How you can fix Spotify Web Player which is not Working

Spotify Web Player which is not Working

Spotify’s web player is used by many people to listen to music in today’s time, many people like to listen to songs while working on a PC or laptop, in such a way they listen to songs through Spotify to listen to online music. Love it, because on this platform you get a chance to listen to countless songs. But there is a common problem with many users, in which Spotify’s web player does not work on their computer or laptop, read the complete information given here to solve such a problem. In this article, we will know How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working.

In earlier times, people used to listen to offline songs with the help of the player present on their computer, even today many people listen to songs in this way, but in this way you can listen to limited songs, so in today’s time Spotify Just as users listen to songs online using the platform, Spotify is a very large audio song provided platform, which you can use as an app on mobile, and you can use it as Spotify’s web player on computer and laptop. You can, but if Spotify’s web player is not working on your computer, then there may be some common problem in it, whose solution is given in the details below.

Let’s fix Spotify Web Player which is not Working

Use Correct Playback Device in Spotify

When you use Spotify in a browser on your PC or laptop, if you use an external device to listen to music on your computer or laptop, then first check it thoroughly, because it has been seen many times. That is, your Spotify music may not work due to the playback device. Here you follow the steps given below to do the setting carefully on the computer.

  • First of all open Spotify Web Player in your browser
  • Click on the option of connecting to a device which is at the bottom of the right side of the computer.
  • Select Browser on Playback Device
  • After making this type of setting, now you turn on the music

In this way, even due to a small problem, Spotify Web Player does not play on your PC. If Spotify is not running in your system with this problem, then after solving it, you can check Spotify again in your computer’s browser.

Disable the Ad-Blocker in Browser

Many times we enable Ad-Blocker in our browser to avoid unwanted ads so that the Spotify present on our computer does not work because the ad is heard while playing music in Spotify, but As- It does not play because of the blocker. It is generally seen that many users use ad blocker extensions in a browser like chrome, Spotify has a problem playing on the computer when Ad-Blocker is enabled.

To avoid this problem and get Spotify Web Player back to play smoothly, you need to disable your browser’s ad blocker. To disable ad blocker services by extension you should just follow the given steps, and by using this you can disable the Ad-Blocker

  • Right-click on the browser and select the option of Manage Extensions
  • Now enable disable the option of ad blocker
  • After that close the Chrome browser and reopen it

In this way, now you will find that there is no problem with your Spotify Web Player.

Use Incognito Mode

If you are not able to use the Spotify web player on your computer, then you should try incognito mode once. Because Spotify is sometimes unable to work in your browser due to current sessions and history, the incognito mode works differently in each browser. Follow the instructions given below to open it.

Open Incognito Window in Chrome

1. In the Chrome browser, click on the option of three dots which is at the top of the right side.

2. Now you click on the option of New Incognito window

3. In the new window you can check the Spotify web player.

Open Private Window in Firefox

To open a private window in firefox you just do follow these steps to get a safe search window like the chrome incognito window. 

1. In the Firefox browser, you have to select the hamburger menu on the right top.

2. Here you have to click on the option of New private window

3. Now check again by opening Spotify in your browser.

Clear Web Browser’s Cache

When you use the online browser on the computer, the cache memory of the browser gets full due to your search history, etc., due to which there is a problem in opening your Spotify web player. To clear it, you have to follow the steps given below.

Clear the Cache in Chrome

If you want clear cache memory on your chrome browser then follow the given steps here 

1. Open the Chrome browser

2. Paste hrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the search box

3. Now you can remove cache memory from here.

Clear the Cache in Firefox

If you are a Firefox user and want to clear cache then follow these steps. 

1. Open Firefox

2. After this you select the hamburger menu

3. From here you can select and delete the cache memory.

Clear the Cache in Edge

1. Open Edge browser

2. Search for this URL edge://settings/clearBrowserData

3. After this, select the Cached images and files and select the option of clear now.

Enable Playback of Protected Content

If Spotify’s web player doesn’t work then you must use this remedy once. Many times this protection content is not enabled in the browser, due to which Spotify does not work on your computer or PC, in such a situation, you can get rid of the yy yy yy problem by following the steps given below.

1. Open the Chrome browser

2. Search this URL chrome://settings/content

3. Now you turn on play-protected content

Use Another Web Browser

Even after doing all the settings mentioned here, if Spotify is not working on your computer, then it may be that there is a problem with your web browser itself, in this case, you can use any other web browser on your computer. Huh. Because with the help of such a setting, you can play your Spotify on your computer.

If you use Chrome on your computer and use Spotify on Chrome itself, now you must try changing it once. You can use any other browser instead of Chrome. In this way, you can listen to your Spotify music on your computer or laptop.

Flush the DNS Cache

When you open different browsers on your browser, many sites use your DNS setting to resolve the domain name, so this sometimes causes problems with the DNS setting in the browser, thus Sometimes problems arise in playing Spotify in the browser.

To avoid this kind of problem, you have to clear the problematic cache in your computer’s browser so that the Spotify music player on your device is not interrupted due to this type of problem. When you remove the cache in this process, your image, video, etc. content is not deleted in it, so you do not need to worry about this.

For this, you have to open the start menu on your computer, search for a command prompt, and type ipconfig /flushdns with the help of the command. This way you can completely clear out all kinds of extra cache, which might be a big reason why your Spotify is unable to run on a PC. This way you can completely clean your browser, make it free from all problems, and access your Spotify music after doing this setting.

Use an Alternative Spotify Client

Spotify is a huge platform, where you can choose from countless songs online. This platform offers you a variety of clients to listen to music if you are facing the problem that the Spotify property is not working on your computer. If so, you can use the desktop app for this. Once you have used the app on the desktop, you can very easily enjoy your favorite music by logging on to the desktop app on your computer. In this way, you can also get rid of the problem of Spotify not running on your computer.

Apart from this, you also use the Spotify app on your mobile or tablet, which allows you to access a library of songs, with the help of which you can also play your favorite songs online. On mobile, you can very easily download the Spotify app from the play store, install this app, and login into it after login. You can use the music library to listen to songs, or with the help of a search option, You can search songs or movie songs of any artist, etc.


It is normal for users using Spotify web players to have this type of problem, then the question arises in their mind of how to troubleshoot Spotify web player problems on their computer. For this, almost every problem has been told by us, you can read the whole article at once, and you can solve your problem by following the step-by-step details.

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