Twitter
  2. Second step to follow to do social bookmarking is uploading the link. The particular method for doing this isn’t the same because it varies from site to site. You have to cut and paste the link and upload it on your profile on the site you want to bookmark.
  3. Keep connected to social media now; in this step, you have to connect your desired social bookmarking site to your email account, Facebook. It needs to be done to get feed according to your interests
  4. Tagging the Links once you upload the link on the bookmark page using specific keywords; now tag the links.
  5. Social bookmarking use for SEO: if you think that just by social bookmarking, you can generate traffic to your site, then you might be mistaken. To drive huge traffic to your site. You should be aware of the keyword that is more searched on search engines optimization. Use proper and most searched keywords on search engines to get your links tagged.  Follow these steps and tag with these keywords and boost the traffic to your site

How to submit  social bookmarking

Search engine optimization has two parts: off-page SEO and Page SEO, so social bookmarking is the most important part of Search engine optimization. The most direct benefit of submitting bookmarking websites is Brand awareness.  Your content, blog, videos, articles will get submitted on these social bookmarking websites to help the users to share the content, and thus, it is important to generate more and more traffic on your website. You can get extensions and submit your articles and content on different social bookmarking platforms. Also, you can upload the link of the page that you want your readers to read to the social bookmarking sites. You can use famous keywords to tag your links. Even social bookmarking sites show the popular keywords or words that are trending in search engines too. Spend time and see how you can use those keywords to drive the traffic.

How to enter social book markings into websites by using free Pr?

  •       Make a page and search do follow bookmarking sites
  •       Take out sites one by one to complete the task
  •       Do your registration by putting in your username and email address
  •       Now, open your account
  •       A form will pop up, now, fill the form correctly
  •       Add your work, relevant images
  •       And then submit it by clicking on the post button.

This process will help you to submit the book markings to the website quickly. And by putting all the information correctly, you can benefit from social book markings.

Free social bookmarking sites

So after knowing about all the important factors about social bookmarking, I am going to list some of the free social bookmarking sites, which include:

  1. Pinterest. It is the most popular social bookmarking site for users, and yes, it’s FREE!. It is a great platform to bookmark your ideas, content, pictures, recipes. And it provides high domain authority.
  2. Twitter. Another most popular site to bookmark your work is Twitter. With millions of its users, it has become one of the best social bookmarking sites. The fresh feed keeps the people engaging and lets you, your ideas, work, and brand grow. It also enables you to interact with the world at your fingertips.
  3. Slashdot this site enables users to share their stories with people. This free social bookmarking site also lets you share games, videos, book reviews, and many more.
  4. Reddit. Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking sites present. Here too, you can share your articles, stories, pictures. It contributes to brand awareness as well.
  5. Tumblr. Tumblr is also a good platform to share your innovative ideas, favorite written content, visual content, post, blog.
  6. Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular in today’s generation. It provides high visual content to its users. 1.86 billion people use Instagram.
  7. Facebook. Facebook is the largest social bookmarking site to share your creative ideas, videos, images, work. It drives traffic in large numbers. It drags the trending things over there also a useful discussion

In today’s generation, Social bookmarking is the best way to get your brand ideas, work popular, and help many businesses grow by generating room for discussions of saved links. Social bookmarking can generate income for you if you do it properly. With the help of proper knowledge, this can grow you and your work.

If you also have great social bookmarks, then share them with the world!

1500+ Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021

S.NO Bookmarking Websites List Link Type
1 DoFollow
2 DoFollow
3 DoFollow
4 DoFollow
5 DoFollow
6 DoFollow
7 DoFollow
8 DoFollow
9 DoFollow
10 DoFollow
11 DoFollow
12 DoFollow
13 DoFollow
14 DoFollow
15 DoFollow
16 DoFollow
17 DoFollow
18 DoFollow
19 DoFollow
20 DoFollow
21 DoFollow
22 DoFollow
23 DoFollow
24 DoFollow
25 DoFollow
26 DoFollow
27 DoFollow
28 DoFollow
29 DoFollow
30 DoFollow
31 DoFollow
32 DoFollow
33 DoFollow
34 DoFollow
35 DoFollow
36 DoFollow
37 DoFollow
38 DoFollow
39 DoFollow
40 DoFollow
41 DoFollow
42 DoFollow
43 DoFollow
44 DoFollow
45 DoFollow
46 DoFollow
47 DoFollow
48 DoFollow
49 DoFollow
50 DoFollow
More Bookmarking Websites Coming Soon

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