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Jayden Croes biography

Jayden Croes Biography

Jaden Croes was born in Aruba on November 11, 1998 and is a very young, famous and talented American on the Internet, like the social media star Tik Tok, who entertains many people from voiceover videos. He is very prominent on YouTube and his Tik Tok video is popular with everyone. Jaden has a large fan base, which he follows on all of his social media accounts. He is also a fashion influencer, model, musician and social media star.

Jayden Croes Appearance

Jaden Cross is famous among girls because of his handsome personality. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and only 22 years old. Both of them are here and their eyes are dark brown. He regularly goes to the gym in perfect physics.

Jayden Croes Birth and family

Jaden Cross was born in Oranjestad on November 11, 1998. Gilbert Cross was his father, while Susan Croes was his mother. He is in the midst of his brothers. He has an older sister named Roxana Croes and a younger brother named Gilbert Cruz. Together, the two brothers made a YouTube video on teak talk

Jayden Croes Education

Jaden Cross belongs to an educated family, which is why he was educated. He enrolled at Mon Plaisir College between 2011 and 2016. He then received a basic education at the University of Aruba, where he graduated in 2016.

Jaden Cross career

Jaden Croes is a very famous artist, actor, influencer and social media who started his career on YouTube and then switched to the Tik Tok Comedy video application to entertain people. In 2017 he started making videos on Tik Tok, from which he has many followers on all of his social media accounts.

Jayden Croes Personal life

Jaden is currently single and his fans have never heard of dating. He focused entirely on his career. However, this is constantly seen in his videos, which may be from his girlfriend.

Jayden Croes Awards and achievements

Jayden Croes is a very famous and sophisticated YouTube star on Teak Talk. Used to make comedy videos to entertain followers. He has many followers on all of his social media accounts.
More than 19 million followers on the TikTok account
More than 900,000 million followers on his Instagram account
More than one million followers on its YouTube channel.

Father – Gilbert Cruz
Mother – Susan Crowes
Brother – Gilmer Croes (elder)
Sister – Roxana Cock-Croe (Elder)
Partner None
Children -None

Jayden Croes Affairs, girlfriend and marital status

He says he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he loves his job, so far he hasn’t focused on making friends. However, there is always a girl in her video, and if rumors are believed, she can be his girlfriend.

UnMarried marital status

Job – None

The current status of the relationship is ambiguous
Jayden Croes Education and School, Higher Education
Jaden attended Mon Plaisir College from 2011 to 2016 and graduated in June 2016.

  • He has completed his education
  • School unknown
  • Mon Plaisir Academy / University
  • Jayden Croes Favorite / Like & Dislike things
  • Favorite pizza to eat
  • Favorite pet dog
  • Favorite Fortnite computer game
  • Favorite music and Instagram application
  • Favorite superpowers Become invisible
  • Favorite Starbucks drink

Jayden Croes money factor

It is estimated that his net worth is $ 100,000 and is well known to make money from his social media presence.
Net worth of $ 100,000
Revised salary / income

Some other additional facts about Jaden Cruz

He is a self-proclaimed TikTok star.

In the latest issue of the influencer Express 2017 magazine, Jaden Cross is one of the most popular social agents in Aruba
Giver of media influence on the cover of their magazine (along with Gilmer Croes and Christian Bendek).

Jaden once said that he was a vampire because he woke up all night and slept all day.
At a young age he was a careful thinker and thought about the concept of Deja VU.

He likes and likes to play video games and games.

He hated the fact that he was tired after all that sleep.

He gave a message to people that we should not let the public tell us how smart we are based on how good we are in college.

He also made a TikTok video with his brother and friend Giomir Leocadia.

Alicia Kees, an American musician, made one of her videos.

He has a dog and is named Hyper.

He called CroesFam his fans. He even has a tattoo that reads CroesFam on his wrist.

He likes to shop and maintain 21 photos with his Forever shopping bag.

He likes the movie Power Ranger.

She likes to experiment with her hairstyle and even dyes her hair blonde several times.

He likes and enjoys Snapchat filters.

He catches lots of selfies every day.

He is a dog lover.

He often wears colorful wigs in his videos

After coloring her blond hair, she was amazed at the development of her hair.

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