Make Money On Instagram | The Step by Step Guide to Making Money From Instagram

earn money via instagram

We all have heard about Instagram. It is largely popular photo-sharing application. It was launched way back in the year 2010. Nobody could have believed that Instagram like Facebook would become such a big sensation across the world. But yes, Instagram is immensely popular with the young and old generation, especially with those who are tech-savvy. Even though one uses Instagram largely for sharing photos among our family and friends, have you ever wondered how this application can be used for making money online. It sounds incredible but believe me money can also be earned via the Instagram application. 

The Step by Step Guide to Making Money  From Instagram

Let us explore this possibility below step-by-step:

The first and primary step is to attract followers

This first step in this direction entails making your Instagram account attractive, i.e., you command a good number of followers to your account. This is essentially what most business houses and groups look for? However, let me share some vital tips with you to attract a large number of followers on your Instagram account.

You should post your contact details and the place of your location along with a few hashtags which will help to find out the right kind of followers. For instance, you could post your email id so that the relevant clients can contact you easily. Another significant effort in this direction is that you need to post everyday in order to increase the number of followers. Say, if you love to travel, you can post some of the breath-taking photos taken during your trips. This will help to attract followers and will also keep them hooked to your Instagram account. In order to ensure that are posted pictures reach far and wide, you need to use relevant hashtags associated with the area of your interest. Being a silent user of the application will not be sufficient, you need to engage with the followers by either liking or commenting on the posted images. Your posts should be genuine which will automatically attract and help in retaining a large number of followers.

Affiliate marketing

This concept basically implies promoting a product/service online and earning per transaction of the product. You must have seen websites posting the product/service on their side banner. The same is applicable for Instagram as well. For instance, on Instagram you can post attractive pictures of the product/service of your affiliate to make it visible to the followers and thereby leading to purchase. Another easy way out of promoting affiliate marketing is through Instagram shoutouts. Have you heard about it? Well if not then here it is! An Instagram shoutout is a paid promotion on the website of a social media influencer. Now this can be in the form of a screenshot of your Instagram account or an image with a caption of your liking.

Sponsored posts

Another easy method of earning money via Instagram is by posting sponsored posts. What you can do here is that you can associate with big business houses and groups and post videos highlighting their product/service. Do not forget to put hashtag along with the caption or links. Say, for instance, your Instagram account posts videos on travel then you need to associate your account with the travel agencies or hotels providing accommodation. In other words, your Instagram account should go in line with the sponsored posts.

 Sell photos

There is no doubt that Instagram received instant recognition with its launch. Indeed, it became popular as a photo-sharing application. Have you ever wondered that your clicked photographs can actually fetch money for you? Now for this, you need to sell your photos either to agencies or business houses seeking them. Most importantly, you need to put a watermark on your photo and add a caption and hashtag to ensure its visibility to a large number of prospective clients and individual buyers.

Special note on Instagram stories

When Instagram added the feature of insta-stories and live-stories in 2016, this feature became immensely popular with the users. The distinct feature of these stories is that they are visible for only 24 hours and disappear after that. It is to be noted here that one-third of the stories are viewed by business houses and groups. Let us understand this with the help of an example. If your Instagram account is about travel then you can post your travel stories live and earn credits in the form of visibility by followers and business houses interested in travel.

Influencer marketing marketplaces

Have you ever heard about the term influencer marketing? Well, to put it in simple terms, this is the kind of marketing where the help of influencers is sought to promote a product/service. In other words, a clothing brand will hire the services of an Instagram account posting pictures and videos of latest fashion trends having a decent number of followers.

Work as an Instagram expert

If you find yourself adept in using the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others, then probably you can offer your services as an expert in this field. There are numerous platforms who are on the lookout for freelance social media experts. In case, you find it difficult to search for such websites, here are a few tips which will help to function as an Instagram expert and make money. Primarily, create your own website and showcase your talent and skills. This is most likely to attract prospective client who after going through your showcased talent might hire you as an Instagram expert. Not only this, you can begin your journey by charging a nominal fee as an Instagram expert in order to collaborate with clients and hence, prepare your client list.I hope you are delighted to know about the various methods of making money via Instagram. But make sure that whichever strategy you choose, you should weigh its pros and cons and then select the apt one of your liking. Believe me you can go a long way in making good money via Instagram and that too for the long-term period.

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