Top 20 Job Placement Consultants in India

Nowadays, Job consultants (manpower consultants) are playing an important role in recruiting suitable candidates to all levels of companies. They are recruiting the right candidates for the roles offered by the companies. The job consultants are serving both the organizations and the candidates in all sorts of recruitment. Candidate is also a valuable customer to the job consultants to get high paying jobs.

Here are the Top 20 Job Placement Consultants in India.

1.Kelly Services India

From 1946, they are providing the jobs to the leading organizations for both temporary and permanent positions worldwide. They are playing a leader role in the job market. They believe their services are the key to its customer’s success.


2. Abc Job Placement Consultants In India 

 A pioneer company providing all sorts of placement services for its clients, established more than 40 years ago. 

They are influenced in recruiting candidates for medium and upper level management to the companies. Some of the areas are Finance, Research and Development, automobile, media, Pharma, etc.


3. Ma Foi Randstad Placement Consultants

World’s second largest human resource services are offered by this company which is the branch of Randstad.

A Pioneer company offers good filtering the right candidates for the companies. They are branded in the job market for all levels.

They are also providing services on payroll outsourcing, corporate training and back office recruitment.


4. Adecco Job placements 

One of the fastest growing recruitment consultancies is providing good services in temporary and permanent jobs across the globe.

Media, IT, Manufacturing, Telecom, Financial and development services are some of the fields they are providing the candidates. Around 1 lakh candidates are placed to diverse organizations in all levels.

5. Team Lease

One of the leading staffing services in India started in 2002 with the motto “Putting india to work”.

For every four minutes they board a candidate to some company was stated in an online survey.

6. TVA Allegis Job Placement consultants.

This company is acquired from the Allegis US. TVA Allegis Job Placement consultants are leading placement company offering flexible placements to different sectors.

7. Genius Consultants Limited

Well experienced in the field of placements mainly for permanent staffing solutions. Around 55K candidates are appointed from this consultant in middle and upper level jobs.

They are having a wide range of branches in more than 16 countries.

8. HR-One Management Consultants (P) Limited

They are good in offering the temporary job positions for the candidates. They are serving for both candidates and Fortune 500 companies.

9. Planman Consulting 

They are indulged in serving the candidates for Human resource management, Financial, Marketing, outsourcing and Information Technology.

They are providing one of the leading services in recruitment sectors.

10. Manpower job consultants in India   

An Indian Private limited consultant holds 100% subsidiary part of Manpower INC, USA. It’s delivering the placement solutions for information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, infrastructure and other consumer services.

11. A.F.Ferguson & Co.

They are expert in delivering business solutions as well as staffing solutions to both national and international clients. They are providing placement services in wide range of sectors. 

12. Alliance Recruitment Agency:  

From 2011 Alliance Recruitment is an International recruiting and staffing agency in India. They are a global agency who supports to place the candidates for startup to multinational companies.

In Dubai, they are one of the top recruitment companies offers all placement services in the Gulf region.

13. Hewitt Associates: 

From 1940, Hewitt Associates are providing staffing services in all verticals.

More than 90 countries, they are serving the staffing solutions for the national and international clients. They are chained with leading global companies worldwide to place a right talent of the industry.

14. SutraHR:  

Started in 2008 and has more than 5oo clients associated with various industries. They have a presence across Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Uk, etc.

Within 12 hours they will close an open position with it’s experienced recruiters. They are getting the annual revenue of more than $8.6 million.

15. CareerNet: 

Headed in Bangalore, started this company in the year 1999. They are capable of offering cost effective solutions to its clients worldwide. 

Some of their working sectors are Information Technology, Manufacturing Industries, Financial, Banking sectors, Insurance and Marketing.

16. Genius consultant Ltd: 

Genius consultant ltd is one of the most prominent HR consulting companies in India with a standard certification (ISO 9001:2008). 

They are providing the permanent staffing solutions worldwide. Last 20 years they have achieved the amazing growth in the staffing industry.

17. Talent Mappers: 

Started in 2006, Talent Mappers has a team of experts in providing all levels of staffing solutions across the global industries. More than 200 employees are working in this firm to resolve all the staffing solutions

18. 3 Leads: 

3 Leads is a Bangalore based company that offers temporary and permanent staffing solutions to the organizations. They are specialized in staffing, recruitment solutions and customer satisfaction. A trusted company has achieved its bench mark in recruitment industry in India.

19. Global talent pool:

Global talent pool is a well known firm has well experienced in hiring right talent with any background.

They are serving in BPO/KPO, Information Technology and Non IT Services (Manufacturing), Banking and Finance.


20. V J Consulting:

VJ consulting is a consultancy firm gives some innovative ideas for passing the interview and getting the job with higher confidence. They are serving BFSI, Telecom, Payroll services, Manpower and Accounting solutions


21. Wenger & Watson Inc:

This consultancy is well known firm for providing permanent job solutions to the candidates as well as the companies. This company is located in Bangalore for serving the right talent to its clients.


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