Top 20 Websites to Buy, Sell and Exchange Second Hand Books Online

second hand books online

Books are the best companions of those who love to read and write.  Such people never hesitate to spend money on buying a book of their choice. Yet, the books are also extremely expensive. So if we get used books in good condition, then probably we can give it a thought to buy that book. Now, the next problem comes from where to buy such used or second hand books. Physically, it is not possible to travel, look and purchase second hand books. Besides, by purchasing second hand books you are also saving paper and hence, conserving the environment in an indirect way. So what are you waiting for? 

Let us go through the top 20 sites which offer second hand books online.

Paperback Bombay

This online site caters specifically to the requirement of avid readers. It provides second hand used books ranging from fiction, romance, autobiography to literature. However, we all are sceptical about buying books from an unknown place and source wondering about the quality and price of that book. Now, if you buy from this site, you get the assurance of both these aspects. You must be wondering—How? The distinctive feature of this site is that when you wish to check the quality of the book you ordered, they instinctively provide you a snapshot of the pages of the book, in order to assure you of its quality. Nevertheless, you must read their cancellation and refund policy as well. You can also contact them on WhatsApp in case of any query. So what are you waiting for? Create your account on their website and start ordering second hand books.


 This is another online store providing second hand books within the reach of every pocket. This site recently, came up with its Republic Day sale as well. It caters to various subjects such as fiction, non-fiction and every books for children. They deliver books all across the country. You just have to download their application and get started with ordering second hand used books.


 This is another significant online platform providing used books at discounted prices. This site was officially launched on 2017 and since has grown far and wide. Book lovers simply need to log on to the site or download the application, become a registered user and order second hand books.  You can also check the testimonials of customers on the website and then try to order your first second hand book online.


This online bookstore offers used books at a decent price. You can also sell your books on this site. There are at least 100 registered users on this site. The procedure to order from this site is very simple. You can purchase used books from this site for as low as Rs 99 and what is more, they offer a free bookmark with every purchased book. They also give assurance of providing good quality books. There is a large variety of books available on this site. You can become a registered user and make online payment for your selected second hand used book.

This is another easy to use site for buying second hand books online. You can buy and sell used books easily on this site. You can sign up for free on this site and buy as many books as you want. So whether you are a homemaker, a student or an avid reader, you can access this site and fulfill your desire of buying as many books as you want and that too inexpensive.

Secondhand Books India

This site goes by its very name. It was established in the year 2004. Once you visit this site, you can search the book as per the category that is, whether it is mystery, humour, science fiction or any other genre. Then you can do the online payment after selecting the book of your choice. This site has provided satisfactory response to thousands of customers since its inception in 2004.


This is another site completely dedicated to the world of books. You can easily buy used books on this site. The process is simple. You need to download its application and register yourself. Not to mention, this site offers free shipping even for international locations. So if this sounds enticing, go for it and make your purchase right now.


This is another incredible online site offering second hand books at reasonable rates. This site is operational in the National Capital Region of Delhi. You can not only buy but also rent second hand books of your choice. However, this site largely caters to the demands of students for instance, they can rent books, furniture and so forth.

You would indeed be surprised to know that second hand books are available on Amazon as well. This online site has become immensely popular all across the world. You need to create an account on this site and select the books of your choice in the cart and make online payments.

This online bookstore provides used books, new books and out of print books to the avid readers. It offers easy return policy, customer care and a wholesome shopping experience to every book lover in this world. When you go through this site, you come across numerous books on different subjects.


This site was founded in 2002 with the sole objective of catering to the needs of book lovers. It offers used books at inexpensive rates. You can even donate books on this site so that they can be reused and hence, save paper. Moreover, there are deals and discounts available on this site as well.

This online site was established way back in 1997 with the sole objective of catering to the book community. What more can one want? You can compare the prices of used books online and then order books from this site. You can search any book of your choice either through the ISBN, or title or author name.


Even though, you have gone through an exhaustive list of online sites providing cheap second hand books, yet AbeBooks is certainly a place to vouch for! This was established in 1997 and offers books on most of the topics such as fiction, children’s books. It has a big collection of books and offers some of the best discounts in the industry.

Powell’s Books

This is another site which offers inexpensive second hand books. You can find your book either through the ISBN or the title of the book. 


This site entered the competition of offering second hand books quite early in 1998. The amazing feature of this site is that it not only offers used books at cheap rates but is also a great place to find movies and music. Once you register on this website, you get introduced to some amazing deals and discounts. They provide free shipping on booking orders for more than $39.

Half Price Books

The name of the site itself is self-explanatory. Titles of different books can be checked on this site and numerous deals on every purchase are available.  


This website attracts the student population the most as the students can save upto 90% by purchasing books from this site. There are no delivery charges for orders more than $25. 


This online bookstore provides used second hand books and new books. Once you pick, choose and order your book, you can easily check your shipping status, delivery history and provide feedback about your shopping experience. 


Do not feel disappointed if you find the above list insufficient. Here is another website where you can buy and sell second hand books. All you need to do is to create your account and begin shopping.


This is an international website which offers used books at extremely low prices. They have a huge plethora of books mainly 13 million titles to choose from on this website. All you need to do is to create your account and then order your desired number of books.

So, book lovers, I am sure you must be surprise after going through this exhaustive list of websites offering second hand used books. The future of the overall book market looks bright in the event of offering huge discounts after coordinating with the courier companies. This is indeed bright for the present and upcoming generation of book lovers.

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