Top 30 Small Business Ideas in India with Low investment

Starting a business with low investment is quite a challenging one for the new startups and entrepreneurs. Most of the Indian graduates are suffering from the unemployment problems and financial issues. But, now, it’s a great time to launch your own small business with low investment in India. Before starting a business you need some strong ideas, time, some amount of money and marketing skills. Here is the list of best ideas for your small investment business in India will make you to start your own business.

Education services

Educational services are a rapidly growing business in the world of discovery, knowledge, technology, and competition that is developing at this time. Creating a network of qualified specialists to teach, teach and direct students and adults in various fields is a credible and popular choice for small businesses that can be broadly expanded. Search the internet and find countless online and offline education programs that help students with their education. This business requires more skills, knowledge and networks and less investment. You need to be experienced and passionate enough to achieve positive results and a good reputation. This business requires more skills, knowledge and networks and less investment. You need to be experienced and passionate enough to achieve positive results and a good reputation.

Blogging services

If someone has to decide on an idea to get money from a small business list based on the Internet, blogging, V-logging (video blog) can potentially be money. Although interesting, it doesn’t matter what he wrote or made the video. Even top artists, including comedy, are ready to consider this as a potential way to increase their reach. Of course, the aim is to increase the number of opinions or vlog readers or blogs by creating interesting content. Some vlog platforms receive compensation based on the number of posts, whereas for most blogs, ad revenue generated by Google Adsense helps companies make money.

Mobile Breakfast services 

Food, which is one of the three basic needs of life, makes it the best choice for people to devote themselves to F & B and start their business. Therefore, as a small business idea, a shared diet will never end their customers as long as they serve good food. Of course it doesn’t need to be a complete restaurant from the start. You can start with only a few main dishes as a healthy traditional breakfast with additional snacks as a supplement.

Internet business

Small business ideas can become big companies over time, and the advent of the Internet along with related technologies can certainly help. It has been proven that small businesses with an online presence are better than businesses without an online presence. Amazingly, this initial business idea focused on providing various online services for various small and medium businesses. That’s why social media experts, bloggers, website designers and developers are in great demand lately. Such companies only need basic computer systems, software, and high-speed Internet connections, but developers must be able to do it. Affiliates that can be managed online successfully include authors for others, freelancing, and online translation services.

Clothing / embroidery

As far as a successful business idea is concerned, this is based on further basic requirements for life-long clothing, so the market size is all good. As a beginner company, sewing and embroidering has been around for decades, and most of them are domestic companies that accept and execute orders for small boutiques. However, when tested, this increases its chances of becoming a successful future business, especially in large cities where specialized services are sought. It is clear that you must complete the necessary training and, ideally, you must have enough experience to increase the chances of success in this small business.

Advertising agency

In addition to online advertising, brand awareness also has a strong impact on the way advertisements are publicly advertised. This is an incredible sight where you can see lots of brands, products, and services in public places. This is very important because such devices can always attract people’s attention. You can create advertising agencies, take advertisements from individuals or businesses, and make them public. Such business does not require the experience or skills needed. You only receive one ad and one offer.

Ad creation services

You can use your creative mind to become an advertising teacher. Companies and brands often look for someone who is creative, expressive, and can present their products to the public in a way that adds value to the ad.

Animation Field

Animation is an increasingly important profession from time to time. Today, with the simplest hardware and software, you can sit at home and make animated videos. If you are an experienced animation professional, you can set up your own online and offline business to train several other people who are willing to get involved in animated animation. It also strengthens your trust in me and attracts brands, companies and organizations to make animated videos and documentaries. Of course this is a high-paying profession.

