Top 20 Play School in Noida

Play Schools in Noida – We help you choose the best pre schools, montessori schools, nursery school, playschool for children and get overall physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, social skill development of the child, playgroup school, kids play school, playgroup activities and preschool syllabus.

Bubble Play school and Day care

This school is developed to enhance the potential of children socially, physically and mentally strong. 

Here we can get children education from playgroup to Senior kg. They can provide drawing, dance and other activities to the children. Also this school offers outdoor trip and annual function to the children. 

Address : GolChakkar, Block E, Sector 61,  Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307.  Tel: 085273 62756

Smiling sunflower school.

One of the leading preschool in Noida. They believe that every child is having different ability of learning.Here the teacher to student ratio is 10:1, and they are having 1000 Sq. Ft of campus.

Address: NS-37, Sector-37, RHO-2, Noida Sector 37, 201303, Greater Noida

Little Angels

From 1985, they are running most successfully and effectively in Noida. They are following the Montessori method of education and the teacher to children ratio is 1.15.

Address: AWHO, (Gurjinder Vihar), Phase 1 Sector CHI – 1, Pocket 5, Opp. 1 L Blood- 201308.

YO Poppins Play school

They are offering education based on Montessori and playful methods. Apart from this they are offering modern techniques to develop the potential skills of the children. 

Mothers Pride

This is the school running from 1996, delivering playful acts to the children.Here the teacher to student ratio is 1.15 and the allowing toddlers are between the age two to five.


The school follows ‘play and learn’ policy to the children. They also offering Transport systems to all the toddlers. Here the student ratio is 10.1

Puppil Care Nursery school.

One of the well known schools available in noida is run by a well known educationist ‘Meera Chandra. ’ Here the classes are fully air conditioned and also they provide pickup and drop for all toddlers. They are operational between to

Windows school sector 50.

This school was founded in 2000, their only goal is to prepare the student  as a most confidential and fully potential. They are allowing the toddlers between two to five ages.

Kids campus play school.

This playschool aims to empower young children to achieve the best. If you wish to join your child here, you must have certain criteria. After checking this criteria you can fill and apply the application for admission

Blooming buds play school.

Founded in 2004, one of the favourable schools in Noida. They are following the motto “Help me to do myself” in their education system.

They are offering musical, dance and karate classes to the children. Here the teacher student ratio is 1.12

Euro Toddlers

They are applying interactive learning ways and also to enhance the cognitive skills of the children.

Here the student teacher ratio is 10.1 and they are accepting the ages of children between 1.5 to 5.5 years.


One of the famous preschools in Asia, operating in 350 cities and 1100 centers across Asia.

They are following the “ILLUME” methodology to educate the children. They are allowing from 1.5 games of children to their playschool. Here the student teacher ratio is 1.10.

They are providing transportation services and crèche service.

Mighty minds International Preschool and Day care.

Here they are following different methodologies of education for the children.

They are one of the positive reputation schools in Noida.

Their crèche timing is to

Here the teacher to student ratio is 1. 10

Happpy hours school

From 1993 they are providing the educational services in Noida. 

Brig B M Lal trust is behind the Happy hours school.

They are providing well air conditioned rooms and offering abacus, karate, music and dance classes to the children. They are allowing the children from ages of 2 to 4.

Here is the student teacher ratio is 15.1

Rhythm play school

This is one of the top schools offering well conditioned environment and fun activities in their education methodology.

Their education system merged with Montessori and  play ways for the children.

Khaitan Pre school.

They are having modern methodology related to recent times to educate the children.

They are providing the excellent environment and Transportation services to the toddlers.

Ravi Noddy Play School

They are educating the young minds with playful acts and exploring acts. The best thing is we’ll organized environment to  develop the interest among the children.

You can get an application from the school throughout the year.

New wings play school

This is school is both for day-care and preschool for children ages up to 6 years. 

Spacious environment and creative classes encourages the children.Parents can get an application form from the school.

Gaia Green Play school

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