Learn How to Launch a Successful PPC Campaign For The First Time

What is PPC?

It stands for pay per click. It is an online advertising or marketing under which an advertiser set up an account on advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and always pay a fee after one of their ads got clicked, that’s why it is named as “paid to advertise”.

When you need to attract traffic to your website two basic options come in mind that is PPC and SEO. Typically saying PPC is a platform for buying visits and SEO helps in earning through those visits organically. There are several forms of PPC known and you can select and use any of them. These can help in various aspects such as improving product visibility, capturing new leads etc.

Here we are presenting you the ways to do so.

Start with brainstorming. 

Brainstorming is the starting point of every successful paid advertising. This helps in doing research, setting goals and forming a general idea of how you want your campaign to turn out. This is where you get an idea of the customers demand and the way they search for there demand. Before choosing your keyword and launching of campaign you need to understand this well.

So, gather the customers data and other information to determine the kind of paid ads campaign you want to run along with exact type of people to reach and the objectives of the campaign.

Optimisation of your website.

Before starting a campaign, you must look out the issues your website is having and try to resolve them accordingly. Although this is not important but you must look out several aspects such as page load time, broken links etc before you start a campaign.

If the optimisation of page is not done properly then it is possible that the visitors will face problems and will leave the page without taking any action.

Choose your bidding strategy-

Once you are done with your optimisation and brainstorming then it’s time to properly get on the campaign. Now you need to choose a bidding strategy. Keeping in mind several aspects such as your budget, your campaign goals etc, you can choose a proper bidding strategy from various options such as Google, Bing etc. 

Firstly, you have to make a choice between picking from manual and automated bidding. Manual bidding method allows you to choose the amount you want to set for every click along with the freedom for making changes to at keyword level as well as ad group. It requires more time and binds you from optimising your bids.

On the other hand automated bidding requires a less amount of time and a lesser paying amount. It has various bidding strategy and you are allowed to choose the right one for you. You can select this on the basis of your goals and other important aspects.

Setting of budgets-

Setting of budgets is very vital while you opt for PPC advertising and the benefit here is that you can start this also if you are having a low budget campaign. It allows you to retain close control over the amount needed or spent. 

But the main phase here is that you have to invest money for making money. That’s why setting of proper budgets is very vital. Below presented are the most important things that must be considered for any PPC budget.

  • Target cost per lead.
  • Buying cycle.
  • Visitor frequency.
  • Lead quality.
  • The geographic location of leads.

Once these characteristics are determined it become so easy to setup a budget. Calculation of PPC revenue minus PPC cost divided by PPC cost gives us the return we will get. This is represented as in percentage. 

Selection of keywords-

These are very vital as these can decide the outcome of your campaign. That’s why it is advised to have proper time and consider a proper keyword for selection. Without keywords search engines will not be able to get the time to display your ad and also you can not easily target the right audience. You should choose your keywords exactly as your ideal customers are using to search for the product. This will make the reach to your product easy and fast. Targeting wrong keyword can result in earning less than the investment showing an overall loss. 

Negative keywords are also helpful in cases. This helps in filtering out keywords you don’t want to include. 

Creation of compelling landing page-

Next step is the creation of a unique landing page for ad.

It’s all about the attracting power of the ad that attracts the customer and make them click on the page link as they want to know about the ad. As the customer clicks on the page and an irrelevant page open that will force the customer to click back and close your page. For avoiding such things happen you should create an attractive landing page that opens after the click of the customer. The landing page should be like as it displays all the quality and content of your page or website. This will help to attract the customers and increase their reach. 

Creating a killer ad-

Once the keyword is selected and a perfect landing page is prepared then you should go for creating a killer ad. There are 4 known keys for creation of ads. These are presented underneath-

  • Attention grabbing headline.

These lines help to grab the attention of the visitor from its special tone and format of content. This should be so catchy that compiles the visitor to click on that and visit the page.

  • Super persuasive ad copy.

An important thing for a successful PPC is a compelling ad copy. The copy should be written on your ad objectives for being really effective. 

  • Unique value proposition.

UVP can be said as the most important element for overall marketing messaging. It is also known as USP (Unique selling proposition) and helps to make our ad better sounding and different from outside competition. It distinguishes key benefit of your ad and distinguishes you from competition. 

  • Call to action.

You should add the CTA in the landing page and the ad copy and the CTA should be clear, super compelling and strategical. 

Testing of your ad-

A common mistake is done every time that people don’t test the ad after preparing and designing it. It should be checked that whether it works or not. It allows us to determine the faults and correct it before publishing. A/B testing is considered as a good way for testing the ad after preparation. 

Here are the ways to start a PPC campaign and how to control it. Following these ways anyone can start a PPC campaign and can easily handle that in a low budget also. If you find the article helpful and informative please like and share the article.

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