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Photo editing applications are allowing the users to create and edit high quality images interactively on a computer or handy mobile phones and save them in one of many graphics formats. For android or IOS users, there is a lot of free and paid applications available on the app market that helps the users to enhance the appearance of an image. We have sorted a list of best multi featured photo editing apps for android and IOS. 


By using this application users can edit images with gestures to select various effects and enhancements. And also the users can choose color adjustments and “automatic” contrast. This application offers you Standard filters and editing functions can be used to create and save filter combinations. Some of the special effects and filters are including drama, grunge, vintage, center-focus, frame, and tilt-swap. New version of Snapseed introduces new filters such as lens blur, gloss, HDR landscape, and Noir with a cleaner user interface. You can share your edited images directly on your social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.


PicsArt is the perfect application for editing your pictures with its superior user interface. This is a high-quality camera application that offers more direct enhancements such as scene modes, filters and stickers than any other application available on the app market. You can always buy additional items, but you may not need to spend money because you can use images uploaded by members of the PicsArt community for free. And yes, all prospects of getting new ideas to edit are additional benefits if you decide to join the community. However, the end user is far from finished here, because the editing tools for the PicsArt application are very flexible and effective, whether it’s a tool for adding color and text, or interesting backgrounds, masks and collages. And if you feel you have become proficient in editing images (or are in the process of making pictures), you can always join in a weekly challenge organized by community members to show talent and to get some elements. Download for Android / IOS. 


Instagram is an instant Photo Sharing application allows you to quickly take and edit photos to be easily shared on many social networks. Instagram offers a social networking service for sharing photos and videos owned by Facebook, Inc. With this application, users can upload photos and videos to services that can be edited with various filters and arranged with location information and tags. Posting accounts can be shared publicly or with previously agreed followers. Users can view the content of other users on labels and locations and view trend content. Users can “enjoy” photos and follow other users to add content to the feed.Photo Editing Apps Download for Android / IOS. 

Adobe Photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop provides the application for image editing on all platforms like Android, IOS and windows. But now the king of photo editing software released its mobile image editing software called Adobe Photoshop Express. This application uses the best features of Photoshop and adds them to the compressed version of the mobile application. It has all the standard tools you need, including crop, contrast, saturation, red-eye correction, filters, etc. What sets it apart is a smart filter that automatically corrects exposure problems and more. Even though the Photoshop Express application is free, you need an Adobe Creative Cloud account that can replace your money around $ 10 per month. The great thing about Adobe products is that they know they’ve been tested wisely. 


VSCO is a great image editing software among other social media editing tools. With a series of impressive filters, VSCO lets you stand out from the crowd using standard Instagram filters. This application has an elegant sliding tool that lets you adjust filters to make your photos look like movies, not digital cameras that give them an authentic look.

VSCO also has its own online community so you can share your photos there with colleagues or other social networking sites. In addition to beautiful filters, this application has all the standard photo editing tools like cutting and contrast. The paid options ($ 19.99 per year) include Borders and HSL settings, plus additional presets, video editing, initial access to new features and photo contest challenges.Photo Editing Apps Download for Android / IOS.


Flickr is a convenient photo editor app for android and ios. Flickr allows its free users can use up to 1,000 photos of any size. This makes Flickr one of the largest photo archives in the world. In addition, Flickr is one of the most reliable photo editing applications. It has a powerful automatic upgrade setting and offers all standard editing tools, including histogram editing views. One of the most convenient Flickr tools is that users can take pictures with additional filters for improvement so you can see what your photos are like when they are taken.Download for Android / IOS. 


If you want to go beyond basic photo editing, Afterlight is probably a good place to start. Afterlight is one of the best photo editor apps for ios and android. This application has 27 filters that are fully customizable as well as Instagram 14 “Guest Filters” and Seasons filter packages with 18 filters. In addition, it has 66 real and natural light leaks made with 35mm film and instant films to mimic simple textures with scratched films. Besides many filters and textures, it has a variety of tools, such as selective curves and colors that allow you to change the color and tone of your photos to get the most out of your images. The only thing that is easily repeated is that you cannot enlarge the photo. Afterlight is cheap and promises to never load add-ons in the application.Download for Android / IOS. 


With Prisma you can turn images into pictures or images. And while many photo recorders have these settings or filters, Prisma’s advanced software is at the next level.

Depending on the application, your photo will look like a work of art made by Picasso or Van Gogh. High order, but the application comes with surprising success.

Prisma offers a variety of free settings with additional in-app purchases when you are really in it. He uses filters in the cloud, so it takes time, but it’s a unique way to really stand out from the crowd on social media.Download for Android / IOS. 

Collage Maker

They have some great photos that capture the moment, but only one shot. That is not a problem. Make a collage. Of the many applications that offer this feature, Collage Maker is the best choice and fun!

This application offers more than 100 layout options and lets you combine up to 18 images. This is also an all-in-one photo editing program that offers various editing tools such as cutting, mirroring and rotating. You can apply filters to images, attach images to labels and text, and draw with Doodle tools. Apps Download for Android / IOS. 


Faceapp is a mobile application for iOS and Android developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab that uses Artificial Intelligence to make realistic transformations directly. This application can change the face to make it smile, look younger or older, or change gender. There are many options for editing uploaded photos. For example, edit options to add impressions, make-up, smiley, hair color, hairstyle, glasses, age, or beard. Filters, lens blur and background and overlays, tattoos and sketches are also part of the application. 

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