Low Cost Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Large industries in the world, in particular, rely on these small businesses to continue to supply the raw materials they need for their production. This small business confirms the continued supply of equipment, tools and raw materials needed for the functioning of this large producer. Today, the biggest companies have never been small businesses, and with constant efforts and reasonable business plans, they are growing rapidly. This time we notch some best class of manufacturing business ideas in India.

1.) Paper Making:

Documents are widely distributed everywhere, e.g. In schools, colleges, small businesses and industries. Therefore, planning to start a small household paper company is a very good idea for a new company. Because paper is used everywhere, there is always a lot of demand for this business. All you have to do is find a place to install your paper making paper machine.

The most commonly used formats are A2, A3, A4. If you start producing paper in this format, you have the opportunity to achieve good business volume. This business requires a small capital investment with a maximum of Rs. 2 lakhs for the purchase of paper machines and commodities.

2.)  Production of Coconut Oil for Hair:

This is a small business idea that is very cheap to make and this business can easily be started from home. There is a good market potential for hair oil because of the increased awareness of oils prepared naturally in humans. You can easily start this business from home if you have 1 cent or less of vacant land. You can sell 1 kg of hair oil with a maximum price of Rs. 250 INR in your local market.

Dry coconut is the main raw material for hair oil production, which you can get easily from farmers in your area. Prepare and rent coconut farmland for excessive coconut availability. The initial capital company is very low with an investment of around Rs 50,000 Rs. 1 Lac.

3.) Make Envelopes, Files with Folders:

This is similar to making paper because paper, envelopes, and file folders are also needed by most institutions such as schools, colleges, companies, and industries.

They are accustomed to sending their documents and this leads to huge demand for envelopes, postcards and folders etc. Job opportunities increase if you start this business from home or manually (or) use a machine. Start with an investment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs to buy the raw materials. Selling these envelopes and filing files at your local supermarket, department stores, and other retailers can help you get a decent income.

4.) Soap and Detergent Production:

You know that soap and detergent are fast moving products for every household in your area. So it’s a good idea to start your own soap production company. Before you begin, you must learn how to make soap and detergent. There are many YouTube DIY videos on the internet that teach you how to make soap. Learn the process and prepare it for your own needs. Slowly increase your daily production volume and start selling locally. You can put up a booth at your marketing house (or hire some executives to sell your products at the consumer’s doorstep). These large-scale business ideas will certainly benefit from the growing trends in this scene.

From the investment section you can easily get started with only Rs. 50,000, which includes the purchase of raw materials, gloves, weights, plastic bags and more.

5.) Make Handmade Biscuits:

If you are an expert in cookie production, then there are many good things where you can get a good second income every month. Most people in India are interested in buying locally made biscuits, even though there are many foreign biscuits in the department store.

So there is a very good chance to reach a large market if your cookies are better and healthier. Small marketing efforts give you a lot of business.

The main raw materials are flour, grinders, blenders and electric biscuits, and the investment is much less than Rs. 30000

6.) Homemade Chocolate:

Do you like chocolate? Do I like chocolate? Children love chocolate the most. The delicious taste and aroma make us excited to taste it. People like to try newer varieties and especially homemade products that taste better and are even healthier. The next time you visit OOTY, you should buy homemade chocolate and the famous OOTY VARKEY in TamilNadu.

The people who live there are mainly involved in the production and sale of chocolate by building a small kiosk in the house itself. Why don’t you think about starting your own business – homemade pralines? Set up a local market stall, or contact a local bakery, department store, or take orders from parties.

7.) Candle Production:

This is the best and best suited small home development company for hosts who are looking for good businesses to work on in their free time. Candles are often used for parties, celebrations, parties and special occasions as decorative objects.

Also used to light your house when the electricity goes out. Therefore, there is always demand and starting this business is a good idea. Plus, you don’t need to make a serious investment to get started, because there are already a number of small producers who need franchises to develop their existing business. It is your responsibility to find it only through the daily newspaper section (or) on the Internet and to announce your interests by telephone call.

You will install the machine and make other adjustments needed for your location, such as waxing machines, coloring and other raw material sets. The investment is far less than Rs. Only 20,000.

8.) Organic Fertilizer Production:

India is an agricultural country and more than two-thirds of our land is used for growing crops and other small plants for human consumption. High-fertilization soils contribute to healthier cultivation and produce very large production volumes. With the increasing awareness of organic fertilizer, there are always many scenarios behind this.

Start a small fertilizer company from home and use organic waste from your home and your neighbor’s house. Pack fertilizer in 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg bags and sell it at the local market (or) directly to farmers (or) at the nursery. You get a good income after you grow your business. Chemical fertilizers can be made and this depends on your own desires.

9.) Production of Auto Parts:

Automotive industry helped create thousands of small businesses around many small and medium businesses. If you have excellent skills and finances, consider starting your own small auto parts business.

Some high-tech machinery and franchise offerings from OEM manufacturers are needed to buy this business. This requires an investment of Rs. 5 Lakhs at Rs. 10 Lakhs depends on the parts of the car that are needed every day.

10.) Car Accessories Manufacturer:

This business is similar to the car industry, but it is a completely different industry. Vehicle accessories are called car and motorcycle seat covers, steering wheel covers, air fresheners, front and rear bumpers made of aluminum and / or steel, etc. There is big business in this market, and you should consider setting up a small manufacturing company with various vehicle accessories mentioned above.

