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play games and earn money

Every day, cash prizes worth crores of rupees are distributed, and all of these games have been featured in the list of India’s Best Money Earning Games. So, how do you make money while playing video games? This is where you’ll find the solution to your query.

There are numerous games available on the internet, some of which are for entertainment and others from which individuals can earn money. This time, we’ve compiled a list of comparable games. Which is used by crores of people in the country to earn money by playing games, and which has been utilised by over 10 crore people so far. As a result, you can get an approximation of the number of people who earn money by playing mobile games.

This is a list for persons who participate in Cash Prize games at their own risk. Another fact is that you may or may not earn because not everyone in the game can win. The winner earns, and the loser loses, however certain platforms do not allow you to lose rapidly.

Many people believe that online gaming platforms do not provide financial rewards. This is because it appears that many con artists make off with the user’s money by tempting them to earn additional money. That is why we have included such games in our top ten list, and today’s firm employs millions of people who play them.

Top 6 Earning Games


Dream11 is a fantasy sports website based in India. Where you can play a wide range of live games. Cricket, Hockey, Tanis, Football, and Kabaddi are among the most popular Indian sports. As previously said, Dream11 is a platform where users can make money by playing games. Any user over the age of 18 can establish an account and participate in live running games by visiting Dream11. On Dream11, games are played not for fun, but to make money, and it is the most popular mobile app for making money. Every day, a reward in the millions of rupees is offered, and the money can be used to bet on a live match in any sport in India. For the player on which the game is being played.

Mobile Premier League (MPL)

The MPL is the abbreviation for the Mobile Premier League. This is India’s largest eSports mobile gaming platform, where you may make money while playing a variety of games. On the MPL list, the top six money-making games are ranked second. All of the games, such as Cricket, Fruit Crop, and Sudoku, may be found here.

Matches such as cricket and football are broadcast live on MPL mobile gaming, and you may create your team and earn money. However, it also includes a variety of other games, such as Runner, Sudoku, Speed Chess, and Pool, from which you can earn money by playing alone. To put it another way, this is a whole collection of money-making games.

Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is the most well-known Indian card game, and it is the one that people like the most. Because its name is the most well-known. More than ten million people have already signed up for this game. On Rummy Circle, card cash games are played, and players who join add their bank account to the app so that if they win, they can send money to it. This is a 100 percent legal game, according to the information provided on the Rummy Circle website. There are a variety of techniques to choose from, including Point, Deals, Pool, and Tournament Rummy. You can win cash prizes in all of these games, and you can send them directly to your bank account in no time. 

 8 Ball Pool

8 pool is also one among the top six money-making games in India. Although most individuals do not play pool games, many people do play them online or on their mobile devices. 8 Pool is a game that has been downloaded by over 500 million people, and you must keep one thing in mind. created the game type 8 Pool. 8 Pool is a game that may be played for free or for money. However, it is still known as a money-making game because, after rummy, it is the most popular. People can simply learn to play 8 pools, and many choose to do it online by investing money. In such a situation, if you want to earn money from this type of game, then this is a better chance for you and can start with 8 Pool Games. Many platforms give the user a chance to earn money by using it. In this case, if you want to make money from this type of game, there is a greater opportunity for you, and you may begin with the 8 Pool Game. Many platforms allow users to make money by utilising them.


Do you have a problem with scratch-off games? Lucktastic is a free game that can help you fulfil that need while also allowing you to win money without having to purchase physical tickets.

You can win up to $10,000 in prizes, so you have a chance to make some serious cash.

Your winnings can also be exchanged for gift cards and other prizes. The majority of cash rewards are under 25 cents, but if you hit it big enough times, it may rapidly pile up. You can also earn points that can be exchanged for goodies in the prize store.

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is a terrific method to put your card abilities to the test while also keeping your mind sharp for those of us who enjoy card games. This game is ideal if you enjoy killing time while playing solitaire and want to gain money.

Pool Payday

Prepare to play 8-ball billiards by stacking them up. Pool Payday is a great game for billiards fans who can win money. You can compete in one-on-one live games for enjoyment, profit, or a combination of the two.

The game is relatively simple to play. We also like how it provides an overhead line of sight, which aids in cue ball alignment. The crowd erupts in applause when your ball lands in the pocket, and you are awarded points. Playing offline is a good way to practise.

Choose the online option for players 17 and older to compete and perhaps win money. Paypal and Apple Pay are the two payment methods available.

Is it Safe to Use These Apps?

While the market for getting paid to play is rife with frauds, not all of them are. The apps on this list are completely safe to use and provide a fun way to earn money while gaming. You should be safe to play games and make money if you use your best judgement and do your homework before installing any app or giving it access to your device.


While playing games on your phone will not make you wealthy, there are a few solutions that will allow you to have fun while also earning money. They won’t be able to replace your day work, but they might be able to assist you finance a great lunch out or cover the cost of your regular coffee habit. Break the myth that this will provide you with a full-time salary.

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