Online lessons/Tutoring

One great thing that Internet technology has done now is to overcome the gap between talent and viewers. Today, YouTube and personal tutorial websites have enabled artists and professionals to share their talents, knowledge and skills with their followers. The biggest advantage is that you can build a good reputation, a good image, and build a reliable follower base. Profits continue to increase as pendants, stocks and subscriptions grow. The most popular online lessons that you can see today are:

  1. Music lessons
  2. Dance lessons
  3. Lessons in arts
  4. Lessons in Languages
  5. Cooking lessons
  6. Consultation services

As they go through the days, awareness and concern for the earth and its environment grows. People need to learn how the earth is damaged by us and what can be done to minimize its impact. At present, there is a need to promote and use products that are environmentally friendly and harmless. At present, there is a need to promote and use products that are environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Even though such products are fully manufactured, access to these products is not always easy. However, if you contact environmental organizations or non-governmental organizations and open a green business, you can easily make this product available online. This step can be a good business idea. Promotion and sale of environmentally friendly products can help you gain wide recognition because the environment is an international activity. Apart from this, more and more companies are choosing environmentally friendly technologies today. They can offer green business and consulting organizations so they can plan their eco-friendly trips. If you have the skills and knowledge in energy saving and environmental protection, you can start this business. The success of the best business ideas depends on many factors, including market conditions, owners, owners, and many others. The list above is brief and everyone carries their own risks, but each of these small business ideas has the potential to become a successful business in the future.

Fresh Juice shops

As more Indians recover, fresh juice without preservatives seems to be a popular and healthy alternative to cold drinks. Therefore, this simple juice bar on the small business list has made ideas for India the top choice for potentially successful businesses. While involved, diversifying into related drinks, especially summer drinks (maybe unhealthy) such as lemonade, milk butter and eyelashes, might also be good for this small business. Of course you can choose to explore all the pigs and work with full service trucks. Although high-quality food and drinks and all necessary permits have been fulfilled, it should not be too difficult to ensure the success of this business idea.

Yoga Classes

Are you yoga professional? Do you like yoga? You can start this business with the right place. You don’t need to have a business park to attract large traffic. Community advertising is the best way to promote yoga studios. This is a trendy business in urban India. In addition, you can consider this business as a low yield, high return investment. 

Make Home sandals

We all use sandals. Slippers are considered to be consumed for households. In addition, more or less everyone uses this product. As population growth increases, demand for rubber products also increases every day. This is one of the most profitable business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

Writing web page/blog content

If you are familiar with your grammar and literary skills, you can do very well in the field of web content and writing scripts.

Bloggers and businesses today are always looking for quality and effective content writers who improve their literacy skills and are willing to write quality content for websites. Writing content is an art where you have to write and express topics in five different ways.

– You can sign contracts with brands or organizations to create exclusive content for them.

– You can register for as a freelance writer and be hired by many brands, bloggers and businesses.

Domain and hosting services

While blogging is the backbone of any business today, domain and hosting services are the backbone of blogging. The right and reliable hosting service ensures a smooth and orderly website. 

Hosting service: Hosting services are a rapidly growing business that allows other companies to rely on websites and blogs to grow efficiently.

There are many new hosting services that appear every day at the scene and each has different and interesting features to offer the best results to bloggers. There are big names like Bluehost, Go Daddy, GSuite, NameCheap, and so on. You can take advantage of the fact that brands and online companies are looking for the best hosting services to grow their online business and create their own hosting services and domains.

SEO Consultant

One important thing to consider for every blogger succeeding is to focus on rankings in search results. Search results displayed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are ranked according to the search engine criteria that are most appropriate for users. You might trust websites that appear in the top 5 search results. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here, the need for an SEO consultant has increased over time. Today, every blogger is looking for a good site optimization consultant to help them rank higher in search results.

Translation services

One thing that makes the internet and blogging right is that it has overcome the gap between influences and audiences around the world. At present the influence affects the translation service which provides multilingual broadcasts from their posts and services. Translation services are known throughout the world, because blogs of influential international people aim to stop language from being a barrier. There are many international brands that are expanding to India and looking for reliable translation services to help them promote their work in various regional languages ​​in India. This trend has caused many translation services to appear on the scene, so the translation itself has become a well-known business today. Translating and translating are already businesses that require less and more investment. All he needs is employees who are very knowledgeable in certain international languages, as well as relevant knowledge about Indian regional languages.

