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How to Download Kwai Video

Copy URL

Copy the video URL from the website that you need to download.

Paste In Input Field

Paste the Kwai video URL in the download field and click Download button.


You will get a list of download links for download, video. Click any link to start downloading the video.

Kwai Video Downloader | Download Your Favorite Kwai Videos.

After TikTok was banned, we began looking for other sources, sites, and applications that provide identical short video services. One of the sites that supplied us with such services is Kwai.

Kwai (full name Kuaishou) is a mobile video sharing application developed in Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd. by Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao. It has a particularly large user base outside of China. It has also grown in popularity in other regions, topping the "Most Downloaded" charts on Google Play and Apple App Store in eight countries, including Brazil. Snack Video was the name of the app in India. In international markets, it's known as "Kwai."

Kwai is a short video social network that allows anybody to film and share their life, with the objective of "Capturing the World, Sharing Your Story." Kwai topped the Most Downloaded rankings on Google Play and Apple App Store in eight countries in 2020. It has an average of 1 billion monthly users in 2021. (MAU).

Downloading videos from Kwai is not easy; However, Kwai Video Downloader can help you do it in high quality and for free. You are in the perfect place to download Kwai videos. Simply follow the steps below to learn how to use our Kwai video downloader and download Kwai videos to your PC, Android, iPhone, or Mac.

Steps to download Kwai Video for mobile download:

1.Go to the Kwai app or website on your phone

2.Select any video you want to download by typing the topic in the search box.

3.Examine the audio, content, and visual quality of the video. This guarantees that the video will be precisely what you want.

4.Now, on the App, tap the Share icon in the video's right bottom corner. Copy the video URL from the top of the screen if you're on the website (from the address bar).

5.By clicking the Copy Link button, you will copy the URL to your device's clipboard.

6.Return to Kwai Video Downloader and click the button after pasting the copied URL into the box above.

7.When downloading, you can choose from a variety of video and sound quality options. Choose the one you like best.

8.Please wait for our server to finish processing the URL you supplied. After that, save the video to your device so you may watch it later when you're not connected to the internet.

Steps to Download Kwai Video for PC download:

1.Visit Kwai or get the application. Copy the whole video URL, including the video.

2.Paste the URL / link of the Kwai video you copied into the URL / link field above.

3.Click on the download button.

4.On the new tab, select quality, and format from the download options.

5.Start downloading.

The video will be downloaded and saved in your Downloads folder.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. Is Kwai Video Downloader safe to use?

Yes, Kwai is absolutely safe to use and highly user-friendly.

2. Is downloading Kwai videos legal?

According to Google LLC, if a video is not copyright protected, then it is not illegal to download videos for professional use

3. What devices are compatible with the in-built Downloader?

Kwai Video Downloader supports downloading videos irrespective of the device or the server. You may save videos to your iPhone, Android, or PC. The only stipulation is that you may need to free up some memory on your smartphone according to the size of the video you want to download. The most common operating systems – macOS, Windows, and Linux – all support content downloading on a computer. The Kwai Video Downloader is an internet service that may be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.