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Hello friends, do you know your area pin code? If don’t know, here is the solution, in this blog I am going to tell you how to find your area pin code without any hassle.

Here I am sharing the area pin code finder tool, with the help of this tool you can check any district area Pincode. Read the complete blog for complete information.

What is a pin code?

India Post uses a 6-digit identifier known as a Postal Index Number (PIN) aka PIN Code for Post Office numbering. Initiation of the PIN occurred on August 15, 1972. This nation is divided into 9 PIN areas. The first eight digits correspond to geographical areas, and the ninth is set aside for the Army Postal Service. A few of the zones are indicated by the first digit. Every postal circle or perhaps the subregion is indicated by the second digit (States). The sorting/revenue district is indicated by the third digit. Every delivery Post Office is identified by the last three digits.

How to find your village pin code?

Each pin corresponds to a single delivery post office that receives and delivers mail to most of the workplaces under its purview. Another delivery post office, which would be typically found in urban locations, might have been the general postal service, a head office, or perhaps a sub-office. Every postman assists in delivering the mail from some of these agencies to the appropriate sub-offices. Branch offices provide limited postal services and therefore are situated in rural locations.

Please obtain the pin code for your location, refer to the step-by-step instructions.

Here’s how to locate your location’s pin code through app:

Step 1: To start, conduct a Google search for “find my pin code.”

Step 2: Next, locate pin code-India post is the very first search result that needs to be clicked (

Step 3: After the page has opened, complete the field. For instance, enter the state/union territory in Uttar Pradesh, the city/district of Ghaziabad, or perhaps the name of both the post office if you are unsure about the location. For instance, the Sahibabad post office is the name of such a post office.

Step 4: After completing the necessary fields, type the characters shown in the image as well as click “search.”

Step 5: These matched outcomes will be displayed below along even with all that location’s pin numbers.

Or You can also visit the website for checking the pin code –

Where could we use an app to find pin codes?

PinCodeLookup’s Pin Code Lookup App makes it easy to search pin codes by state, district, and post office. The app is jam-packed with information from all Indian post offices. By using the location’s recognized pin codes, one could also start by looking up an Indian Postal Office address.

One can already use a place’s name or even its Pin codes to search various Indian districts or pin codes. Another of the greatest ways to look for pin codes is to use a place name. It is just an application for searching Indian zip codes OR pin codes, as the name would imply. Probably best pin code scanner on the Play Store Offline Pin Code App that every Indian person must have

How many words are in the pin code?

Postal Index Number is what the word PIN within Pincode stands for. On August 15, 1972, Shriram Bhikaji Velankar, an assistant secretary within the Union Ministry of Communications, established the Pincode system. It does have six digits and it is also referred to as a zip code or local postal code. The approach was designed to simplify human letter sorting as well as delivery by preventing confusion caused by an inaccurate address and similarly named locations.

Every region of a Pincode is indicated by the first number, the subregion by the second, and indeed the sorting district by the third. The district’s distribution office is situated along the path indicated by the fourth digit. A post office is indicated by the last 2 digits.

India has how many pin codes?

Except for the Army Postal Service, there seem to be 19,101 PINs overall covering 154,725 postal offices in India since around 2014.

Following is the decoding of these codes:

  • First one digit: These are some of the regions, the first digit (9 regions)
  • Second two digits: The circle or subregion (22 circles)
  • Third three digits: Sorting field
  • Last 3 digits– Distribution post office code

Hikkim, which is situated at a height of 15,500 feet and will be a part of such Lahaul and Spiti region in Himachal Pradesh, is home to the greatest post office in the country.

India consists of 29 states, each with around 8200 cities and towns, at least 720 districts, and roughly 6 lakh villages. To ensure prompt delivery of postal services, the Indian postal administration has assigned a distinct postal code, or pin code, to each region, village, town, and city.

Any postal index number, also known as a PIN or PIN code, seems to be a number inside the India Post, the country’s postal service, post office registration, or post code system. The code consists of six digits.


Users make use of the services to communicate with other workplaces, send memos and certain other documents, and cooperate with them. It is beneficial, especially in difficult-to-reach areas. Employees even sent shipments and packages back and forth between post offices. They use it as a means of communication with regional offices and their subordinates.


  1. How to recognize an Indian Postal Index Number (PIN)?

Indian Postal Services employs a six-digit code called a Postal Index Number (PIN). It must have been created on August 15th, 1972. The nation currently has 9 postal (PIN) zones, of which 8 correspond to various geographic regions and the ninth is set aside for the provision of postal services to the armed forces. One of the several different geographic areas is represented by the first number of the postal code. These postal circles (States) and subareas are represented by the second digit. This third digit denotes the district, and the final three represent post office codes.

  1. What advantages does Pincode offer?
  • Because of Pincode, portal system is great.
  • Precise mail or item delivery.
  • A location, locality, district, region, or nation is represented by a Pincode.
  • Letters and other materials are quickly separated for posting.
  • Simple location search with a Pincode.
  1. What is the Indian Post Offices’ delivery system?

Each PIN in India corresponds to a single delivery post office that receives all mail for delivery to one or lower offices under its purview and which all have the same PIN. The General Post Office (GPO), the head office (HO), or perhaps a sub-office (SO), all of which have been typically found in urban areas, might serve as the delivery office.

For about the same PIN or even a different PIN, every post from the dispatch office is processed and directed to one of the pertinent sub-offices and branch locations. Branch offices (BOs) provide limited postal services and thus are situated in rural locations.

  1. Which postal code should I use?

This post office code is represented by the final three digits of the pin code, such as Each delivery office’s route within the sorting region is represented by the fourth digit. Beginning with 01, which would have been the General Post Office (GPO) and head office, the final two digits indicate the delivery workplace within the processing district (HO).

The delivery center is numbered chronologically, with higher numbers being given to more recent delivery offices. When a delivery office receives too much mail, a new distribution office is established and the following PIN is given. Therefore, the first four numbers of a delivery office that is next to another will be the only thing they have in common.

  1. Where can I obtain a list of India’s pin codes?

If you want them to look up a certain pin code, just use Google. If you would like to discover the listing of pin codes in India, just go to the Indian Postal Office website and download the excel spreadsheet that is currently accessible.

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