Real estate agent

The increase in urbanization and industrialization has increased the need for more land and people who are looking for good homes to live. People choose to buy it or rent it. Now they need brokers or brokers in both cases. So, you can start a real estate agent. The advantage of this business is whether middle-sized or rich people are willing to invest in property and find many contacts that are looking for good property. But it’s also a business that tends to be a lot of fraud and fraud and therefore needs a lot of trust. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to stay away from such fraud and build a reputation among the masses.

Personnel Management (HR)

India is a country where abundant labor and human resources are available. As a result, people’s demand has increased resource management. Recruiting and managing workforce is very important and helps to allocate workers to the right jobs. They can take advantage of this and establish their own recruitment company to provide recruitment services to other companies. All you have to do is create good and reliable data for job seekers. Their main goal is to find candidates whose profiles meet company requirements and receive money or commissions from them. This way of working is in the current Indian scenario, where the population is growing rapidly and competition is set to achieve something promising and successful.

Child care services

In India, the concept of nursery in a working mother’s office has still not been implemented, and because more and more women enter and continue to work after marriage, it is clear that the demand for child care services will continue to increase in the near future. As a novice company, there have been nurseries and nurseries for years, if not decades, especially in large cities with larger numbers of female workers and nuclear families.

Training Courses

Education is a field of diversity and a good idea for low costs. It’s easy to get financial breaks and not full time.

Wedding Planning

This is a business that never ends, and people with creativity and passion make it successful.


HR is an inseparable and important vertical organization, and good recruitment makes the company grow and develop. So, if you have connections to well-known organizations and recruit good people, this is a low-cost job.

Real Estate Advisor

This is a small business idea for an unorganized sector that you can start with good contact and public relations. These small businesses expect less investment and higher returns.

Professional photography

All you need is a good DSLR camera and contact with a well-known organization. There is no office that only needs your talents and desires to make a lot of money.

Career trainers

With training, competition grows and there are many career opportunities, which often make parents or students confused and advised by experts. You can build a network of experienced consultants and professionals and create career guidance and counseling programs to help them with a nominal fee. This field is increasingly important over time and can be edited both online and offline.

Cyber ​​security services

When it comes to the Internet, social networking, social media, finance and blogging, cyber security is an important problem that needs to be taken seriously to prevent cyber crime. Cybercrime has grown rapidly with today’s fast Internet adoption. There are many cases of online theft and hacking in the spotlight. That is why law enforcement organizations and institutions are always looking for cyber experts and information security. If you are very familiar with IT security services, you can change that capability into a complete business idea. You build a network of skilled IT specialists and your team can be hired by top organizations that need cyber security and IT security services.

Cooking Classes:

If a skilled chef is not thinking of throwing it into a restaurant or truck shop, there is an alternative cooking class. This is a trend that is considered by urban families in India as something that pairs and creates something delicious but healthy. 

Financial planning and management

The currency is dynamic and changes at any time. Today, money is everywhere, every second in one form or another. Money flows in the form of income, wages, funds, interest, taxes, expenses, credit, heavy money and online transactions, and costs from every angle. People and businesses are always looking for reliable and reliable financial planning and management services to keep organized traffic at their fingertips and plan their future investments. You can build client consulting services for investment and financial planning. However, before you start, it is highly recommended that you become a certified financial planner if you want employees to trust your confidence in the financial planning business.

Start a franchise shop

You can create a website to promote your franchise, and even start a Smartphone application with attractive offers and offers to shop online while on the go. If you choose the right path, your small franchise can be a national or international name in a few months. Fashion is something that experiences a different trend for a short time because of the increasing population and increasing interest. You can start your own franchise business and build a complete business. This is a business that requires the same amount of human resources and online advertising.


The 21st century is the “freelance era”. You can work freelance and work freely on your chosen project. The biggest advantage of such companies is that you are not bound by a contract and can work on as many projects as possible from different sources. You can work on your own time and charge fees based on project capabilities and performance. Here is a list of categories for the freelancers.

  • Freelance web designers
  • Freelance developer
  • Freelance graphic designer
  • Freelance content writer
  • Freelance animation
  • Freelance illustration and logo design
  • Freelance Video Editor
  • Freelance photography

Hope you all like this list of best profitable business ideas with low investment in India.

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