Set up your own auto-spa near you so the vehicle can reach you directly and do proper business.

11.) Production of Living and Office Furniture:

Every house and office is just an empty space without furniture and is therefore considered an integral part of every part of every home and office. Furniture includes tables, chairs, dining tables, computer desks, sofas, doors, windows, cots and cabinets etc. it is an inseparable part.

Therefore, we recommend starting this small manufacturing company in your area with a minimum investment of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakhs. Therefore, investment is needed to rent a small workplace, to buy production equipment and firewood.

12.) Production of Kitchen Equipment:

Another important part of every home is the kitchen and pots, kettles, pans, stoves, mixer factories are important parts of kitchen equipment. These objects are not only used in household kitchens, but also everywhere in hotels, restaurants, highways and the like. This equipment is used for cooking and this leads to a constant search for new equipment every day.

Every household regularly buys this important set of kitchen utensils. Therefore, starting a company to produce these products is the best idea. You can build your own stand by renting a place in the trading market or contacting other traders and selling at special prices.

13.) Fabric Production:

You might even consider opening a small sewing business in schools, colleges and industry. Housewives and housewives can make better use of their time by adjusting – beautiful business ideas for housewives. Many schools, especially in Tamil Nadu, are accustomed to ordering school uniforms in large quantities from retailers. I think it’s good if you get at least one or two schoolwork. Even employees of several companies are asked to wear uniforms when working at company premises. Therefore, there is always a big demand for this business. The required capital investment is Rs. 2 lakhs, because you need to buy some sewing machines and raw materials like clothes.

14.) Papad:

Appalam, as we call it in Tamil and in English, is called Papad, because this is a very good idea for producing your own small business. Autumn is a staple food for every occasion, event, celebration and celebration in Tamil Nadu. Their production is very simple and does not require much work. With a few small marketing efforts, you can easily find a market near you. For the production of basic ingredients such as wheat flour, spices, oil, etc. are needed.

Home Papads has a potential market, and small department stores can’t wait to shop at these home improvement shops and sell them at high prices. Whatever it is, you get a good income every day if you start this profitable home-based business with a small investment.

15.) Homemade Tanks, Butter and Butter:

India is the largest milk producer in the world this decade. In the southern states of India, especially in Tamil Nadu, 5 out of 10 houses raise livestock such as cows, goats and buffalo. Ghee, butter, Paneer are by-products of milk and have a good domestic business volume. There are many MNC producers that compete on a large scale in this sector, but most of them use chemicals and fillers. There are a large number of consumers of quark butter, also known as homemade butter, ghee. Ghee is a very good idea to start a small oil production business.

16.) Preparation of Aromatic Pens:

India is a holy land and most people are very devoted to God, they have built many temples and worship God and Goddesses. Incense sticks, known as Agarbatti, are indispensable and occupy the most prominent places during the worship of Gods. In India there is a large market for holy things, especially for Agarbati, Camphor, Kumkum etc.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money in this business, so at least Rs is needed. Only 25,000 are needed to buy materials such as bamboo sticks and essential oils with different flavors on the market. Spread the oil on a stick and let it dry for 24 hours. The agarbatti stick is ready. You can use mass production machines. Then pack in small quantities and label your brand for sale.

17.) Production of Soda / Soft Drinks:

Summer should start and people usually drink soda or aromatized drinks when traveling or at work when they are tired. You can easily prepare drinks like that at your home and set up a stand near you. This is a very good deal and the best alternative for artificially flavored soft drinks. You can sell all 300ml. A glass of soda costs Rs 10, which is considered profitable if you produce at home by doing your own business. You can prepare various flavors such as lemons, oranges, apples, and several other choices with a reasonable income.

18.) Chapati / Parota finished Production:

Chapati or Parota or Bread, made from oats, is a staple food for most people in the southern state of India. Especially people in developing cities don’t have time to prepare breakfast or dinner, and usually choose to buy in stores.

This is a recent upward trend in the sale of pre-packed ready-made robes / stews. They come in pre-packaged packages available at department stores, allowing you to create chapters and passwords instantly, instantly and without time. There are a number of growing small manufacturers involved in producing these types of packaged hats. They are usually half cooked and cooled at room temperature.

Starting this small manufacturing company from home requires a small investment of Rs. 2 lakhs buy machinery and other materials.

19.) Pulp Production:

High-quality fruit porridge is needed in the food industry, for example in star hotels, ice cream makers, confectioners and many more. Demand for fruit sauces, including tomato sauces, frozen sauces and jams, is stable throughout the year in various food industries. However, there are not enough refrigerated vehicles, warehouses that can be stored and available upon request. Therefore I recommend opening this small business in your own garden.

Various fruit flavors such as mango or tomato are used to make ice cream, fruit jam, pumpkin, juice and many more. This requires a capital investment of Rs. 10 lakhs for purchasing automatic machines for pulp and raw fruits, cooling systems, etc.

20.) Frozen Fruit Production:

Frozen fruits generally have high nutritional value and a large global market. There are many manufacturers throughout the world involved in this business. Yogurt, fruit smoothies, jams, cookies and desserts are made from these fruits. Frozen fruits are needed in large quantities for the production of these products. Because of lack of awareness, very few suppliers.

Plan the launch of a small factory for processing dried and frozen fruit with a large market and you can start with minimal investment in your own garden.

Hope our enlisted business ideas will make you a sole entrepreneur. We glittering with your comments and sharing !

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