Moto G 5G Review : Impressive Camera and mid range Future Proof Smartphone

Moto 5G

There is no availability of 5G in India but companies are bringing the 5G enabled smartphones to seek a future. 

Motorola has launched this type segment smartphones which are not available in India till now. 

Motorola has launched a  new smartphone Moto G 5G  in India. The name of the ii’s is a little bit confusing because there is already a Moto G5 smartphone model and Moto G 5G more similar to this name. 

Moto G 5G is the cheapest smartphone which is available in India. Its price is 20,999 INR. 

There is no 5G network available in India. Any telecom company is not providing 5G networks in India. But there is a little hope of starting a 5G network in India at the end of 2021. 

Let’s talk about specialty of Moto G 5G :

If we talk about its design then here you get carbon fiber texture back. Moto G 5G is a mid range smartphone. It looks premium because of its plastic body. There is not any new special in design. 

There is a camera module in the upper left side on its rear panel. These are in square shape in which there are three cameras with flash light. There is a rear fingerprint scanner in the smartphone and here is also the branding of Motorola. 

Its grip is too good to hold the smartphone and without back cover it’s not slip from the hand. Rear panel fingerprint is magnetic of the smartphone means here you get more fingerprints it’s mean you should clean the smartphone timely. You will get the phone’s cover which is a good thing. 

Phone’s frame is built by metal and on the right side you will get a power button with volume rock keys. Left side you get a dedicated button for google assistant. 

If we talk about the front of the smartphone then there is a display and you will get less bezels. But at the bottom you will get a niche. There are less bezels in the sides too. 


There is a 6.67 inch display in Moto G 5G smartphone. The aspect ratio of the smartphone is 20:9 and it is supported to HDR10 . This is an LCD panel. You will also get an AMOLED display in this segment but because the only AMOLED display the smartphone will be good it will not be so. 

The smartphone’s display is bright and colourful. Our experience is too good in video gaming and videos. The screen of the smartphone is doing well indoors and outdoors too. Display’s viewing angle is too good for Moto G 5G. Phone’s display is big because you can watch movies and shows on OTT very smoothly. 

Performance and Software

There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor in the smartphone Moto G 5G . This is a new processor and with this smartphone it is entering India. 

Processor seems decent and the good thing is that you will get full benefits of the given software in this smartphone. There is not any screen in this Android but it seems smooth. 

It is given Android 10 in Moto G 5G  but the company announced its Android 11 update. So you will get an android 11 update soon. 

The smartphone is fast and smooth. But there is not any type of high refresh rate in the smartphone.

 So , if you are getting standard speed while scrolling then not be confused. 

Companies should be given a high refresh rate in the smartphone. Other companies are giving 90Hz refresh rate for fast smartphone. 

 Switching one app to another app is very easy and loading time is also less. But it will be longer when the smartphone is getting too old. 

You can do gaming in this smartphone. You can play low and hard games on this smartphone. 


There are a total three rear cameras in the smartphone. In which there is 48 megapixels primary lens and 8 megapixels ultra wide lens and 2 megapixels macro lens. 

Camera of the smartphone is very good. On paper it’s look does not seem good but in reality its camera is very good. The photos come really and there is many detailing in this segment. 

You will get best photos on its normal mode of the camera. Its portrait mode is also good indoors with good light. The smartphone’s performance is average in low light. In low light you will get average photography. Please do not keep great hope in low light. 

If we talk about its ultra wide lens then it’s performance is good. For this segment of smartphone the lens  will be good. You will not get full detailing like the main camera of the smartphone but it is also good. 

If we talk about macro lenses then it’s a little better than average. It will be better but it’s not. You can click good photos near the object. But many times it is very difficult to focus. 

There is a 16 megapixels front camera for selfie in Moto G 5G. Selfie cameras are too good and you can click best photos with this selfie camera. You will get software based portrait mode for selfie which does work good. Selfie look real. Normally, selfie looks low quality in other smartphones. But in this segment of the smartphone you will get a real selfie. 


There is a 5000mAh battery in Moto G 5G. You will get 20W fast charging support with this smartphone. Smartphones will be full charge approx in two hours. But it should be faster I think. 

If we talk about battery backup then you can use this smartphone the whole day for mixed use of the smartphone and it will continue on standby. If you use it less then it will give 1.5 days battery backup. If you use it too much then you will charge it again in the evening. 

It is right that you can not use its 5G features because there are not any telecom companies which are providing 5G networks. If you are buying this smartphone then you can use this smartphone for the next two years. 

Bottom line

Moto G 5G is a good smartphone in this segment. It depends on what you use and for what you want to buy this smartphone. If you are a gamer then it is not for you. If you want this for its camera then it will be good for you. If you want pure android and latest updates then it will be good for you. Overall it is a good smartphone for its price. 

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