When & How to Write a Salary Increment Letter?

salary increment

One of the many reasons people switching jobs ins because of the salary raise. Our culture is such that asking for more money for the work we do is also judged. You feel uneasy when discussing salary because of that and hence you never take the step. As the survey conducted by Glassdoor states, around 45% of employees quit their jobs because of salary. 

One of the things that you should understand is that it is okay to ask for a salary hike. You shouldn’t care about what your colleagues would think or what your boss would think because ultimately you need bread and butter to survive and everyone works for money directly or indirectly.

And if you are amongst those who are looking for ways to tell your manager that you need a raise, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have explained when’s the best time to write a salary increment letter and what’s the best way. It’s not like your boss will catch your subtle hints (Or maybe he just doesn’t want to address until asked).

When is the best time to ask for a raise?

It is important to understand the timing of your increment letter. You cannot ask for a salary hike if you just started or if you just had an appraisal. You need to accomplish before you ask for appreciation. Or on what basis would you justify your hike?

One of the most approved strategies for salary hike is to wait for 6 months and become a valuable asset to the company. 

Also, you should understand that your boss is human too. He may be or may not be in a good mood. So, it is better to first send an official letter to your boss rather than meeting in person. Don’t worry, we will help you with writing your salary increment letter. 

How to write your salary increment letter?

1. Appreciate your work

One of the first things that you should let your boss know is how much you love working in his department or team. In the first 2-3 lines, show some gratitude for what you have learned under his radar. Starting with a positive note is always fruitful and will surely grab the attention of your boss.

2. Justify the reason

You need a good reason for the appraisal because just writing a salary increment letter would do you no good. Below are some of the reasons that are best suited.

  • Show your valuable contribution to the company.
  • Show your accomplishments after the last salary hike.
  • Increased number of responsibilities you have taken after the last salary hike.

Your boss should find the reason valid enough for the hike. It is your duty to let your boss know how much of the value your contributions bring to the team and the company.

3. State the facts

Numbers! You should be able to back your reasons with numbers and facts. Some of the facts that you can include in your salary increment letter are shown below:

  • You can point out the cost of living in the area of residence/city/place
  • You can also show the competitive market salary of people with similar skills and work experience and responsibilities.
  • Letting your boss remember the statements that he/she made about your salary hike in the past can also boost your chances.

You can calculate the cost of living index and salary index using online tools for the numbers.

4. Salary hike percentage

What’s the point of going through all the steps if you yourself do not know how much percentage of increment you should ask for! It is also a good idea to give your boss a range rather than a fixed number so that he/she can get an idea about your expectations and what he can do from his/her end. The chances are that this will at least bring you to negotiable terms.

5. End on a positive note

Ending your salary increment letter on a positive note is a must and you can mention this by saying that you are ready to negotiate. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when asking for salary appraisal is that they threaten to leave the job if the answer will be no. This type of attitude will not help you

What to do after you have sent the email?

Patience is the key here! Even though you want to know the answer right away but you have to give your boss and the company time to think over your request. Maybe your manager does not have the authority and has forwarded the mail to the higher authorities and human resources. Some companies have guidelines and policies when it comes to paying raise, so expecting anything right away may not be flexible.

It is necessary to ask for the hike in a systematic manner because it will keep you in tab with your thoughts and also in good spirits with your boss.

Prepare for the face to face meeting after you send an email to your boss. Rehearse all the scenarios in your head and brainstorm effective answers. Your agenda should be clear and should not falter if things don’t go according to the plan.

If you have no idea about the financial condition of your company or funding, ask your boss about it. Communication is the key to success. Play the parts right by balancing human and professional touch.

If things do not work out between you and the boss even after face to face meetings, then look for alternatives like finding a new job with a salary higher than the present one. 

Learn from the above steps of when and how to ask for a raise. Build a strategy so that your request will be heard by the higher authorities. Although you should hope for the best possible outcome, you won’t get an answer and it is best to be prepared for it too. 

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